Overwatch Best Crosshair Settings [Top 5]

Overwatch Best Crosshair
Soldier 76 and Widowmaker getting ready to kick butt.

Overwatch Best Crosshair Settings [ Top 5 ]

Ah, so you are wanting to take your Overwatch gaming to the next level ayh. Well, there are many ways to improve your skills as an Overwatch player, but there is one step you must take before any other. That step being to modify your crosshairs.

 Eh, you don’t think that is important? Well, let me tell you that your crosshairs can be the deciding factor in getting a successful kill or not. Or having the wrong crosshairs on certain heroes can make them more difficult to play. So now settle down as I relay this very important information that was once entrusted to me. Now dear chaps, before we get into the hard meat of this matter there are a few things that we need to cover.

First, make sure that your crosshair is at 100 opacity. It may be tempting to make your crosshair a bit see-through, but I assure you that is a bad idea. Overwatch is a busy/ colorful game, so your crosshair will get easily lost in the surrounding areas or on the enemy players. Now, this leads me nicely to my second point. Use bright colors for your crosshair.

Overwatch has many different colors to pick from, but I highly implore you not to use any of the darker colors. Just like I mentioned before, Overwatch is very, very colorful and the darker colors would (once again) easily get lost in the busy background of the maps. So without further ado, let’s get on with explaining these crosshair settings and their main purpose in Overwatch. 

1. Standard Crosshair

Overwatch Soldier 76

The “Standard Crosshair” is well, your standard crosshair. Even though this isn’t the most exciting crosshair out of the boat, it will still get the job done. This crosshair will work the best for heroes like Soldier, Orisa, Mie, Symmetra, etc. In other words, heroes that do not require superior aiming to play.  

Directions for making the Standard Crosshair. 

2. Aid- Aiming Crosshair

Overwatch Hanzo

This Crosshair is not really supposed to be a permanent one. The “Aid Aiming Crosshair” is a temporary tool for those who are having a hard time using the sniper heroes in Overwatch. It helps the player to measure up their shots by using the crosshair length as a scale on the enemy's body to line up for the headshot. With enough practice and patience, you will be able to graduate to the next crosshair coming up.

Directions for making the Aid- Amiming Crosshair. 

3. Maximum Aiming Crosshair

Overwatch Widowmaker

Ah, the “Maximum Aiming Crosshair” truly is one of the most difficult crosshairs to master in the game. This crosshair is designed for those who have graduated from the “Aid Aiming Crosshair” and want to take their sniping skills to the next level. The “Maximum Aiming Crosshair” forces the player to aim perfectly for the heads of the enemy team. Once mastered though, you will become a foe that no one in their right mind would go up against. This crosshair is a perfect match for the hero's Widowmaker, Ana, Hanzo, Ashe, etc.

Directions for making the Maximum Crosshair. 

4. Spread Crosshair

Overwatch Roadhog

Now, this crosshair is made for the heroes who have spread fire like Roadhog, Reaper, Bastion, etc. Since their line of fire isn’t just going in one straight line, the “Spread Crosshair” gives the player a general idea of where their ammo is going. 

Directions for making the Spread Crosshair. 

5. Non- Aiming Crosshair

Overwatch Pharah

The “Non-Aiming Crosshair” was designed for heroes who require very little to no aim. For instance, heroes like Pharah and Junkrat don’t rely on aiming, rather they just start shooting in the general direction of the enemy. Or Winston who doesn't need to aim altogether, therefore making it pointless to have a big crosshair in the middle of your screen. 

Direction for making the Non- Aiming Crosshair.

And there you have it laddies, the top 5 best crosshair settings in Overwatch. I hope that this information helps you on your journey to becoming the greatest Overwatch player ever. Take care till next time my dear friends.

 The resource that helped in the making of this article:

Overwatch: BEST CROSSHAIR Settings for EVERY HERO

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