[Top 10] Overwatch Best Mercy Skins

Overwatch Best Mercy Skins
She truly is all of our guardian angel.

What are Mercy's best skins?

Mercy is one of the most-played heroes in Overwatch, not only because she’s easy for anyone to pick up, but because of her high mobility and the sheer amount of healing she can put out. It’s only fitting that such a well-loved hero would acquire some pretty awesome skins over the past few years. Before we start, it’s worth noting that any seasonal skins can be unlocked during the Anniversary event, so keep that in mind. Now let’s jump into our top 10 list:

10. Sugar Plum Fairy (Legendary)

Our girl looking as magical as ever.

This holiday event skin pays homage to one of the most famous ballets of all time: the Nutcracker. Mercy already had wings, so transforming her into a fairy was a no-brainer.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • A gorgeous color palette that gives Mercy a whole new look.
  • A holiday event skin that switches it up from the classic green and red is always fun.
  • The details at the base of her wings that make her look like a real fairy really ties the whole look together.

How to get the Sugar Plum Fairy Skin: Winter Wonderland Event loot boxes, or 3000 currency during the Winter Wonderland event

6.5/10 Reminds me of Thumbelina, which scared me as a child.

Check out the skin in action:

9. Doctor Mercy (Legendary)

She can give me a checkup any day.

This is the newest cosmetic added to Mercy’s collection, the Doctor Mercy skin is all business. She looks ready to read through your chart, but can also kick some serious ass on the battlefield.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The stethoscope, a must for any doctor worth their salt.
  • The glasses, which remind us how smart and capable Mercy is. 
  • Her little name tag. Too cute!

How to Get the Doctor Mercy Skin: Win 9 games in any mode during Mercy’s Recall Challenge, running now until December 2.

7/10 Smart is the new sexy.

Check out the skin in action:

8. Zhuque (Legendary)

Now that's one badass battle babe.

Lunar New Year is easily one of the best events of the year; not only does it allow us to celebrate a holiday that’s usually overlooked in America, but it gives us some of the most unique cosmetics in the game. Considering this skin is entirely different looking than anything else Mercy has, the Zhuque skin is so exception.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The ombre wings are SO beautiful.
  • Her staff is gorgeous reimagined with feathers.
  • Her headpiece and dress pay homage to traditional Chinese garb.

How to Get the Zhuque Skin: Lunar New Year event loot boxes, or 3000 currency during the Lunar New Year event.

7/10 Looks like she would punch me in the face, and I would definitely like it.

Watch the skin in action:

7. Devil (Legendary)

We never thought we'd see her go to the dark side.

Mercy is known to be one of the most lawful, rule abiding characters of the Overwatch universe, which is why seeing her in a devil costume is so much fun. Even the good girls have a dark side, too.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Is that leather? Iconic.
  • Spiky eyebrow things? Don’t really know what they are but we’re here for it.
  • A cool new wing shape we haven’t seen on Mercy before.

How to get the Devil Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency.

7/10 Refreshing to see something different from the skins we usually see for her.

Watch the skin in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXdF7ugV7WE

6. Valkyrie (Legendary)

She's over here looking like a Swiss goddess again.

Mercy’s code name in battle is Valkyrie, so it’s only fitting that they would make a skin to match. She didn’t need a lot of help looking more badass, but viking Mercy is next level.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Female armor is always a plus.
  • The detail in her braid is pretty awesome.
  • The sword makes us wish she actually used it as a melee weapon.

How to Get the Valkyrie Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency.

7/10 Would make for an amazing cosplay.

Check out the skin in action:

5. Combat Medic Ziegler (Legendary)

You've heard of Baby Yoda, now get ready for: Baby Mercy.

We always love when a skin ties back to a character’s lore, which is something that makes this skin feel extra special. This is the uniform Mercy wore on the mission from the very first Archives event, Omnic Uprising, which also happened to be Tracer’s first mission with Overwatch.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Her hat reminds me of a captain’s hat, which is honestly fitting because she’s always in charge.
  • It’s cool to see an earlier, more prototypical version of her gear.
  • You can’t beat a lore tie in!

How to Get the Combat Medic Ziegler Skin: Archives event loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Archives event.

8/10 Reminds you of a simpler time.

Check out the skin in action:

4. Winged Victory (Legendary)

The name of this skin is fitting, because playing with Mercy is gg ez.

Mercy’s iconic wings already make her look angelic, so why not give her a skin that makes her look like a Greek goddess? This cosmetic is simple yet elegant, which makes it an all time favorite with fans.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Going all in on Mercy’s angelic aesthetic.
  • The pops of color from the blues and greens gives it a fresh look.
  • The feather details on the wings are amazing.

How to Get the Winged Victory Skin: Overwatch Anniversary event loot boxes, or 1000 currency during the Anniversary event.

9/10 Looks really comfortable, too.

Check out the skin in action:

3. Pink (Legendary)

Combat medic, but make it magical girl.

If Barbie and Mercy had a baby, it would make the Pink skin. This skin was actually created to raise money for breast cancer research, and ended up generating $12.7 million for the cause!

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The pigtails are SO. CUTE.
  • All of her in-game sound effects were changed so that they were unique to the skin, like when she resurrects other characters, it makes a magic wand noise.
  • This skin gets extra points for helping such a worthy cause!

How to Get the Pink Skin: Unfortunately, this skin was only available during the BCRF charity event in 2018, so it is no longer available.

9.5/10 We’re jealous of anyone who was able to cop it.

Check out the skin in action:

2. Witch (Legendary)

She has bewitched me, body and soul.

Everyone loves a good Halloween costume, and Mercy’s is one of the best we’ve seen in a video game. A fun tie in to the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode makes this skin one to remember.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • That corset? Her waist is snatched.
  • The spellbook detail on her hip is adorable.
  • The custom voice lines that came along with this are amazing.

How to Get the Witch Skin: Halloween event loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Halloween event.

10/10 It’s simply bewitching.

Check Out the Skin in Action:

1. 2019 Atlantic All-Stars (Legendary)

Mercy is a cosplay queen.

This skin has been pretty polarizing in the Overwatch community, as people seem to either hate it or love it. Honestly, something is seriously wrong with those who can’t appreciate this skin, Mercy has never looked hotter.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • This color scheme easily makes this the most aesthetically appealing skin for our favorite healer.
  • Her purple hair looks so amazing.
  • This straight-up makes her look like a World of Warcraft character, and you know we love some good high fantasy vibes.

How to Get the Atlantic All-Stars Skin: Unfortunately, this was only available during the Overwatch All-Stars Weekend earlier this year, so it doesn’t look like it’s coming back any time soon.

9/10 She looks like a goddess, but we’re docking a point because of the exclusivity.

Watch the skin in action:

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