Overwatch Tracer: 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Her

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Meet the Poster Girl for Overwatch, Tracer

Tracer is arguably the best-known hero in Overwatch. With her face plastered on the game's box, as well as log-in screen, it’s hard not to see Tracer. But what do we really know about the face of Overwatch? Let’s take a look.

5) Tracer Started as a Pilot

"Here comes T. Racer!"

Like Mercy, Tracer was a young prodigy. Showing exceptional skills at piloting, the young Lena Oxton was recruited. Sometime later while testing out a plane that could teleport, Tracer and her aircraft Splitstream seemingly disappeared into thin air.

After months Lena reappeared, but this time she was little more than a ghost. Thankfully, Winston developed technology that not only gives Tracer her abilities but allows her to live normally as well.

4) Tracer has a Crazy Amount of Skins 

Who doesn’t love skins?

From her own Splitstream skin to a fantastic elf skin for the holiday event, Tracer has it all. Add to the count that Tracer was given yet another epic skin for the “Year of the Rooster” event, she’s a hero with something for everyone. And given that Tracer is the face of the game, I’d bet that she’ll continue to top the skin chart for quite some time.

3) Tracer is a Playable Character in Heroes of the Storm

"Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?"

A whole month before Overwatch was even released, Tracer had already found her way into Heroes of the Storm. With her same time warping abilities as in Overwatch, Tracer makes for a great assassin if you’re looking to deal some damage. As Heroes of the Storm is adding in more and more Overwatch characters, it’s a great time to check that game out as well!

2) Tracer Counters Widowmaker, Mercy and Bastion

"Looks like you need a time out."

As one of the best flankers in the game Tracer can take out that pesky Widowmaker, the seemingly immortal Mercy, and that terrible Bastion with ease. Her recall ability allows her to get in, harass a Bastion to move, and get out before killed. With Widow, Tracer’s powerful close-range pistols can easily out damage Widow’s assault rifle. And Mercy? Mercy is Tracer bait, just waiting to be harassed until she can’t heal anymore.

1) Tracer is the first LGBTQ Member of Overwatch

“Keep calm, and keep calm, and keep calm, and Tracer on.”

One of the strongest points Overwatch has is its inclusion. Overwatch crafts heroes of so many different races and origins, it was really only time before we met our first LGBTQ character. In the holiday comic Reflections, we not only see what the rest of our heroes are doing during the holiday season, but we meet a very special new character, Tracer’s girlfriend. Giving Tracer the title of first LGBTQ character in Overwatch.

Since then, fans have embraced Emily with open arms. Blizzard has teased more reveals, but for the time being it speaks volumes that they made the face of their game a member of the LGBTQ community, a trend I hope they continue.

Tracer is hero that will never go out of style. With abilities that make her useful for any attack situation, Tracer is a great hero to add to your list. Tell us what you think makes Tracer special!

Tracer Ability Overview 

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