[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Maps For Support

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Oasis at night

Why Maps Are Important To Supports

Because of how many responsibilities have been thrown at them out of nowhere, support is arguably the most difficult role in the game right now. The one less teammate also makes it so support players have to take better care of themselves and not rely on their teammates as much. That means you need to take any help you can get, including environmental benefits. You can do this by playing the best maps for support as much as possible.


10. Shambali Monastery

The snowy temple of Shambali

Shambali Monastery is one of the newest Overwatch maps. It’s a great addition to the roster, and to be honest, it’s refreshing. Unlike many of the other maps in the game, this one isn’t as good for Widowmaker and other snipers. That means support players can thrive, especially Mercy and Baptiste players. Since Mercy and Bap use a lot of vertical mobility, they can use their abilities more freely without worrying about a Widow about to snipe them down.

While on the topic of vertical mobility, there is plenty of vertical mobility on this map. That means Bap and Mercy thrive here. Zenyatta is also a great pick since there is a narrow tunnel that keeps the teams together. Thanks to this, Zenyatta players will be better protected.

Overall, this map encourages teammates to stick together by having large main paths. However, flankers can still take the back paths that are hidden off to the side. As a support player, you'll take comfort in knowing that your team is intact and that you won't be sniped at random. 

Why Shambali Monastery Is Great For Support

  • The tunnel helps you blend in more
  • Your team is encouraged to stick together thanks to the map design
  • Lots of vertical space for heroes like Mercy and Baptiste


9. Watchpoint: Gibraltar

A perfect look at the rocketship at the end of Gibraltor

Gibraltar is a great map for DPS and support alike because of its simple design. The map is one of the easiest to learn in the game since there aren’t that many back paths or complicated structures. It’s a linear map that you can have lots of fun with if you like those types of maps. For supports, this is perfect since you have fewer avenues of attack to worry about.

Since you’re the largest target in the game, you have to constantly worry about enemies flanking you. On Gibraltar, you don’t have to worry about it as much. Along with that, there are plenty of health packs near the main points on the map. That means you can step to the side and get a health pack if you’re ever in trouble.

The map is pretty open, too. There are high ground points where you can increase your visibility. The high ground overlooks the entire point. The high ground in the second point overlooks all of point two, and the same applies to the other points. You can use this high ground to your advantage since, as a support, visibility is extremely important.

Why Watchpoint: Gibraltar Is Great For Support

  • Plenty of health packs
  • Easy to learn map
  • Lots of visibility on teammates and enemies


8. Paraíso

The vibrant streets of Paraiso

Another of the game's newer maps, but it's a solid entry on this list thanks to the second stretch. Although there’s nothing wrong with the first point, the second point is beautiful for support players. The narrow streets and vibrant colors fit the playstyle of the supports.

For example, the rooftops are great for Baptiste, Ana, and Mercy players. The back alleys are great for Zen and Moira players who want to flank and do some damage. Overall, this map is perfect for every support hero.

The map itself is very diverse, with a lot of colors. If you’re wearing a funky, bright skin, then weave in between the buildings to confuse your enemy. That will make you blend in more.

Why Paraíso Is Great For Support

  • Vibrant colors make it easy for you to hide and confuse your enemy
  • Some of the best high ground points in the game are on this map
  • Diverse map with lots of narrow and open spaces


7. Oasis

A beautiful view of Oasis during the day

Oasis is a beautiful map from a design and aesthetic standpoint. The design is smooth, allowing for fluid gameplay that you get lost in. Support players will love the fluidity of the game, especially since control is normally a hectic mode. Control is normally far too crazy for support players, but Oasis calms things down a bit.

Along with that, even slow supports can thrive since there is high visibility and lots of cover they can utilize. It fits all types of supports thanks to the high ground portions being some of the best in the game. Baptiste is a very common pick on this map because of the high ground.

Lastly, there is a jump pad on one of the maps on Oasis. This jump pad is near the center of the map and allows for quick escapes. It also lets supports get back to the main point in a matter of seconds instead of having to loop around or risk crossing into enemy fire.

Why Oasis Is Great For Support

  • Jump pad helps supports escape quickly
  • Mobile supports will love the high ground fights
  • Slow supports will have high visibility on the enemy


6. Junkertown

Junkertown's first point

Junkertown has so much space that support players will love. The spacious beginning is wide enough that visibility is excellent. The visibility on Junkertown is the best in the game, making it perfect for support players. Ana and Mercy in particular will benefit from this high visibility.

As the game progresses, the map will narrow to tight streets. That bunches the teams up and allows supports to jump between their teammates easily. Support players will find that they’re more protected during these narrow parts because they’re so close to their teammates. It’s easier to make callouts and have your teammates react quickly.

The last point is great too. The iconic high ground section here is where most of the fighting occurs, and it’s great for all supports. Slower supports like Ana and Zen can stay on one platform away from the fight while their teammates rush in. More aggressive supports can join in and have a blast.

Why Junkertown Is Great For Support

  • Spacious first point gives mobile supports their time to shine
  • Lots of visibility
  • Tight roads help keep your team together


5. Dorado

Dorado's festivities at night

Dorado is a very easy map to learn thanks to its simple design. Even with the simple design, there’s still a diverse environment for you to explore. There are many back paths most players don’t use. Don’t be afraid to use them if they’ll benefit your playing style.

As a support player, you can use the vibrant decorations to hide. You can even use them to trick your enemies and throw them off. It’s perfect for protecting yourself and practicing independence. Dorado is a great map for practice thanks to that.

There are plenty of twisting and turning roads on Dorado. You can use these to your advantage by making unexpected turns and leaving the enemy in the dust. Make sure to watch your flanks in case an enemy tries to do the same to you.

Why Dorado Is Great For Support

  • Tight corners you can duck behind for safety
  • Twisting roads make for quick escape routes
  • Simple map design that’s easy to memorize


4. Eichenwalde

A view of Eichenwalde's castle

Since this is one of the best maps in the game, it fits most heroes and classes. Support is one of those classes. The number of health packs on this map is insane. You can find them almost anywhere. As a support, this is extremely useful since you’re the most vulnerable on the team.

The first point is a straight shot that will keep you with your team. You’ll be protected and safe thanks to this map design. As the map progresses, there is a diverse environment ahead with an iconic high ground fight on top of the castle. Aggressive supports thrive in this spot, like Baptiste and Moira.

The last point is the best for supports. The high visibility allows you to keep an eye on both your teammates and the enemy at the same time. It fits every support player's playing style. Passive players can relax near the protected high ground, while aggressive players can charge. Players in between can hang near the wall and play passively and aggressively at their own paces.

Why Eichenwalde Is Great For Support

  • Recognizable map with lots of health packs
  • Iconic castle high ground fight that mobile supports will love
  • The last point is contained but spacious, making it easy to spot enemies and teammates


3. King’s Row

A snowy night in King's Row

The same thing I said for Eichenwalde applies here. King’s Row is one of the best maps in the game, so it fits most heroes and classes. Support players thrive here because of the diverse environment. However, one of the best benefits is how easy it is to learn. Compared to other maps, King’s Row is one of the least complex.

There aren’t many back paths, and although there is high ground, it’s more focused on the straight shot down the narrow roads. As a support player, you can benefit from this because you can play around your team. Overwatch is a team game, and support players are the ones who most prominently need the team to succeed.

Every support hero can find something fun on this map. If not for the enjoyable map design that is simple to learn, then for the large spaces that allow you to see your teammates. Then, those wide spaces transition to cramped corners that make you and your team play together and protect you more.

Why King’s Row Is Great For Support

  • Iconic map that’s easy to learn
  • It’s easy to spot all your teammates thanks to the wide spaces
  • Every support hero can thrive on this map


2. Lijiang Tower

Quite literally the Lijiang Tower

This map is great for tanks and supports alike. This map is better for aggressive support players. Seeing as Overwatch 2 is a very aggressive game, most support players have made the transition to playing more aggressively. If you are more passive, then Lijiang is the perfect place for you to practice your aggressiveness.

Lijiang has plenty of health packs and corners you can use to your advantage. Every map has corners and environmental hazards that change up the gameplay. On Lijiang, you’ll get dynamic gameplay that challenges you as a support player. You’ll get to practice your survivability skills and become a better support player.

The points themselves are very small when compared to other control maps. Two of the three are small circles, while the last is the largest: a box. The small points are the best for the support players since they can use the small space to dip in and out of the point, forcing enemies off the point as well.

Why Lijiang Tower Is Great For Support

  • The points are small and contained enough for you to move in a fluid manner
  • Plenty of back corners you can hide behind
  • Diverse pathways to change up your gameplay


1. Rialto

Rialto's bridge during the second point

A little bit of personal bias is coming through here because I love this map. Not only is it gorgeous, but it starts off narrow and gives the offensive team a challenge. Support players love this first point because of the high ground and places they can go to get an advantage. Since it’s narrow, the high ground is right above your team; therefore, they’re only a few feet away from helping you if anything happens.

The unique environments give you dynamic and fluid gameplay you can use to enhance your support skills. Rialto goes back and forth between fast and slow pacing. You can use this opportunity to practice adjusting to different playing styles.

Overwatch 2 is a team game; not everyone will have the same play style as you. Since Rialto has many fast and slow-paced segments, you can work on adjusting faster and becoming a better player. You’ll improve as a support if you can match how your teammates are playing, and overall, you’ll become a better Overwatch player with better game sense.

Why Rialto Is Great For Support

  • Narrow space at the beginning is great for receiving help
  • Plenty of high ground spots close to your team
  • Unique environments that give you dynamic gameplay


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