[Top 10] Best Overwatch 2 Arcade Games We Love

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Why Pick Arcade?

The arcade games in Overwatch are some of the most fun because of their variety and how often they change. Every day, there are different game modes to try out. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. Between deathmatches and chaotic gameplay changes, arcade mode has everything the quickplay and competitive modes in Overwatch are missing.


10. Assault Maps

Overwatch 2 has made many good and bad changes, but one of the good ones was removing assault maps from the game. However, if you ever miss assault, the arcade mode has brought it back. You can play the assault, or 2CP, maps in Overwatch 2 by loading them up in the arcade.

Assault was never the most fun mode in Overwatch, especially for tanks. Following the release of Overwatch 2, Blizzard removed access to assault except in certain modes such as this one. Even though the game mode was never considered the most fun, old Overwatch players have nostalgia for it.

Playing the game mode every once in a while provides you with nostalgia and new fun you don’t have access to in the main game. Gather a group of friends and play assault to reminisce on the good ol' days. Overwatch 2 removed and changed many of the gameplay mechanics from the first game. Thanks to this, any mode that references Overwatch 1 is lots of fun.

Assault itself is a game mode where you and your team fight to secure two objectives. It was considered difficult because of how easy it was to take the first objective and then how hard it was to take the second. Unfortunately, only taking one objective doesn’t secure you the win. Despite its flaws, the old maps and gameplay have a certain charm. If you want to change up how you play Overwatch 2, try out the assault maps mode in the arcade.


9. Hybrid Maps

Just like the last game mode, this arcade game allows you to play only the hybrid maps in Overwatch 2. This made the list because hybrid maps are extremely popular. Some of the most beloved maps in the game come from the hybrid mode. King’s Row, Blizzard’s World, and Eichenwalde are three examples of hybrid maps.

If you want pure fun, the hybrid maps are for you. This mode is intense and leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole game. The map design is the best, and the aesthetics are something to be admired as well. Even the spawn rooms look gorgeous and breathe life into the growing world of Overwatch.

Hybrid mode is a mode where you capture a point and then push the payload to the end of the map. You only win if you make it to the end of the map. It adds the best elements of the other games and puts them into one mode. These maps appeal to a wide variety of players because of how open they are. You can play almost every hero on these maps because of how the design caters to them.


8. Deathmatch

Deathmatch is a free-for-all (FFA) game mode that pits eight players against one another. Whoever reaches twenty-five kills first or has the most kills by the end of the time limit wins. The interesting thing about this game mode is that there are specific maps for it. Petra and Chateau Guillard are two maps that were made for this mode.

Deathmatch is worth it for the new maps alone. If you’re someone who only plays the main maps of Overwatch, you’re missing out on some of the most gorgeous maps Overwatch has to offer. Château Guillard is stunning and a lot of fun to fight on. On top of that, if you’re someone who enjoys the lore of Overwatch, these maps offer more lore if you look closely enough.

Deathmatch is also good for players who want to train themselves. You can train your aim and survivability by relying on yourself and yourself alone. In Overwatch 2, self-reliance is imperative. The 5v5 format means you have to be a better player as an individual since you don’t have as many teammates who can make up for weak spots in the lineup.

Deathmatch trains you to become a better player and helps you increase your survivability. If you want a fun, quick way to get better at Overwatch 2, check out the deathmatch mode.


7. Mirrored Deathmatch

Mirrored deathmatch is a similar FFA to the previous mode. However, in this mode, there are a few differences. In a mirrored deathmatch, all eight players are assigned one hero for a certain amount of time. When the time runs out, the eight players switch to another hero. This goes on until the time runs out or a player reaches twenty-five kills.

Like with deathmatch, this mode teaches you survivability. The difference here is that it forces you to play heroes with whom you may not be comfortable. This may seem like a bad thing, but it gets you out of your comfort zone and trains you to use a variety of heroes. The more heroes you know how to play, the better of a teammate you become.

Even if you don’t like playing certain heroes, knowing how their kits work allows you to better counter them. For example, if you don’t know what Winston can do, you’re not going to play very well against him. When you learn what he can do, you can play better against him. Mirrored deathmatch teaches you these vital skills.


6. Mystery Heroes

Mystery heroes is exactly what it sounds like. Every time you die, you respawn as a random hero. There are no restrictions on which hero you can respawn as, which means the team comps can get goofy. You can have a team with the strangest combos ever, a team full of healers, or even both. 

Just like mirrored deathmatch, this mode teaches you about the kits of all the heroes. New players will find this mode fun since they can learn in a game mode no one takes seriously. Older players are a bit aggressive in quick and competitive play, so stick to mystery heroes if you want a more relaxing learning environment.

Even if you’re a more experienced player, you can find fun in mystery heroes. There are plenty of times where people get heroes they don’t play at all, so they kill themselves in the funniest ways. 

The best way to play this game is with a group of friends. Get a group of your close buds and have a blast playing with heroes you might (or might not) have played before.


5. No Limits

Overwatch 2 no limits gives you an idea of what the old Overwatch used to be. Back in the old days, Overwatch had no limits on which heroes you could pick. For example, you could have a team full of D.Vas. When these comps got too dominant, Overwatch developers took them out. Nowadays, you can find the old Overwatch in the arcade under the game mode no limits.

No limits is one of the most fun modes in Overwatch. There are countless videos on TikTok of players having teams of only one hero and completely rolling the enemy team. There are so many videos of teams full of battle Mercys taking the field or Winstons jumping all over the place.

No limits is a game mode made purely for fun. It’s best when done with a friend or friend group, but it’s also good for making new friends. Since it’s a more relaxed game, you can find new friends really quickly. If you’re looking for fun or new Overwatch buddies, try playing no limits.


4. Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is an iconic game mode in countless games, Overwatch 2 included. In this mode, two teams of six capture the flag by carrying it from the enemy base back to their own. The person holding the flag cannot use any of their movement abilities, which makes them vulnerable to the enemy. Either collect three flags or have the most flags collected by the end of the time limit to win.

Capture the flag, or CTF for short, is a popular mode you can find in the arcade. When you’re playing CTF, it feels like you’re in middle or high school again. The adrenaline you get from hopping around the map and begging for your teammates to help you.

If you’re looking for a chaotic game, CTF is perfect for you. You can get countless good, funny clips and memories you can look back on. CTF is a straightforward game, but with the right group, you can have the most fun you’ve ever had on Overwatch.


3. Low Gravity

Low gravity is one of the best game modes in the arcade because of how much dumb fun you can have on it. The game mode itself is self-explanatory. The gravity in the world is reduced to 25 percent of the original gravity, meaning heroes jump higher and their movement abilities are impacted as well. Sojourn, for example, can fly away after sliding on the ground.

Low gravity lets you act like you’re playing on a different planet. Many times you’ll see Winston players jumping into the air and making rocketship noises into their mics. Of course, you also have the Mercy players who go flying into another dimension like that pen you dropped in fifth grade. You’ll never see either of them again.

If you’re looking for a game mode with lots of fun and a unique perspective on how Overwatch is played, try playing low gravity in the arcade. For added fun, play a hero with jumping abilities like Sojourn or Winston. You might actually go flying to another planet.


2. 4v4 Team Deathmatch

Although there are many team deathmatch modes, 4v4 is a classic that's well-balanced and allows each teammate to stand on their own while also working with their team. Team deathmatch is a game mode where you have four players on each team, and the first to thirty kills wins the game. Suicides will lose the team a point, and resurrections by Mercy will take a point from the enemy team.

4v4 is a classic mode if you’re looking for a fast-paced game outside of the core gameplay experience. With teams of four, the game flows smoothly and plays on maps on a smaller scale. The limited scale allows you to learn how to play in tighter areas. It encourages you to use the environment more by teaching you about the maps and what you can do to gain an advantage.

This mode was introduced years ago, but it’s still popular to this day. If you’re looking for a game that will teach you how to play with your environment, try out 4v4 team deathmatch.


1. Total Mayhem

Total mayhem is a blast of a game mode only available in the arcade. Total mayhem is just like quickplay, only on the escort and hybrid maps. Where the game gets interesting is in the changes to how the heroes work. All players have twice as much health, their cooldowns are lowered, and they charge their ultimate fifty percent faster. Thanks to these changes, the game becomes, quite literally, total mayhem.

Total mayhem is one of the most fun modes to play in Overwatch 2. Picture this: you’re playing on a payload map, and the game is down to the wire. You have to clutch the game in order to lead your team to victory. Any small mistake can cost you a lot of time. That adrenaline you feel is what makes Overwatch so memorable.

In casual, or even competitive, game modes, Overwatch games rarely give you that adrenaline due to how different each game is. However, in total mayhem, you get that in every game. Due to the circumstances of the game, you’re in overtime the entire time. You feel that adrenaline, knowing that if you mess up, you might cost your team the game.

If you’re looking for a game that spikes your adrenaline and lasts a long time, then total mayhem is for you. Just make sure you have the time for it because these games are significantly longer than standard Overwatch games. Whenever I play total mayhem, I notice the games last at least twenty minutes.


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