Overwatch 2 Tier List [Overwatch Best And Worst Heroes Revealed]

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The main cast of Overwatch heroes

The Importance Of Tier Lists

Overwatch 2 has countless heroes. With a roster of 37 heroes, Overwatch 2 is getting hard to keep up with. To determine who the best and worst heroes in the game are right now, we need to look at the current popular characters combined with the best kits in the game.


S Tier

Heroes in the S tier are the best heroes in the game. They have a versatile range and play style. Although they can have weaknesses, their strengths make up for them and make them the best heroes in the game.


Ana: 100/100 (Support)

Ana gears up for battle

Do I really need to explain? Ana is a versatile support with high utility, damage, and healing. Her ultimate tops it all off. She can heal from afar and up close. No matter how you play her, you’re going to get value out of her. Not only that, but her rifle can do both healing and damage. You can snipe enemies out of the sky, then heal your allies a second later.

Ana is one of the best support heroes in the game. She has a diverse kit that makes her fun to play. However, she does take skill. Since she is an aim-based hero, mastering her is a challenge. When you master her, you’ll become an amazing support player.

What Makes Ana S Tier

  • High healing
  • Sleep dart
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Powerful grenade
  • High damage
  • Can heal from a distance


Ashe: 95/100 (DPS)

Ashe and B.O.B. facing down an enemy

Ashe is a great DPS hero that is arguably broken. With a damage boost, Ashe can one-shot squishy enemies. Thanks to that, she’s a great pick. She has versatile gameplay where she does well on both low and high ground. Her ultimate is situational but can be extremely useful when put in the right spot. Along with that, her ult, BOB, can stall the objective.

Ashe does high damage and is hard to kill. She’s a small target to hit, and that’s without mentioning how deadly she is at close range. Her rapid fire doesn’t do as much damage, but she can still take you out with just a few shots. Thanks to that, Ashe is worthy of the S tier.

What Makes Ashe S Tier

  • High damage
  • Situational ultimate that can be very useful
  • Dynamite is very powerful
  • Can knock people off the map
  • Works well at both mid and long range
  • Just look at her, who wouldn’t put her in S tier?


Baptiste: 90/100 (Support)

Baptiste emotes in the hero selection range

Baptiste is a blast to play. If you like DPS, you’ll like Bap. He does high damage and can help his team without needing to put much effort in. The immortality field is by far his best ability, and it can quite literally stop enemy ultimates. If you see your teammates about to die, use the field to keep them alive for a little longer.

The S tier was made for Baptiste because he can jump super high, do high healing and damage, and boost his team with good utility. The only thing holding him back from having a perfect score is how hard it can be to defend himself. The jump is a great ability, but if a Baptiste gets dived on by the enemy at close range, it can be hard for him to fight back.

What Makes Baptiste S Tier

  • Immortality field
  • High damage
  • High mobility
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Good healing
  • Ultimate combos with most heroes in the game


Hanzo: 95/100 (DPS)

Hanzo gets ready for battle

Back in the old days of Overwatch, most people called Hanzo a throw pick. Now, Hanzo is one of the best picks in the game. He has a strong kit, a situational ult, and high mobility. His one shot is the main reason why he’s in the S tier, but his abilities are also good enough to boost him up more.

His weak point is his ult, but a well-placed ult can do a lot of damage. Whether it gets kills or just blocks a path, you can use the ult well if you practice. Since Hanzo can play on both high and low ground, he’s a valuable pick with great versatility.

What Makes Hanzo S Tier

  • Situational ultimate useful for blocking off paths
  • Powerful storm arrows ability
  • Mobile
  • One shot makes him unstoppable
  • Can play both with the team and far back


Kiriko: 100/100 (Support)

Kiriko spins her kunai

Kiriko is arguably the best support in the game right now. With a fast-charging, powerful ult, Kiriko is an insane support. Kiriko has an all-around good kit. She has teleportation to get her out of a sticky situation, a wall climb, a powerful Suzu, and kunai. These elements of her kit combine to make her the perfect support.

She really doesn’t have any weaknesses, making her a 100/100. With headshots, she can snipe enemy Widowmakers and Hanzos. At close range, she can defend herself by wall climbing or teleporting away, or she can fight back and use Suzu to protect herself. Suzu is by far the most powerful part of her kit since it can cancel ultimates and cleanse negative effects like Ana’s biotic grenade.

What Makes Kiriko S Tier

  • High damage
  • Versatile play style
  • High healing
  • Suzu is OP
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Ultimate charges fast
  • Can teleport to get herself out of a tricky situation


Lucio: 90/100 (Support)

Lucio gives the player a warm smile

Lucio is a fantastic support with a valuable speed boost and powerful boop. His mobility makes him such a strong pick. Along with that, he has a defensive ult that helps protect his team from enemy ults like Zarya’s or Sigma’s. Lucio’s ult is the only ult that can effectively counter Sigma’s.

Not only that, but Lucio is fun to play. He’s versatile, quick, and fun. You can’t beat that. He doesn’t have high damage or healing, but if you play him well, you can get a lot of kills. Since he has multi-target healing, even though the healing isn’t very high, you’ll still end up with high healing.

What Makes Lucio S Tier

  • Speed boost combos with most heroes
  • Multi-target healing
  • Boop ability
  • Wall riding makes him very mobile
  • Great ultimate


Orisa: 95/100 (Tank)

Orisa tries to be intimidating

Orisa is insane right now. She has such a solid kit that makes her fun to play and hard to play against. Orisa is one of my favorite tanks to play, even though I despised playing her in the first game. Her updated kit gives her an aggressive play style that can’t be beat, and it matches the natural flow of Overwatch 2’s 5v5 format.

Her ultimate is unique and hard to land kills with, but it forces enemies to flee and slow down. Even if you don’t get the kills, your teammates can capitalize on the slowdown and finish any running enemies. Her entire kit is solid, which makes her a force to be reckoned with.

What Makes Orisa S Tier

  • Hard to kill
  • Very aggressive
  • Good damage
  • Can stun others
  • Blocks a lot of damage


Sigma: 95/100 (Tank)

Sigma gets ready to slam you on the ground

Sigma is just awesome. He’s fun to play, and to a certain extent, he’s fun to play against. His ultimate goes hard, his voice lines are addicting, and his damage is high. What more can you ask for? Especially when he has a giant rock that stuns people and can interrupt ultimates.

Ever since Blizzard’s crackdown on CC abilities, any of the remaining CC abilities are more valuable. Sigma has one of them, making him very powerful. Along with that, despite being a tank, he floats, which means he doesn’t make any footsteps. Sigma can stealthily sneak behind the enemy and use his ult to get a team wipe.

What Makes Sigma S Tier

  • Can stun others
  • Fast-moving shield
  • Powerful primary fire
  • No footsteps
  • Powerful ultimate


Sojourn: 95/100 (DPS)

Sojourn stares at something, who knows

Sojourn is extremely powerful, and even more so with a Mercy pocket. She has a big hitbox (mostly thanks to her thighs) that can cause her to die easily, but she does so much damage that anyone who tries to jump on her will get melted. Her primary and secondary fire are rapid and deadly, making her a formidable foe.

The entire community has been begging for Sojourn nerfs because of how much damage she does. To top it all off, she has a good ultimate and a slide ability that allow her to flee anyone trying to dive her. Thanks to her high damage and mobility, she deserves the S tier.

What Makes Sojourn S Tier

  • Powerful damage
  • Very mobile
  • Can slow enemies down and block off paths
  • Combos well with most support heroes
  • Powerful ultimate


Soldier 76: 90/100 (DPS)

Soldier's visor shines in the night sky

Soldier 76 may seem like a weird choice, but his high damage, self-healing, and mobility make him powerful. Any hero that can self-heal is preferred since they can keep themselves alive even when the support heroes fall. He can break through barriers easily and destroy anyone trying to dive on him. His helix rockets alone can shred your health bar.

His sprint seems like a useless ability, but it actually gets him back from spawn quicker and helps him reposition at a moment’s notice. The sprint is a great tool to move him from high to low ground quickly. Lastly, his ultimate is okay. It’s not the best since it’s situational, but if the Soldier positions himself well, he can get a team wipe. At the very least, he can use his Tactical Visor to counter an enemy Mercy’s Valkyrie.

What Makes Soldier 76 S Tier

  • Mobile
  • Helix rockets do a lot of damage
  • Situational ultimate that works well in tight situations
  • Self-heals
  • High damage
  • Can break through barriers easily


Widowmaker: 100/100 (DPS)

Widow tries undressing the camera with her eyes

Widow is super annoying. She sits in the back and gets team wipes in a few seconds. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but she’s deadly. Just like Hanzo, she used to be a thrower. Now, in Overwatch 2, she’s one of the deadliest heroes in the game. One-shot abilities combined with the lack of barriers make it so that snipers are dominating the game.

Widowmaker is a bit higher than Hanzo because she’s harder to kill and has a more consistent ult. Although her ult doesn’t do damage, it gives the team wall hacks, meaning no one can hide from you when her ult is active. For example, if there’s an invisible Sombra trying to flank, Widow’s ult counters that.

What Makes Widowmaker S Tier

  • Can get a team wipe in seconds
  • Doesn’t take as much skill as people think
  • Can grapple to secret spots
  • Is hard to kill
  • Can chill in one high ground spot for half the game and still get kills


A Tier

Heroes in the A tier are just a hair below the S tier. They have a couple of flaws in their kits that the strengths balance out, but the weaknesses can shine through at times. A tier heroes still have versatile kits and play styles, making them ideal heroes.


Bastion: 85/100 (DPS)

Bastion in his cinematic

Starting off the A tier strong is Bastion, the hero I never thought would be above C. However, Bastion is very useful now. His only flaw is his ultimate. Although they buffed it and made it slightly better, it’s still not the best. His high damage luckily makes up for the weak ult.

Bastion can move while in his sentry form, which is a great (but annoying to play against) change that makes him a much better pick. Combined with Mercy’s damage boost, Bastion can get team wipes in mere seconds due to how much damage he does. If you want to break barriers, choose Bastion.

What Makes Bastion A Tier

  • Very high damage
  • Breaks barriers easily
  • Can kill squishies in a second
  • Situational ult but can be useful to box enemies in
  • Hard to kill


Cassidy: 85/100 (DPS)

Cassidy holds the player at gunpoint

Cassidy is overall a good DPS; it’s just his ult that brings him down. It’s far too inconsistent to call it a good ult. His kit is lackluster and uninspired, but somehow it’s still powerful. His grenade is one of the most annoying abilities in the game, and he does high damage with his revolver. His combat roll is a good utility device for him since he has such low ammo in his gun and needs to reload it all the time.

His ult is the thing that drags him down. It can be powerful if used well, but it’s not good enough to be considered one of the best DPS ults in the game. It’s inconsistent, hard to use well, and easy to counter with most heroes in the game. A well-timed Suzu can counter it; D.Va’s defense matrix can counter it; any barrier can counter it; Mei can counter it, etc. Cassidy is an overall good hero with one tragic downfall: his ultimate.

What Makes Cassidy A Tier

  • His grenade is annoying
  • High damage
  • Situational ult that can be useful in some scenarios
  • Works well with popular supports like Mercy
  • Relatively easy to play


Doomfist: 80/100 (Tank)

Doomfist gives you an intimidating stare

Apparently, Doomfist is good now. In the beginning of Overwatch 2, people called him unplayable. Now, I see him in almost every game. He’s fast and deadly, but his ult is holding him back from being any higher than an 80/100. Still, Doomfist is a solid tank with good damage and fast movement.

His two weaknesses are his ult and power block. Power Block is okay; it’s just not as good as the other tank abilities. Power Block is only to protect Doomfist himself, which is fine, but it doesn’t make him very tanky. Regardless, Doomfist is versatile and has a unique kit that’s fun to play.

What Makes Doomfist A Tier

  • High mobility
  • Hard to kill
  • Easily kills squishies
  • Good for challenging other tanks
  • Lots of abilities to choose from


D.Va: 85/100 (Tank)

D.Va fights the omnics

D.Va is so much fun to play, and she’s only not in the S tier because she has quite a few counters like Symmetra and Zarya that make her hard to play at times. Still, D.Va is one of the best tanks in the game due to her defense matrix and mobility. She’s one of the most mobile tanks in the game and can play at any position, making her versatile.

Her ultimate is extremely powerful, no matter how you use it. Even if you use it to get your mech back, you have a chance of getting a pick or blocking off the objective. D.Va’s mech is very strong, does high damage, and can counter projectile ultimates. For example, D.Va’s defense matrix can "eat" Zarya’s grav or Soldier’s Tactical Visor. Her defense matrix alone is an S tier ability.

What Makes D.Va S Tier

  • High mobility
  • High damage
  • Great versatility
  • Can hop on squishies
  • Can peel for her supports
  • Good ult that’s great for getting a new mech or blocking paths


Echo: 85/100 (DPS)

Echo stands at attention

Echo is another solid DPS. Although not the best in the game, her high damage combined with her high mobility make her versatile and fun. She’s one of my favorite DPS to play due to her unique kit and powerful ult. Honestly, her ult is S tier worthy if the player using Echo can consistently do well with it.

Her ult allows her to duplicate one hero on the enemy team. That means Echo can add one of the following to her team: more healing, more damage, or more protection. Although it’s tempting to duplicate an enemy's DPS and do more damage, good Echos will consider the situation and choose accordingly. Is everyone on the brink of death? Maybe choose support or tank to help your team.

What Makes Echo A Tier

  • High mobility
  • Lots of abilities to choose from
  • Versatile gameplay
  • Powerful ult
  • No footsteps


Genji: 80/100 (DPS)

Genji dramatically gets ready to fight

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Genji is pretty useful right now. Seeing as Widow is in, Genji’s deflect and fast movement allow him to directly counter her. We need more Widow counters, and Genji is a great pick for that. Although he does have his weaknesses, he’s definitely better than I think most people give him credit for.

His ultimate is powerful when used correctly. It does high damage and can kill squishies in two sword strokes. Genji is great when combined with the best support heroes in the game, like Ana. Her nano boost is deadly when used with Genji’s ult, which is why he’s such a valuable pick nowadays.

What Makes Genji A Tier

  • High mobility
  • Can counter popular heroes like Widow
  • Powerful ult
  • Strong deflect ability
  • Combos well with popular supports like Ana and Mercy


Junkrat: 80/100 (DPS)

Junkrat points his finger for no reason

Junkrat is super annoying. Although I do think he’s balanced, I still think he’s annoying. He’s annoying to play with and against, but I have to admit he has a good kit. His high damage breaks through shields and counters a lot of the tanks. He can shred through them sometimes faster than even Reaper. The only issue is his large hitbox combined with how popular hitscans are right now. From a distance, Junkrat is screwed.

His ultimate has low health but moves fast enough to be deadly. You can get a team wipe with a well-timed ultimate. Even if you use it poorly, the odds are that you’ll still kill someone. It’s almost like a "guaranteed kill" button. As a support player, I hide in fear whenever I hear Junkrat using his ult.

What Makes Junkrat A Tier

  • High damage
  • Can shred through barriers
  • Massacres squishies and tanks alike
  • Good ultimate to use against squishies
  • High mobility


Reaper: 85/100 (DPS)

Reaper holds up his shotguns

Reaper is a solid pick, but not the best due to Widow Hanzo being popular. Reaper is a close-quarters hero that can shred through tanks. He does high damage and heals himself, making him a valuable DPS. Although teleporting is more of a burden nowadays, you can still use it to flank and kill enemy squishies.

His ultimate is situational but can be useful if you use it right. For example, flank with teleport, then drop in behind the enemy while they’re distracted and pop your ult. His ult is powerful enough to wipe a team in a matter of seconds, which is why he deserves a spot in the A tier.

What Makes Reaper A Tier

  • Great for close quarters
  • Situational ult that can be useful if used right
  • Can make himself invulnerable temporarily
  • Self-heals
  • Hard to kill
  • Can flank easily


Reinhardt: 80/100 (Tank)

Reinhardt reflects on his journey

Reinhardt is a blast to play with and against. In the current state of Overwatch, Reinhardt feels good to play and can bring a lot to his team. His firestrike got buffed, which helped him become more viable. Combine that with Lucio, and you have a perfect team comp.

Reinhardt is a classic tank. He’s what most people’s image of a tank is: big, high health, shield. Reinhardt has all of those qualities. And to top it all off, he has a giant hammer that does lots of damage. He has to get close to do this damage, but with Lucio or Ana by his side, he’s even deadlier. Definitely combine Reinhardt with Ana or Lucio for the best results.

What Makes Reinhardt A Tier

  • Slow but deadly
  • Pairs well with other supports like Ana and Lucio
  • Good ultimate if used right
  • High damage
  • Strong shield
  • Can body block for his team


Ramattra: 80/100 (Tank)

Ramattra fires his primary weapon

Maybe I’m being a little generous by putting him in the A tier, but his ultimate is so good that it alone is an S tier. Ramattra is an omnic tank in Overwatch 2. He has his regular form, then his nemesis form, which grants him extra health in exchange for a huge hitbox. He can block damage and help his team stay alive. Along with that, he has a unique barrier that’s on cooldown.

The barrier is hard to break but only lasts for a few seconds, making it good for blocking a lot of damage in small quantities. For example, Soldier’s ultimate. Ramattra can counter sudden shots of high damage, making him so useful. His primary weapon is more like a tickle gun, but his ultimate and nemesis form see him deal more damage and move faster, making him terrifying to play against.

What Makes Ramattra A Tier

  • One of the best tank ults
  • Unique shield
  • Can body block for his team
  • Slows enemies down and blocks off paths
  • Nemesis form is fun and makes him more versatile


Zenyatta: 85/100 (Support)

Zenyatta fires his damage orbs

Zen is a fantastic support absolutely deserving of a high spot on this list. His discord orb is arguably broken, and although he doesn’t do too much healing, he makes up for it in power. Still, a good Zen will get lots of healing too. He can do it all. Well, almost all. He can’t move very fast.

One benefit of playing Zen is that he has no footsteps. However, his downfall is that he's very slow. Thanks to that, he’s the squishiest hero in the game, leaving him vulnerable to flankers and snipers.

What Makes Zenyatta A Tier

  • Powerful discord orb
  • No footsteps
  • Fantastic defensive ultimate
  • High damage
  • Can defend himself against flankers


B Tier

B tier heroes are solid heroes, but not the best in the game. They’re either not good against the popular heroes, not very versatile, or a mix of both. The B tier heroes are still good; they just have a few weaknesses that keep them from being A tier.


Brigitte: 70/100 (Support)

Brig gets ready for a fight

Hey, Brig isn’t that bad anymore! Ever since they reworked her ult, Brig has become a solid support with interesting tactics and additions to the team. Now she can stun multiple people. Tired of Tracer terrorizing your backline? Well, Brig can solve it in a heartbeat. Although there are some flaws with her kit, I’d say she’s overall a good support.

Her healing is still a bit flawed since it requires her to constantly do damage, but there’s also a benefit to that. Although it’s hard to keep up consistent healing if your team is staggered, if your team is together and fighting the enemy as one, then you can get consistent healing and fight the enemies. If you like playing DPS, then Brig is a good support for you.


Junker Queen: 70/100 (Tank)

Junker Queen battles to earn the throne

Junker Queen isn’t a bad tank; she’s just not the best. The problem with most heroes in the B tier isn’t that they’re bad; it’s that there are so many better options that it bumps them down by comparison. Junker Queen is very good when used correctly, but since it’s difficult to play her consistently, it’s better to choose another tank.

Junker Queen fits Overwatch 2’s play style well. She’s fun to play with and can be deadly. The main issue is that her ult gets countered by Kiriko, one of the most popular support heroes in the game. Her entire ult becomes useless if Kiriko is on the enemy team. Thanks to that, combined with how many better tanks there are, Junker Queen is in the B tier.


Mercy: 70/100 (Support)

Mercy shows off her angelic wings

I love Mercy, so it pains me to put her here. I consider her more of a B ½ instead of a full B. She’s stuck between B and A, and because there are so many great support heroes, I figured she needed to be knocked down a bit. Her movement feels great to play with, but she’s just not as strong as the other supports.

Her damage boost and rez make her extremely valuable. But with heroes like Kiriko and Ana competing against her, it’s hard to make the case that Mercy is one of the best supports in the game. Still, she’s a solid support, and I am very salty they took away the 50% health increased healing that she had. If she still had that, I feel she would be at least an A tier.


Moira: 70/100 (Support)

Moira holds up her healing and damage orbs

Mercy is the better support, but Moira is a solid support too. The issue with Moira is her utility. She provides no utility for her team. Now that support plays a more important role, Moira having no utility is a bigger deal than it used to be. Her healing is high, and her ultimate got a nice buff recently, but she’s still not the best support in the game. Still viable, just not the best.

Her damage is the best part of her character. Most of the time, Moira players will get both high healing and damage. Thanks to this, Moira can be valuable to the team. However, if you get a Moira that focuses too much on healing or too much on damage, that value goes down. If you’re playing Moira, be sure to do a fair balance of healing and damage.


Pharah: 70/100 (DPS)

Pharah gives you a side eye

Pharah is, like Junker Queen, not a bad pick. She’s just not better than most of the other DPS in the game right now. She has her uses, especially in lower ranks, but the higher you get, the more useless she becomes. You can survive in lower-ranked games due to the aim skill difference, but if you want to climb, you should only use Pharah to climb through the lower ranks.

Her ultimate is only useful when used right; otherwise, she just kind of hovers there in plain sight, easy to kill. She’s a giant, slow-moving target. For the enemy team, that’s like shooting practice. However, she has a strong enough kit to make up for the slow movement, assuming she doesn’t get shot out of the sky before she can use it.


Roadhog: 70/100 (Tank)

Roadhog stands there doing nothing

I never thought I’d see the day Roadhog was anything less than S tier, but here we are. After Roadhog’s nerf, I barely saw him used. Although he's still a great hero, he’s not very popular in modern Overwatch. His hook is powerful, but his inability to one-shot makes him not the best pick anymore. The hook feels more like a minor inconvenience than a devastating one.

His ultimate is powerful when used right, and it’s best when used in combo with Kiriko’s ult. When combined with Kiriko, Roadhog is unstoppable. Without Kiriko, Roadhog is a walking meat shield that gives the enemy team their ults in ten seconds.


Sombra: 70/100 (DPS)

Sombra hacks an enemy

Sombra is an interesting pick. Although her hack is broken no matter what they do with it, she’s still not the best pick considering the current state of Overwatch. Nowadays, Widow and Hanzo are some of the best DPS heroes. Seeing as they can one-shot Sombra, that makes her significantly harder to play.

Still, Sombra is useful to her team since she can interrupt enemy ultimates, hack health packs, and get easy kills on squishies. She’s annoying to deal with and causes the enemy team to get irritated. Overall, her kit is solid; it’s just that modern Overwatch counters her.


Symmetra: 70/100 (DPS)

Sym holds a ball of light

Sym is a great hero with lots of strengths. She’s definitely a high B tier, teetering on the edge of A tier. The problem is, against long-range heroes, she’s screwed. Guess which heroes are popular? Ding ding ding, we have a winner: hitscan heroes.

Overall, she has a solid kit of turrets, a teleport, and a shield barrier ultimate. Her ultimate is great when used correctly and can provide a massive advantage for the team. Her primary fire shreds through enemies like Genji and D.Va. The only issue is how easily she gets killed by long-range heroes, making her a vulnerable target in modern Overwatch.


Tracer: 70/100 (DPS)

Tracer is a little confused

Like Sombra, Tracer isn’t a bad DPS; she’s just not the best for the current state of Overwatch. With Widow and Hanzo being able to body her with just one shot, you have to be really good at Tracer to get good use out of her. Still, she has great perks that make her a solid entry in the B tier.

Her Pulse Bomb charges quickly. You have to be good with it to get consistent kills, but it does high damage and makes enemies panic if you place it well. She also has high agility and is great for contesting the objective. The only thing dragging her down is the current state of Overwatch. If flankers become more popular than Widows and Hanzos, then Tracer will be much more valuable.


Wrecking Ball: 65/100 (Tank)

Hammond does repairs on his mech

If you’re good at Wrecking Ball, he’s an S tier. If you’re only decent or bad at him, then he’s a B tier at best. Since he’s so inconsistent, I’m putting him in the B tier. He has his strengths; for example, it feels like he never dies. For stalling, Wrecking Ball is the perfect pick. For a tank, meh, not so much.

I personally dislike playing with Wrecking Ball. As a support main, Wrecking Ball rushing into combat and taking more damage than all his teammates combined makes me stressed. Along with that, I notice that Wrecking Ball players are so constant with their movement that healing them is impossible, not to mention how few Wrecking Ball players ever peel back to check on their team. The tank is the frontline, and without a frontline, Overwatch isn’t as fun to play.


Zarya: 70/100 (Tank)

Zarya flexes her Russian muscles

Zarya is normally an S tier hero, but seeing as there are so many good tanks in the game right now, she’s not the most viable option. I haven’t seen her in too many of my games, and although she has a powerful kit, there are other tanks that provide more for the team. Ever since the format changed to 5v5, Zarya has become less useful.

As the only tank, all she brings to the team are bubbles. Compare this to Reinhardt, who has a giant body to body block for his teammates even when the shield breaks. There’s also the charge for knocking people off the map. And that’s just one example; that’s without mentioning Sigma, Orisa, and D.Va.


C Tier

C tier heroes aren’t very good. Although most of them aren’t awful, most of them don’t have the strength needed to compete with the other heroes. At least not in the high ranks. These heroes have weak kits, blaring weaknesses, or poor gameplay compared to the popular heroes.


Lifeweaver: 50/100 (Support)

Wifeleaver, I guess

Lifeweaver, or Wifeleaver, as some are calling him, is the newest addition to Overwatch 2. Having just come out this season, Lifeweaver is too new to call good or bad. However, in his current state, he isn’t the best, regardless of his play style. His healing is abysmal; you never get the time to use his primary fire because his healing is so bad, and his ultimate dies fairly quickly.

For a new hero, he’s very underwhelming. He needs buffs ASAP in order to make him viable in competitive play. His healing is the main drawback of his character. There’s also the criticism that you have to switch between his primary fire and healing. In my opinion, it should be like Moira, where you can do both at the press of a button. Now, you have to physically switch, which makes his gameplay feel clunky and awkward.


Mei: 50/100 (DPS)

Mei looks a little concerned

Mei is the worst. I admit, this is a mix of a hate pick and a "she’s not very good" pick. Although Mei has some strengths, like her primary ability to slow down enemies, she’s overall not nearly as powerful as the other DPS in the game. Her ultimate is situational at best and outright useless at worst. She can self-heal, which makes her useful for stalling, but her ice wall is what drags her down.

The reason the ice wall is so bad is because so many people troll with it. Blocking off the entrances and exits, blocking off ults, stopping teammates from moving forward, and the list goes on. Mei is often considered a troll pick and is at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to useful DPS.


Torbjorn: 50/100 (DPS)

Torb fires away, probably shooting at nothing

The higher you go up the ranks, the more useless Torb becomes. Torb can be useful in some situations, but not nearly enough to make up for his lackluster kit. His primary fire goes slowly and doesn’t do much damage. Along with that, his turret is easy to destroy. It can do damage at low ranks, but at high ranks, you won’t see your enemies making the same mistakes.

It’s best to avoid Torb. The one good thing is that he has a great ult. His ult is deadly and useful to block off paths. It’s also great for getting enemies off the objective. Otherwise, his core kit isn’t worth it. You can utilize him at lower ranks, but at higher ranks? Not so much.


Winston: 50/100 (Tank)

Winston slowly eats a banana

Winston gets countered by almost every tank. D.Va counters him, Junker Queen counters him, Orisa counters him, and the list goes on and on. Since he gets countered by almost every tank in the game, he’s not very good. Although he has his strengths, he works better when paired with another tank, which is why if this were 6v6, he’d be dominating.

His kit got a boost when he got a secondary fire; however, it wasn’t enough to make Winston strong. His bubble is still laughable, he has a massive hitbox, and his ult is situational. If used right, it can be great. Unfortunately, most Winston players I’ve seen don’t use it wisely. It feels more like a tickle gun than a powerful ultimate.


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