[Top 5] Overwatch Best Healers That Are Excellent

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Because, as we know, we can't all main Mercy

[Top 5] Overwatch Best Healers That Are Excellent

In a lot of games nowadays support has become a great role to jump into. If you want to help your friends and teammates get the win of the season but don’t have the strongest ability with damage or tanking, then support is something that I highly recommend. Overwatch offers some great healers but here are some of my favorites if you want to get into this role.

5. Brigitte

Let me patch that up. - Brigitte

Brigitte has a lot to offer to the support role as a whole. If you and your fellow supporting teammate feel as if you aren’t getting the sort of protection you need, then being able to pull out Brigitte is a great strategy to use. Brigitte allows for shielding against heavy-hitting attacks or any sort of quick attacks done against your fellow support. Being able to protect your healers is a must in any game: the less they die, the less you die. 

    Although she has a lower pick rating of about 4%, Brigitte is a strong and capable hero in the right hands with a win rate of 50.32% as of the current season. Having her in your arsenal is a great addition to anyone’s hero roster. 

What makes Brigitte great for healing:

  • Great for when other healers need extra protection or support
  • Provides backup for the team when needed, not necessarily another tank but another way to both attack and heal while keeping others safe
  • Dealing out armor packs allows for quick-hitting attacks to do far less damage 

See Brigitte in action:

Pro Brigitte gameplay.

4. Moria

Regenerating your cellular structure. - Moira

Moira is one of my own absolute favorites. She is one of the most mobile characters I’ve played in this game and allows for some great dual damage and healing to be dealt. Her orbs are a great ability to get the hang of and allows for healing for yourself and your teammates regardless of distance. Although she isn’t needed for every map or match, Moira is someone you can trust will heal you as soon as possible.

Moira is currently sitting at a pick rate of 10.77% percent and a win rate of 48.76%, nothing to scoff at whatsoever. 

What makes Moira great for healing:

  • She has long ranged orbs that she can send out for both healing and damage
  • She is extremely mobile when using her fade ability to get to teammates sooner to heal them
  • Her life-stealing ability allows her to use it infinitely as long as you’re near an enemy

See Moira in action:

Pro Moira gameplay


3. Mercy

Did someone call a doctor? - Mercy

Mercy is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use support if put into the right hands. She is a great beginner support to get used to as she has infinite healing and damage boost so long as you’re at a reasonable distance from your teammates. Mercy is also extremely mobile which helps you become less of a target and take less damage overall. Her ability to resurrect is a great tool in her kit to use, just make sure you time it correctly with your team as well as the enemy.

Mercy has the second highest pick rating on our list with 20.52% and a win rating of 51.21%.

What makes Mercy great for healing: 

  • Her mobility allows for her to be a harder target to hit
  • Easy for beginners to get into healing and support roles
  • Her damage boost allows others to deal more damage so you can use healing as a slight second priority

See Mercy in action:

Pro Mercy gameplay


2. Baptiste

This should keep you alive. For a little while, at least. - Baptiste

Baptiste is a great behind-the-team support if they’re prone to rushing in to attack. His immortality field helps you maintain your teammates' health as you catch up with them and his abilities give you the chance to attack enemies if needed. Although he is more situational and not needed for every map or every match, Baptiste is a heavy-hitting healer who can stand up to great attacks from others.

He’s sitting at about 8.43% for his pick rate and 48.52% for his win rate.

What makes Baptiste great for healing: 

  • His immortality field allows for your team to push even harder when you need to capture a point
  • Can deal damage as well as heal to provide backup if your DPS isn’t doing enough
  • His character is situational but can pack a punch if used correctly and to his fullest extent

See Baptiste in action: 

Pro Baptiste gameplay


1. Ana

I've seen worse. You're going to live. - Ana

With the top of our list being Ana, it goes to show why she is such a great character overall. Her ability to sleep enemies allows for greater offense from your team as you pick down everyone else one by one. Her rifle allows for her to attack and defend from longer ranges if your team is pushing up farther, while also allowing you to stay in the backlines away from direct fire. 

Ana is sitting at a pick rate of 36.93%, making her our highest picked hero of the support role, and sitting pretty at a win rate of 50.80%. It’s no wonder why she is such a great choice for a healer. 

What makes Ana great for healing:

  • Her rifle allows for healing up to long ranges.
  • Her ultimate can power up anyone ready to attack or unleash their own ultimate
  • She’s great for teams that tend to push harder and can stay back in safety 

See Ana in action: 

Pro Ana gameplay

As said before, support is an incredibly fun role to play, and with so many different options to choose from it’s hard to know who will fit your style the most. Hopefully, this list gives you some idea of who to go for next in your next Overwatch match. 



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