[Top 10] Overwatch Best Deathmatch Heroes

Overwatch Best Deathmatch Heroes
Widowmaker on Petra


10. Torbjorn

Torbjorn attending his turret on Hanamura

Torbjorn is just one of those heroes that is annoying to fight in Deathmatch( as are most of the heroes on this list.) This hero is a pain to fight thanks to his turret. When a Torbjorn sets up his turret  in just the right spot, it can get many kills. And with how Deathmatch works, all the turret has to do is kill to get the point. However, being a projectile damage hero, Torbjorn has difficulty getting kills himself, therefore he places in our 10th place spot. 

What Makes Torbjorn Great For Deathmatch

  • His Turret gets a lot of cheap kills off
  • His Ultimate can kill off low health opponents.
  • He is shorter than the other heroes, which can make him difficult to eliminate. 


9. Reaper

Reaper using Death Blossom

Reaper is easily one of my favorite heroes to play in Deathmatch for one sole reason, Death Blossom, his Ultimate ability. Pulling off a Death Blossom in a huge fight with 3 or more opponents is uber satisfying and will earn you kills  fast. Reaper is also good against tanks and his Wraith ability allows him to get close to opponents to get easy points . Reaper places in 9th simply because he can get kills easily, but takes a little bit more skill than some of the other heroes on this list. 

What Makes Reaper Great for Deathmatch

  • Death Blossom is as satisfying as it is effective.

  • Wraith allows Reaper to get up close to his enemies

  • Reaper can take out tanks, like Roadhog, with ease.


8. Lucio

Lucio boosting his teammates with his ultimate. 

What is fun about Lucio in Deathmatch is his secondary fire. Being able to knock opponents off the map or into the pit on Petra is too much fun and can be effective in gaining points if used just right. Lucio’s speed boost and heal allows him to get out of sticky situations and then get back up to full health. For this reason, he is tough to kill and annoying to deal with. He places in 8th due to the fact he requires good map knowledge. Tt can also be tough to know when to speed-boost or heal. 

What Makes Lucio Great in Deathmatch

  • His secondary fire is fun and effective in getting cheap kills.
  • Running out of a fight and healing makes him unlikely to die often.
  • His Ultimate is a great last ditch effort in tough situations.


7. Pharah

Pharah using her ultimate on Eichenwalde

Pharah's ability to get into the air and see the map from a different perspective makes her great for Deathmatch. Maps like Petra have multiple levels that make it easy for Pharah to touch down and regain her ability to fly. The only thing that stands between you and victory as Pharah is a good hitscan, even then Pharah can rack up a lot of kills quickly.  She places in 7th due to her difficult balance of flying and ground game but is extremely effective in getting eliminations.

What Makes Pharah Great In Deathmatch

  • Flying provides another dimension to the match.
  • Her Ultimate is great to use in a multi-person fight
  • Her Concussive Blast is able to knock opponents off the map similar to Lucio. 


6. Orisa

Orisa using her primary fire on Volskya Industries

Orisa is our pick for 6th because in Deathmatch, tanks are pretty good, and with her barrier and large clip, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her Protective Barrier and Fortify abilities give her great options for dealing with opponents and protecting herself from any shenanigans like Lucio’s secondary. Her ammo capacity is huge and goes a long way before needing to be reloaded. Her Ultimate boosts her damage output making kills just that much easier. She places 6th as she is not the best tank, but can definitely get some victories. 

What Makes Orisa Great in Deathmatch

  • The large clip gives her many opportunities to eliminate opponents.
  • Orisa’s Ultimate boosts her damage output for quicker kills.
  • Fortify keeps her from being knocked off the map.


5. Roadhog

Roadhog using Whole Hog on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Roadhog is my favorite hero to play in Deathmatch, he has almost everything going for him. He is a tank with a great Ultimate “Whole Hog”, and has a healing ability to keep him alive even longer. Hooking people and getting an instant kill is really satisfying and can be useful in ending an opponent’s Ultimate prematurely. Having a heal means he doesn't need to rely on health packs and get by all on his own. Whole Hog is also a major disruption to any group fight. He is easily the best tank in Deathmatch and places #5 in our ranking.

What Makes Roadhog Great In Deathmatch

  • His hook is super fun to pull off and can be used to send opponents into pits like in Petra.
  • Healing makes him difficult to finish off.
  • Whole Hog is great for disrupting the flow of gameplay and getting a couple of points.


4. Symmetra

Symmetra using her alt fire towards an enemy team

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a Symmetra get 1st place and Play of the Game in Deathmatch just for setting up sentries. These pesky spheres can melt most heroes and are a pain to get rid of. And just when you do get rid of them, three more have already been placed, and Symmetra can be found hiding behind them again.. She isn't as bad as before her rework, but still remains a threat in Deathmatch. 

What Makes Symmetra Great in Deathmatch

  • Her sentries can melt enemies
  • Her Ultimate totally splits up the map and forces you to fight on one side or the other.
  • Her teleporter can give her an easy out when things get hectic. 


3. Soldier:76

Soldier:76 using Tactical Visor

Soldier:76 is your typical FPS character and for that reason he’s pretty good at killing. Being able to take out airborne Pharahs, and knock out beefy tanks makes Soldier:76 a formidable foe. His Ultimate is basically two free kills at least, and can take out even the fast ones like Tracer. His rockets provide good splash damage and can kill low health opponents quite easily. He deserves the third place spot on our list due sherely to his easy to learn nature fundamental gameplay style. 

What Makes Soldier:76 Great in Deathmatch

  • Tactical Visor is basically an in game aimbot that can rack up easy kills.
  • Rocket Blast causes significant damage.
  • He can easily run away from tough fights when need be.  


2. Junkrat

Junkrat using Rip-tire, his Ultimate.

Junkrat is just fun to play in Deathmatch, he requires little to no aim and can earn kills fast. It is so easy to win with him that I kind of feel bad using him in Deathmatch. Despite this, Junkrat is super fun and is a big damage dealer. His concussion mines allow him to jump around the map and escape from fights. His primary fire is easy to use and requires little to no skill to aim. He places #2 because he's just that good.

What Makes Junkrat Great in Deathmatch

  • Rip-Tire is an easy two or more kills when pulled off correctly.
  • Concussion Mines allow him to go in to or escape from a fight with ease. 
  • His grenades are so useful in getting kills, whether fair or not. 


1. Moira

Moira showcasing her abilites

Moira is our top choice for Deathmatch, here's why. She has the ability to both do easy damage and heal. If you need to take just a little bit more off an opponent before they run away, throw out a decay orb. About to die? Throw out a regeneration orb, simple as that. Her Ultimate can also rake up the damage when used in the right scenario. And lastly, her secondary fire, she latches on to foes and drains the life from them, and sometimes the length this extends to even surprises me. Simply put Moira is a great all around hero and an excellent choice for Deathmatch.

What makes Moira Great in Deathmatch

  • Her healing orb gets her back to the fight quickly and easily.
  • Her purple life draining chemistry voodoo is tough to combat and even harder to live through.
  • Coalescence can deal damage to earn a few kills every time. 

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