[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Maps For DPS

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A look at the different types of maps in Overwatch 2

Why Maps Are Important To Tanks

Overwatch 2 has a large map pool that you can access while playing the game. It’s important to be knowledgeable about all the maps if you want to improve. As a DPS player, not every map will suit your specific play style and preferred heroes. How do you know which maps are the best for DPS?


10. Oasis

A beautiful view of the Oasis highway

Starting off this list strong, Oasis is a perfect map for DPS. Whenever I think about Oasis, I think, "Oh God, the enemy will have a Genji." It’s the perfect map for Genji players in particular. On this map, any hero who flanks or specializes in long-range combat will do well. Oasis also has a very close-quarters map called University. Close-quarters heroes, like Reaper, are great to use here.

Oasis is as beautiful as it is unique. Not only are there design choices unique to Oasis, but there are also pathways often left unexplored. For example, as a DPS player, you should be looking for ways to change your plan of attack to surprise your enemy. On City Center, you can knock enemies into cars on the left side of the map. As DPS, try flanking from that side and playing around the cars to give the enemy a challenge.

Thanks to the high ground present on the map, this map is perfect for Genji and Hanzo players. Seeing as those are two popular DPS, Oasis is probably their favorite map. Not only that, but thanks to the variety of spaces on Oasis, it’s a great map for DPS overall. From bounce pads to deadly cars, Oasis has it all.

Why Oasis Is Great For DPS

  • One of the best maps for Genji and Hanzo players
  • Has a wide variety of playing styles; i.e., one map is close quarters
  • Has unique map design you can use; i.e., the cars that instantly kill enemies


9. Circuit Royal

This is what players see when they're on Circuit Royal

Circuit Royal is one of the newest Overwatch 2 maps. It’s an escort map with lots of twists and turns. It also features some of the best high-ground points Overwatch has. Seeing as Widowmaker is a common pick in Overwatch 2, this map is perfect for the growing number of Widowmaker players.

The last point is one of the most unique last points in Overwatch 2. Even now, months after the map’s release, I’m finding new paths and secrets hidden there. The high ground portion of Circuit Royal’s last point is filled with secret environmental advantages you can use. As a DPS player, you have easy access to the high ground since you’re small and hard to find.

The rest of Circuit Royal is excellent as well. The first point isn’t anything special, but the second turns into a huge brawl where the offensive team is on the ground and the defensive team is on high ground. It gives the offense a challenge while also testing the aim and game sense of the defense. As a DPS player, you’ll love the intense battles this point brings.

Why Circuit Royal Is Great For DPS

  • Perfect for snipers like Widow and Hanzo
  • Mobile DPS thrive here
  • The last point is one of the most unique ones in Overwatch


8. Havana

The first point on Havana

This is a map I don’t see talked about often. The bright and vibrant streets, combined with the twists and turns provided by the environment, make for an intriguing map. DPS players, especially Genji and Hanzo players, will thrive in this environment. The versatile map design makes it useful for almost every play style and DPS hero. There’s high ground, hiding spots, flanking areas, and much more.

As you progress through the map, you’ll notice how many flanking openings there are. There are small, almost tunnel-like areas that you can go through during the second point. During the first act, there is an entire hotel with many unexplored back paths. Don’t be scared to explore and change up your plan of attack.

DPS players in particular will love Havana for how it appeals to long-range heroes. Soldier, Widow, Pharah, and more will thrive in this environment. Even the defensive DPS heroes get a chance to shine thanks to how many secret spots there are to hide defensive measures, like Sym and Torb’s turrets.

Why Havana Is Great For DPS

  • Unique flanking areas give DPS a new challenge
  • Plenty of hidden high ground spots to try
  • Perfect for long range heroes


7. Junkertown

The gate leading into Junkertown

A lot of escort maps are on this list, but for good reason. Junkertown has one of the most unique starts in the entire game. Out of the escort maps, Junkertown has the widest first point. In fact, Junkertown might have the widest first point in the entire game. The open space makes it challenging to master positioning, but that challenge means you can practice all sorts of DPS heroes.

The first point is the highlight of the map, but the last point is another high. The middle is solid but not as special as the first and last points. Still, you can find joy during the second point because of the twisty road you go down. It provides a lot of cover and dangerous flanking options that you, the DPS, should try.

Junkertown’s final point takes place indoors. The map goes from wide to narrow to a mix of both. The final point is a combination of both, with one large high ground segment where the DPS tends to battle. It’s an awesome battle spot, and as a DPS player, you’ll be laughing the whole time.

Why Junkertown Is Great For DPS

  • Most unique first point in the game
  • Open space allows mobile DPS to thrive
  • The entire map is full of twists and turns DPS can use to their advantage


6. Midtown

The first thing attackers see on Midtown

This pick may be a bit controversial, but I think Midtown is better for DPS than it is for any other class in the game. The map design isn’t as smooth as the other maps, but not in a bad way. The design is rough because there are constant obstacles getting in your way. From the back paths to the unique train high ground at the first point, Midtown is great for playing DPS.

The tight streets of the first point make for excellent fighting. You can opt to do more Guerilla Warfare fights, using the narrow streets to perform ambushes and take out one or two enemies at a time instead of a team wipe all at once. As the map progresses, new elements are added to expand upon your tactics.

The middle section includes a bridge where Widowmakers camp. There’s also a side path you can use to sneak up on them. When you get to the last point, it’s a bit similar to Junkertown’s because it’s indoors and has a mix of wide and narrow spaces. You can use these spaces to enhance how much damage you’re putting out and track down enemy squishies.

Why Midtown Is Great For DPS

  • Rough map design makes for constant obstacles
  • Lots of cover and opportunities to hide
  • Plenty of flanking paths


5. Busan

An aerial view of the train on Busan

I personally am not a fan of control maps, but even I’ll admit Busan is a solid map that offers a lot of unique things. The moving hangar walls, the drum on the point, and the train you can knock people into make for an interesting map. The design is different from most maps, so you’ll have to adjust. As a DPS, you’ll thrive thanks to how many options you have.

DPS players should be using the environment to get their kills. The environment is too diverse to not incorporate it into your play style. Bait enemies near the train to make the fight more dangerous. Wait for the hangar doors to rise so you can use them as cover. Get on top of the drum (if you have a kit that allows you to) and camp there, out of enemy sight.

The platforms, twists, and roads Busan has are too important to pass off. You need to use them to maximize your efficiency. DPS players already do a lot of damage, but if you use the environment to your advantage, you’ll see your stats improve.

Why Busan Is Great For DPS

  • Unique map design with interesting environmental features
  • Plenty of cover for aggressive DPS players
  • Defensive DPS players can stay back without fear


4. Nepal

A night view of Nepal

Dear Symmetra players, this is your time to shine. This map is ideal for Sym players looking for more playing time. Her turrets and defensive capabilities make her the best pick on this map. Other defensive DPS, like Torb, are great for this as well. Really, you can make use of any DPS on these maps.

The Shrine is my personal favorite of the three. Any DPS hero can be used here because there’s a mix of narrow and open spaces combined with some high ground and flanking routes. Pharah is very common on this map because the tight, high spaces make her deadly. Genji is also very common because he can climb the walls inside the point to make himself harder to hit.

Overall, Nepal has great map design that fits every DPS hero. Sanctum has an environmental hazard that you can utilize, and Village gives defensive DPS heroes a chance to shine. No matter which Nepal map you’re on, you’ll find you can thrive as a DPS.

Why Nepal Is Great For DPS

  • Perfect for defensive DPS heroes
  • Gives less-played DPS a time to shine
  • Interesting map design that’s versatile to most play styles


3. Watchpoint: Gibraltar

The first point on Gibraltar

One of the most iconic maps in the game is Gibraltar. The recognizable map design makes it easy for new players to learn. As a DPS player, you’ll get a lot of value out of the high ground on the map. You can take the fight to the high ground with heroes like Genji, Echo, Pharah, Hanzo, and more. Heroes like Widowmaker and Sombra are also useful on this map.

Gibraltar has an easy map design, making it great for practice. It’s simple and to the point, meaning you don’t have to memorize complex flanking routes or high ground hidden from plain sight. All you have to do is play the DPS hero you want and go from there. It’s perfect for practicing long-range DPS heroes, in particular.

Try playing Widow or Soldier. You can even try Hanzo and Genji. All four of those picks get a lot of use out of Gibraltar. Along with that, this map is good for support heroes due to the open space that gives them lots of line of sight. Work with your supports to maximize your efficiency.

Why Watchpoint: Gibraltar Is Great For DPS

  • Iconic map that fits each DPS
  • Useful for heroes with long-range
  • Great for practice since it’s an easy map


2. Numbani

The empty streets of Numbani

This pick might shock some people. I debated whether to put Numbani or Rialto in this position, but Numbani wins and Rialto gets an honorable mention. Numbani is a classic for Overwatch players, and the reason why is because of how many paths you can take to fight the enemy. For the first point, there’s no one way to go. There are four paths you can take, depending on your team's composition.

For example, if you have a mobile team, use the high ground on the right to push. If you’re slow, go straight up the middle. If you want to create a dynamic fight, use the high ground on the left. Finally, if you’re a fast team, go for the wide balcony on the far left. No matter which way you pick, you’ll get a lot of value out of playing DPS.

These multiple points make it so you can play any DPS you want. The map is ideal for all types of DPS players because it caters to almost every DPS in the game. The rest of the map goes the same way. There are always multiple paths, unique high ground setups, a slow path for less aggressive players, and more.

Why Numbani Is Great For DPS

  • No shortage of paths to take
  • Caters to every playstyle
  • Unique design makes for interesting fights


1. King’s Row

The first point of King's Row

I’m sure this surprises no one, considering I’ve never met an Overwatch player who hasn’t gotten excited when they saw King’s Row pop up. The map is so easy to learn because of how much it has to offer. There’s nothing not to like on this map. From the bus, Genji and Hanzo players can climb onto the high ground spots sprinkled throughout the payload portion of the map; King’s Row is perfect for DPS players.

Like Gibraltar, King’s Row is easy to learn and perfect for practicing. There’s also something thrilling about playing Widow and trying to snipe as many enemies as possible. If you’re a sniper, you’re going to love King’s Row.

Beyond that, the points in the game appeal to a wide variety of players. There is never a point where you cannot access high ground or back alleys. There’s even a subway you can use to flank the enemy when you get to the second point. The number of twists and turns encourages dynamic gameplay and gives DPS players the opportunity to experiment with their playstyle.

Why King’s Row Is Great For DPS

  • Easy to learn map
  • Countless twists and turns that encourage dynamic gameplay
  • Consistent high ground spots and flanking opportunities


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