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The various titles in Overwatch 2

What Are Player Titles?

To keep the game interesting, the Overwatch 2 developers added player titles you can unlock through challenges and the battle pass. These player titles don’t do anything to impact your gameplay or how much XP you get, but they do give you a cool nickname. The best part about these titles is that they show up under your name during highlights, which makes your highlight even more awesome.


10. Stalwart Hero

What Stalwart Hero looks like

Starting with one of the easiest titles to get, Stalwart Hero is a common name you’ll see when you play Overwatch 2. However, there’s a certain catchiness to the title since it deems you a "Stalwart Hero", or a reliable and loyal hero.

It’s a catchy title that compliments the player. Not only that, but it’s easy to get. Well, easy is a relative term. Although you will get the name naturally just from playing the game, it will still take some time. Considering it’s a fun title with deep meaning, investing time in the game to get it is definitely worth it.

How To Get Stalwart Hero

  • Win 250 games in any game mode


9. Shapeshifter

What Shapeshifter looks like

This pick may be a bit biased since whenever I see the title "Shapeshifter", I think of Mystique from the X-Men franchise. Either way, this title is extremely difficult to get and will take you a long time. However, it’s very rewarding since, at least to me, this title is awesome and makes you stand out.

Another perk of this title is that it forces you to practice other heroes. The way you get it is by playing the Mystery Heroes game mode in the arcade, which makes you play a random hero every round. Thanks to this practice, you’ll become a much better player and practice your skills.

How To Get Shapeshifter

  • Win 500 games in Mystery Heroes


8. Assassin

What Assassin looks like

This is yet another pick that may be biased because I think Assassin is such a cool title. Does it remind you of any games? Maybe Assassin’s Creed?

All jokes aside, this player title is easy to get but will take you a long time, especially if you’re not a DPS player. If you are a DPS player, then this challenge is right up your alley. You’ll get it naturally by playing the game and winning as DPS heroes.

Personally, I haven’t seen the Assassin player title too often. I’ve seen Stalwart Hero, Medic, and Vanguard, but not Assassin. While I do not think Assassin is a rare title, it’s definitely one you won’t see much of. Thanks to that, you should aim to get the Assassin title to make yourself stand out more.

How To Get Assassin

  • Win 250 games as any DPS character in quick or competitive play


7. Peasant

What Peasant looks like

Is it just me, or is this title funny? Can you imagine casually playing Overwatch only for "Peasant" to get play of the game? I feel like I would burst out laughing and wouldn’t be able to take the game seriously after seeing that.

Peasant is a difficult title to get since you have to grind Overwatch in order to get it. Not only that, but it’s only available for a limited time. Thanks to its limited availability and how difficult it is to get, this name will stand out if you unlock it. If you want to stand out, try grinding Overwatch 2 to get the player title.

How To Get Peasant

  • Reach tier 85 of the season 3 Battle Pass
  • 850,000 XP required


6. Sage

What Sage looks like

Sage is such an awesome name, but in Overwatch, this name becomes an epic player title you can use to distinguish yourself from the others. Just like with Peasant, this title is difficult to get and requires grinding. However, something to keep in mind is that the more difficult a title is to get, the rarer it is.

This title is much harder to get than Peasant. If you want a more serious name, not a funny one like Peasant, then you should grind for Sage. Beyond that, Sage can describe your play style. In many games, Sages are described as the scholarly ones. If you want to feel like a smart Overwatch player, Sage is for you.

How To Get Sage

  • Reach tier 155 of the season 3 Battle Pass
  • 1,550,000 XP required


5. Tenacious Hero

What Tenacious Hero looks like

Do you want to show people you play Overwatch a little too much? Do you rage whenever you lose a game, even if it was a good one? Do you like stressing yourself out over challenges? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should try getting the Tenacious Hero player title.

Tenacious Hero is one of the lifetime challenges in Overwatch 2 that will require countless hours of your time. More like weeks upon weeks upon weeks of your time. I have been playing Overwatch 2 since it came out in October, and I still haven’t unlocked the Tenacious Hero title.

If you like playing Overwatch 2, then this challenge is for you. It’ll take a very long time, and there’s not much you can do to shorten the time unless you have hacks that make you win 100% of your games. Either way, you will definitely stand out with this title.

How To Get Tenacious Hero

  • Win 750 games in any mode


4. Trickster

What Trickster looks like

Trickster is a bit easier to get than the top 3 on this list, so it deserves a spot at number 4. Still, it’s a difficult player title to unlock due to how much XP you’ll need to get it. I would recommend playing with friends to get more XP to help you unlock it faster.

This title reminds me of those memes that have "The Trickster" at the bottom of the screen. If you want to be seen as a meme, then this title is for you. This title can also mean that you like tricking people, but I think the meme version is the better way to go.

Overall, this title is exclusive. It’s difficult to get and requires you to grind the game, just like with most of the other titles on this list. However, since this one is limited, like Sage, it makes you stand out a lot more than the other titles.

How To Get Trickster

  • Reach tier 95 of the Battle Pass
  • 950,000 XP required


3. Unrelenting Hero

What Unrelenting Hero looks like

This title is the "I have no life" title. If you have this title, even though the game hasn’t been out for that long, the odds are that you don’t know what color the grass is. This title takes so long to get that you literally have to play over 2,000 games to get it.

Unrelenting Hero is on this list because of how funny it is. This really shows how much you play the game. You’re dedicated, that’s for sure. It’s one thing if players have this title six to eight months after the game released, but it’s been four months, four and a half at most. How have you played over 2,000 games in less than half a year?

On average, Overwatch games last 9–10 minutes each. If you played just 2,000 games, that’s over 300 hours. And that’s assuming you get the title after 2,000 games. Considering the win rate is about 50% for most players, you’d actually have to play around 3,500 games.

Of course, those numbers are going to change based on your personal win rate and experience; it doesn’t change how you spent almost 600 hours on the game in less than five months. There are a little over 700 hours per month. Let that sink in.

How To Get Unrelenting Hero

  • Win 1,750 games in any mode


2. Fearsome Spirit

What Fearsome Spirit looks like

Fearsome Spirit is another season 3 Battle Pass player title. It’s the second highest tier you can earn, which is tier 175. This title is, quite literally, fearsome. Getting that much XP would take such a long time that you’d have to grind for weeks on end.

Seeing as each season has limited availability, you need to start grinding fast. It will help if you get the premium Battle Pass for a permanent 20%+ XP boost for the rest of the season. You can also play with friends to help you get that XP faster.

Make sure you complete all the daily and weekly challenges as well, since those are the two fastest ways to get big chunks of XP. Track the double-XP weekends and make sure to play the most during those times.

How To Get Fearsome Spirit

  • Reach tier 175 of the season 3 Battle Pass
  • 1,750,000 XP required


1. Legendary Beast

What Legendary Beast looks like

I’m sure that this is no surprise to anyone. The very last tier of the Battle Pass has an epic (or legendary) title you can earn if you do nothing but grind Overwatch. Remember when I said Unrelenting Hero means you have no life? Well, Legendary Beast may take the cake on that.

Legendary Beast is the very last tier of the season 3 Battle Pass, meaning you have to grind more than you would grind for Fearsome Spirit. You can use the same tactics to help you get there faster. For example, playing with friends or tracking the double XP weekends to maximize the efficiency of your play time.

Legendary Beast is an awesome title that will definitely make you stand out. I doubt many players will unlock this before the season ends. That means you’ll stand out as either impressive or boring. Whichever you prefer.

How To Get Legendary Beast

  • Reach tier 200 of the season 3 Battle Pass
  • 2,000,000 XP required


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