[Top 10] Overwatch Best Bastion Skins

Best Bastion Skins
A noble hero if ever there was one.

 [Top 10] Overwatch Best Bastion Skins


I know you hate him, but give him a chance!


Bastion is perhaps the most misunderstood character within Overwatch. No, not because he has robot PTSD from his time during the Omnic Crisis. It’s because of how players are treated when choosing Bastion. For a character who can routinely hold the point on both attack and defend, people are very ungrateful for all the work Bastion mains do.

    Yes, maybe Bastion doesn’t require the same amount of skill as other characters. Yes, maybe every Bastion strategy boils down to point and shoot. But someone needs to move the payload, someone needs to break through the shields, someone needs to mercilessly mow down everyone in the team’s path! For those who understands Bastion’s value, we’re celebrating this underrated character by looking at the ten best skins available for him.

10.) Classic (common)

Like a big teddy bear.

Why It’s Awesome: We’ll start with an uncontroversial pick, Bastion’s original design does a good job of conveying his deadly yet oddly friendly nature. The sharp boxy design mixed with his calming blue lights show that, while he’s designed to be a killing machine, he’s become something kinder.

How to Get it: Just start playing as Bastion! It already available from the get go.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

 Back in the insane, unbalanced early days of Overwatch, Bastion was unstoppable.

9.) Omnic Crisis (Epic)

His bird matches his eyes!

Why It’s Awesome: Moving away from friendly Bastion to and right up to killer Bastion, Omnic Crisis makes it plain  that this version is here to destroy. The desert camo also makes him somewhat more difficult to spot when playing Route 66. With this skin you can just hop up on the payload and start unloading bullets.

How to Get It: Omnic Crisis is in the Epic category, so you’ll have to try a few loot boxes  to unlock it. Or pay the 250 credits and it’s yours.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

You know this one is evil cause his light turns red.

8.) Null Sector (Epic)

Overwatch really doesn't think purple is a friendly color

Why it’s Awesome: Perhaps it's the color scheme, but Null Sector is oddly inhuman. I know it’s a machine character, but the look it conveys is utterly devoid of life. Which falls perfectly in line with an unstoppable bringer of death. Null Sector especially terrifies when Bastion Ults and becomes an unrelenting explosion assaulting the other team.

How to Get It: Null Sector is only available during archive or anniversary events by loot box or 250 credits, so mark your calendars and wait!

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

Blue light=good. Red light=evil. Yellow light=???

7.) Gift Wrap (Legendary)

It's just what I always wanted!

Why It’s Awesome: Moving away from killer Bastion, let’s go back to nice colorful Bastion. It’s Bastion as a christmas present! He got the other team something special, doom! Now you can festively defeat your opponents while giving your team the greatest gift of all, victory!

How to Get it: As the skin suggests, this is only available during the seasonal Winter Wonderland event through loot box or 750 credits. So you can start sending your letters to Santa early.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Aren't you going to open your present?

6.) Tombstone (Epic)

Looks like Reaper has some competition.

Why it's Awesome: This skin gets to the point very quickly. Bastion is here to send you to your grave! So why not cut out the middleman and bring the grave to you? Tombstone even comes with a little raven to add to the fearful aura this skin sends out.

How to Get it: Available only during the annual Halloween event  through loot box or 250 credits.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Just imagine For Whom the Bell Tolls is blaring in the background.

5.) Avalanche (Legendary)

Anyone for skiing?

Why it’s Awesome: Avalanche is one of the few skins that felt like it changed Bastion’s core design. If you’re not satisfied with the more boxy looking Bastion then Avalanche is perfect since its adds more rounded edges. The name itself is appropriate since your enemies will be buried beneath an avalanche of bullets.

How to Get It: Like Gift Wrap, this skin is only unlockable during the Winter Wonderland event. The difference being that if you want to skip the loot box route you’ll need to pay 3000 credits to unlock it.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Have you noticed yet that each skin has a different little bird?

4.) Steambot (Legendary)

Powered by steam and salty players.

Why It’s Awesome: Ever wonder what Bastion would be like in the 1800’s? No? Just me I guess. Well Gearbot adds a fun retro sensibility to the character, giving your opponent something nice to watch on the kill cam as you hammer them with ammunition. If you’re playing as Bastion you already stand out,  This skin allows you to own it.

How to Get It: Gearbot is available right now if you’re willing to spend 1000 credits, or just be patient and hope for a loot box with the skin.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Killin heroes the old fashion way.

3.) Stealth (Legendary)

You are terminated.

Why it’s Awesome: Stealth actually lives up to its name. If you’re playing King’s Row then this skin will be hard to spot against the dark alleyways of the map. Even when you do spot it, it’s an inherently imposing look, somewhat reminiscent of The Terminator in it’s design. Perfect for sending a message to the other team that you are not to be messed with.

How to Get It: Stealth is a bit hard to get, only dropping in anniversary loot boxes. Otherwise you have to pay 3000 credits for the advantage that stealth offers.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

2.) Dune Buggy (Legendary)

Vroom vroom!

Why It’s Awesome: Dune Buggy just screams mobility, and is the ideal skin if you’re challenging yourself to only use Bastion’s sentry gun. The more vehicular design can’t help but seem fresh and original for Bastion, and certainly seems appropriate when you’re riding the payload to victory.

How to Get it: Another Anniversary skin, but this one is mercifully priced at only 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Let him take you for a ride.

1. Overgrown (Legendary)

Give him such a queit nobility.

Why it’s Awesome: Was there ever any doubt this would be number 1? This is Bastion’s canonical look thanks to the fantastic animated short The Last Bastion. Overgrown just exudes that triumphant feeling that Bastion gives its players, as they overcome any obstacle in their path with a hail of ammunition. It's why so many Bastion mains use this skin almost exclusively.

How to Get It: For the best Bastion skin in the game, Overgrown is also the hardest to get. It’s only available as part of the Overwatch: Origins Edition. Unless you’re willing to fork over money to buy a second copy of the ame, you’re out of luck.

Skin Rating: 10/10

Skin in Action:

How can you hate him after what he's been through?

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