[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Most Annoying Heroes

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Three flanker heroes, all of which are annoying

Why Are Heroes Annoying?

In any game with multiple heroes and champions to choose from, there are going to be several who are annoying to deal with. In Overwatch 2, there are plenty of heroes from the roster who are irritating based on their kits, movements, and ultimates. Unfortunately, many of these heroes are picked often, meaning you have to deal with them often.


10. Moira

Moira being Moira

You know this list is rough when Moira is in the tenth spot and not the top five. Moira is a support hero who does both healing and damage. What makes her so frustrating are her kit and passive abilities that keep her alive for way too long. Along with that, playing with a Moira on your team is irritating because of how often you’ll encounter "DPS Moiras."

Moira is a strong healer when used well. As a support, she’s not the best since she has low utility, but she can make up for it with her high healing and damage. Unfortunately, too many people have encountered Moiras who only heal or only do damage, but, more commonly, they only do damage. That’s what makes her annoying to play with.

Playing against her is equally annoying, if not more so. Moira can suck, suck, suck your life away without any consequence because she heals every time she does damage. And if you finally manage to do some damage to her, she’ll launch a healing biotic orb to keep herself alive even longer. For that reason, Moira strikes fear into the hearts of Overwatch players.

What Makes Moira Annoying

  • Suck suck suck suck suck suck suck
  • Her biotic orbs
  • Her range
  • DPS Moiras

Moira Guide: 


9. Hanzo

Hanzo trying to be menacing

One time I was playing Kiriko, and I teleported into battle only to be met with an arrow to the face. Hanzo was aiming at the air behind my teammate, and he still killed me. He didn’t see me. He wasn’t aiming for me. He didn’t want to kill me. Yet he did.

Hanzo can close his eyes for the entire game and still somehow get the most kills on the team. If you’re playing Hanzo and not getting random kills from shooting blindly, you’re playing Hanzo wrong. If you have Hanzo as a teammate, it’s not a big annoyance. However, playing against him is a nightmare.

He makes a large impact with little to no effort. His one-shot potential makes him irritating to play against, especially for support players. For tank players, Hanzo isn’t nearly as annoying. Congrats, tank players; you got it good.

What Makes Hanzo Annoying

  • One-shot
  • Can do damage without looking
  • Makes a major impact with little to no effort

Hanzo guide: 


8. Doomfist

Doomfist doing literally nothing

I hate playing with and against Doomfist. As a support main, playing with Doomfist makes me sigh. I prefer playing with any tank that isn’t Wrecking Ball or Doomfist because both tanks tend to jump in, spam healing, then die and complain about where their healing is. Beyond that, I heal them to half health, and they jump back in without getting even three quarters of the way full.

However, the most frustrating part is playing against Doomfist. His rocket punch stuns you and sends you flying back. I cannot tell you how many times I was about to ult, only to get punched in the face by a giant man with an equally giant fist. It’s the most annoying thing ever.

Lastly, every single Doomfist main has to spam the voice line, "And dey say and dey say and dey say and dey say chivalry is dead." I have no issue with occasional voice line spamming (I do it when I play D.Va); however, I take issue with it when it’s in the middle of a fight and I’m listening for audio cues to tell me when my teammates are taking damage. It’s hard to do that when Doomfist is spamming.

What Makes Doomfist Annoying

  • And dey say and dey say and dey say
  • Fist
  • He jumps a lot

Doomfist guide: 


7. Symmetra

Symmetra during one of her highlight intros

Sym is especially annoying in casual play or low-rank games where no one shoots the turrets. Overall, she’s not the most annoying hero on this list because I find her easy to kill. Most Syms overextend and end up dying thanks to that. As long as your teammates punish her, of course. When she isn’t punished, she’s a menace to society.

Her turrets are what make her frustrating to play against. They slow you down and are so small that you can easily lose sight of them. They throw your aim off and make you temporarily take your eyes off the enemy. Those two seconds you take to destroy the turrets may cost you your life.

Her ultimate is pretty frustrating too, particularly for D.Va players who were looking to score a nice bomb kill. The same applies to her primary fire. Her beam does an obnoxious amount of damage and melts through enemies if left unchecked. She’s like a mini-Zarya. Literally mini. She isn’t as buff. Or Russian.

What Makes Symmetra Annoying

  • Turrets slow you down
  • Her beam does so much damage
  • Her ultimate is annoying

Symmetra guide: 


6. Cassidy

Cassidy being emo

Cassidy is mostly annoying because of his stupid grenade, which sticks to you and does more damage than a one-shot at this point. His one-shot and his grenade are why he’s a frustrating hero to deal with. Playing with him on your team is fine, but playing against him is where life gets hard.

As a DPS or support player, you know the feeling of frustration when you get hit once, then Cassidy magically kills you with his grenade. If you take even one hit of damage, the grenade will finish you off. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been killed by Cassidy before I even had time to react. Tanks, once again, you aren’t going to fall victim to this as often. Congrats.

His ultimate is bad, but it lasts so long that it stresses me out. There’s only so long I can hide behind cover. The ticking clock isn’t nearly loud enough, so if I’m just out of hearing range of it, I have no idea if he canceled the ult or not. All of these factors add up to make Cassidy one of the most annoying heroes in Overwatch 2.

What Makes Cassidy Annoying

  • One-shot potential
  • His grenade
  • His ultimate lasts twenty years

Cassidy guide: 


5. Junkrat

Junkrat on Antarctica

Do I need to explain? Junkrat is the most annoying hero to play against. Playing with him as your teammate is no issue, but playing against him makes me want to drink bleach and shave my gorgeous red hair. The close-quarters damage he does genuinely baffles me.

I would say Junkrat is overall balanced, but that doesn’t change how annoying he is. He can have such a high impact on the game without much skill. I tend to take the stance that every hero, even beginner heroes, is difficult to master, but Junkrat makes me feel like I shouldn’t keep that stance. He’s one of the easiest heroes in the game because all he has to do is spam and make sure his ult doesn’t get destroyed before he destroys the enemy’s backline.

You can tell I’m a support player based on that, right? Every time the tire comes out, I hide in the corner and pray. The tire almost never gets destroyed at my rank. Considering I’m a grandmaster, that should tell you something. My condolences to the lower ranks and casual players.

What Makes Junkrat Annoying

  • Bomb spam
  • High damage
  • His stupid ultimate

Junkrat guide: 


4. Widowmaker

Widow being hot again

Just like Hanzo, her one-shot potential makes me want to jump off a bridge. However, it goes beyond that because Widow can play even further back, making her harder to kill. Widow can sit in the back and snipe an enemy from Narnia. Although she is going to receive a nerf to her one-shot soon, we’ll see if this actually changes anything. Mercy could easily damage boost Widow to make her deadly at far ranges even after the nerf.

Beyond that, Widow is a small hero that’s hard to see. On dark maps like King’s Row, she blends in with her environment, not to mention that map is notorious for the sniper nest in the first spawn room. It’s impossible to kill her unless you have a Widow on your team, which means you’re relying on a sniper battle to determine your fate.

Lastly, Widow can sit in the enemy’s backline and get a team wipe in a matter of seconds. Yes, I’m aware Widows who can get team wipes in seconds are normally only in higher ranks, but I think that’s changing. I play casually more than competitively, and I see plenty of amazing Widows there who aren’t in my rank. I’ve seen diamond Widows pop off just as much as grandmasters, which is making me believe Widow is becoming a universal problem.

What Makes Widowmaker Annoying

  • One-shot potential
  • Sits in the enemy’s backline
  • Hard to see

Widowmaker guide: 


3. Bastion

Bastion being Bastion

Damage. That’s all I have to say. Damage. Bastion is a walking high-damage machine that drains the game of fun because he can shred through shields and your health bar. Combine that with a Mercy damage boost, and your entire team is gone in a matter of seconds.

They gave Bastion the ability to move while in sentry mode. I don’t hate the change. In fact, I think it benefits his kit. However, I dislike how he’s impossible to kill while in sentry mode and almost always has supports pocketing him to make it even harder. The tactic becomes run and hide, which makes for less dynamic gameplay and more annoyance. It’s the same reason why players hate Widowmaker: when she’s on the enemy team, the game feels boring because it resorts to a sniper match.

His ultimate is easy to avoid, but it’s annoying because of how easy it is to confuse it with your own Bastion’s ultimate. The voice lines sound the same to me, which sends me into a frenzy, only to realize my Bastion is using his ult, not the enemy. Thanks to that, Bastion is one of the most annoying heroes.

What Makes Bastion Annoying

  • High damage
  • They see me rolling, they hating
  • Annoying ultimate

Bastion guide: 


2. Wrecking Ball

Hammond looking pretty fly

This is yet another one I shouldn’t have to explain. Wrecking Ball is annoying for everyone. Teammates hate him, enemies hate him, Wrecking Ball mains hate him, developers hate him, the world hates him, and the list goes on. Wrecking Ball is the most annoying tank in the game due to his speed, health, and damage.

I mentioned it with Doomfist, but I’ll mention it again here. Wrecking Ball is one of the two tanks that always dives in too far and then spams that they need healing. Even if they aren’t spamming, they’ll run back to the rest of the team and request healing, as if I can just drop everything to take care of them. They’re even worse than Doomfists. They’ll move away while I’m healing them, as if I can follow them that far.

He’s impossible to kill when he’s contesting during Overtime; he spins all over the place, and his ultimate makes me die a little on the inside every time I hear that stupid hamster use it. I hate this hero. I leave games whenever I see him chosen, and I am proud of that. I hope I never have to play with or against another Wrecking Ball in my life. I will gladly stay toxic if it means I don’t have to deal with his play style or the people playing him.

What Makes Wrecking Ball Annoying

  • Impossible to kill
  • Stupid ult
  • Spin spin spin spin spin

Wrecking Ball guide: 


1. Sombra

Sombra being annoying simply by existing

I’m sure this surprises no one. Although I don’t passionately hate Sombra as much as I do Wrecking Ball, Sombra annoys everyone equally. Mei gets an honorable mention, but Sombra takes the cake due to her hack and flanking. She hacks everything, destroys the backline, terrorizes tanks, and makes DPS more emo than they already are.

Beyond that, she’s a voice line spammer like Doomfist. I like Sombra’s personality, and she can be fun to play, but playing with her is like hearing the same voice lines over and over again. I hear boop boop boop boop boop all the time, and it’s frustrating for the same reason Doomfist is frustrating.

Playing against her is even worse because she teleports away the second you turn to deal with her. She should’ve been reworked ages ago, but Blizzard being Blizzard, they decided to take their time and push it off until later. Why would they have any urgency? They’re a small indie company; feel bad for them.

What Makes Sombra Annoying

  • Hack
  • Boop boop boop boop
  • Teleports away before you kill her
  • High damage
  • Annoying ult

Sombra guide: 


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