[Top 10] Overwatch Best Symmetra Skins

Overwatch Best Symmetra Skins
And for my next trick!

Reality bends to her will.

It's been a rough journey for Symmetra mains. Once we were grandmasters, manipulating the battle from behind the scenes, but then the developers decided to change things completely and make her a more traditional DPS. Meaning players had to suddenly learn how to play essentially a brand new hero.

    But we endured! We made use of three turrets instead of six, mastered her new ult and began a new chapter in Overwatch. As the latest patch has once again made a major change to Symmetra’s abilities, were looking at the best skins available for this ever evolving character.

10. Peacock (Epic)

Black is always in.

Why It’s Awesome: Peacock’s black color scheme really compliments Symmetra’s skin tone, and helps highlight her rather fetching legs. While she isn’t often talked about in terms of Overwatch waifus, this skin will certainly turn heads and change minds on the subject.

How to Get It: Peacock is an epic skin so it’s likely to be seen in any given loot box. If you can’t wait then you can buy it for 250 credits.

Skin Rating: 7/10

Skin in Action:

I feel like Symmetra would be really into prog rock.

9. Technomancer (Rare)

Technomancer isn't a word, but it should be.

Why It Awesome: While Symmetra may seem somewhat dour, a lot of that comes from the character’s desire to seek order in a chaotic world. Which itself comes from that fact she’s autistic; a rarity for video game characters But her more hopeful, optimistic nature shines through with Technomancer; allowing more levity for the character during matches.

How to Get It: While it may be labeled as rare, Technomancer is very easy to get. Pay the measly 75 credits or wait for the inevitable loot drop.

Skin Rating: 7.5/10

Skin in Action:

The robot arm really sells it.

8. Vampire (Epic)

Dead and loving it!

Why It’s Awesome: An ode to the old Symmetra build, Vampire capitalized on her photon projector’s ability to lock onto targets and drain their health like the namesake’s monsters of lore. If you miss how Symmetra used to play, this skin will give you a nostalgic twinge. 

How to Get It: Available only during the annual Halloween event, but buyable for the small sum of 250 credits.

Skin Rating: 7.5/10

Skin in Action:

She did the mash, she did the monster mash.

7. Qipao (Epic)

there's just something about a girl in red...

Why It’s Awesome: While it is meant to be part of the Chinese New Year celebration, there is an obvious Iron Man vibe to this skin. The exact shade of red and blue lighting can’t be a coincidence, especially for a character who is also supposed to be a technical genius. Easily the best skin for any Marvel fans.

How to Get It: Only part of the Chinese New Year event, with a small price tag of 250 credits if you don’t want to wait for a loot box.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Does this count as cultural appropriation?

6. Figure Skater (Legendary)

Go for the gold!

Why It’s Awesome: Adding a bit of whimsy to a usually serious hero, Figure Skater adds the right counterbalance to Symmetra’s personality without completely contradicting it. You’re already going to be gliding around the battlefield setting up turrets, so might as well dress for the occasion. Figure Skater is the skin for players who are just there to have fun.

How to Get It: Figure Skater isn’t available year round, unfortunately. You’ll have to wait till Winter Wonderland comes, and then pay up 3000 credits.

Skin Rating: 8/10

Skin in Action:

Tis' the season.

5. Architect (Legendary)

Are they hiring?

Why It’s Awesome: If you pine for the Symmetra of old, then this is the skin for you. You might have some difficulty being the architect of the battle like you once were, but with three turrets strategically placed at the right junctures you can still exert an enormous amount of influence without going to the frontlines. 

How to Get It: If you have 1000 credits saved then this is as good a purchase as any, either that or keep playing till you get the right loot box.

Skin Rating: 8.5/10

Skin in Action:

Some people just go for the professional look.

4. Oasis

Is that Lady Gaga?

Why It’s Awesome: Symmetra is such a unique character, so she deserves an utterly unique skin. Oasis is one of the more bizarre skins in Overwatch, so if you want to stand out in a match this will do the trick. It’s a nice touch to make an already unforgettable character even more special.

How to Get It: One of the rarer skins on this list, you’ll need to wait for the anniversary celebration and pay 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 8.5

Skin in Action:

Evertime I look at this I just hear Bad Romance.

3. Dragon

Cyborg dragon? Yes please!

Why It’s Awesome: Any scalies here? Too embarrassed to admit it? Well this skin was tailor made for you guys, you debauched little scamps! For everyone else it’s a fantastic change that adds a devilish aura to Symmetra’s look.

How to Get It: As you could guess from the appearance, this is a halloween skin. Wait till the event comes and pay 1000 credits.

Skin Rating: 9/10

Skin in Action:

Bow before her might!

2. Magician

It's a kind of magic...

Why It’s Awesome: A truly great Symmetra can save the match, offense or defense. Almost like it’s magic? Maybe. When someone walks outside the spawn point and dies in three second after being blasted by your turrets, it feels like magic. Take the time to show off a little with this skin.

How to Get It: Another anniversary skin, this one has the high price of 3000 credits. 

Skin Rating: 9.5/10

Skin in Action:

Abra abracadabra, you know I'll reach out and grab ya!

1. Devi

The goddess of death!

Why It’s Awesome: Not just a wonderful nod to her cultural heritage, Devi is the skin to show that Symmetra mains can be more dangerous than anyone. This is the skin that says you get gold in eliminations without breaking a sweat. That you’re glad to be playing as a DPS because that’s exactly what you want to do, damage. You see a Devi skin  during the match a team kill can’t be far off.

How to Get It: Despite being the best, it’s not that difficult to acquire. Only 1000 credits and you’re dressed to kill!

Skin Rating: 10/10

Skin in Action:

Let the bodies hit the floor!

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