[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Heroes For Total Mayhem

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Roadhog shows off Total Mayhem

What Is Total Mayhem?

Total Mayhem is a popular arcade game mode in Overwatch 2. This game mode features 200% health, 150% ultimate gain, and 75% faster cooldowns. Total Mayhem is exactly that: mayhem. It is a chaotic game mode where everyone has high health and fast cooldowns, meaning that in order to win, you need to know which heroes are the best. Playing Total Mayhem and winning is a great way to gain more XP, which is why you should give Total Mayhem a shot with these ten heroes.


10. Roadhog

Roadhog shows off his wild tattoo

You’re going to see a lot of tanks on this list. Roadhog is a tank with the most health in the game and a self-healing ability that makes him hard to kill. Since Total Mayhem relies on fast cooldowns to make the game mode interesting, Roadhog is easy to play here. Beyond that, he’s also a lot of fun thanks to his hook ability. With hook, you can stun enemies and interrupt their ultimates, making you valuable to your team.

Overall, Roadhog is a great pick for Total Mayhem thanks to his versatile kit, which fits the play style well. Roadhog isn’t as good as he used to be thanks to his nerf, but in Total Mayhem, he works because of his survivability. To properly play Total Mayhem, you need a balance of high damage, survivability, and agility. Roadhog has high survivability, making him an excellent hero for Total Mayhem.

What Makes Roadhog Great For Total Mayhem

  • High health
  • Can heal often
  • Can stun enemies

See Roadhog own in action: 


9. Mercy

Mercy in her famous Winged Victory skin

Mercy is a flying support hero with a resurrect ability. Although she doesn’t do much damage, her value to Total Mayhem is her resurrect. Since you’re unlikely to die in this game mode, Mercy becomes even more useful. The few times you do die, Mercy can resurrect you, making her useful for the extremely long Overtime fights.

Beyond that, since the cooldowns have decreased, Mercy can resurrect every ten seconds. That means, as long as you time it right, you can keep reviving teammates over and over again since the respawn countdown is ten seconds. Her damage boost is a great tool as well. Like I mentioned earlier, damage and agility are two important factors. Mercy can boost damage and move fast, making her the perfect pick for Total Mayhem.

What Makes Mercy Great For Total Mayhem

  • Fast movement speed
  • High healing
  • Resurrect

See Mercy own in action: 


8. Tracer

Tracer in the cinematic "Alive"

Tracer is a fast DPS hero that can zip around the map. Since Total Mayhem has lower cooldowns, Tracer is near invincible. She can dart around the map and recall far more often, meaning she can self-heal and stall the point. Although she doesn’t do much damage in this game mode, she makes up for it with contesting time.

The good news is that she gets her Pulse Bomb almost every thirty seconds. All you have to do is shoot the enemy tank, and you pretty much have it. You can use it to stick enemy squishies to get easy picks. If you keep up the strategy of using tanks to feed your ult and then stick squishies, you have a higher chance of winning. Tracer is great for survivability and agility, making her a great pick for Total Mayhem.

What Makes Tracer Great For Total Mayhem

  • Fast and agile
  • Can self-heal
  • Can contest for long periods of time

See Tracer own in action: 


7. Wrecking Ball

Hammond lifts up his giant mech with the power of friendship

Wrecking Ball is already a nuisance in the regular game, let alone in Total Mayhem. He has incredible survivability that makes him near-impossible to kill. Along with that, his mines can actually kill people in a game mode where killing is hard. For those reasons, he’s perfect for Total Mayhem.

It hurts me to recommend playing Wrecking Ball, but you should play him if you want to win. He’s pretty much an "I win" button. He stays alive for ten years, not to mention he does a lot of damage. He has all three of the good categories: survivability, agility, and damage. If you want to win, play Wrecking Ball.

What Makes Wrecking Ball Great For Total Mayhem

  • High survivability
  • Lots of damage
  • Fast

See Wrecking Ball own in action: 


6. Mei

Mei gears up for battle on King's Row

Mei is a hero centered around ice. She can slow enemies, self-heal, and build giant ice walls. Although no one likes Mei, not even Mei players, she’s useful in Total Mayhem. Her self-healing abilities and wall make her vital for staying alive. When her slow is combined with a high-damage hero, she can make a large impact on the game.

She doesn’t do much damage, but what she lacks in damage she makes up for in survivability and utility. Her slow ability is great for stopping enemies who are charging supports and other squishy targets. Her ultimate is also great at crowd control and getting enemies off the point. If you want a higher chance at winning in Total Mayhem, choose Mei.

What Makes Mei Great For Total Mayhem

  • Can self-heal
  • Powerful slow ability
  • Can freeze enemies

See Mei own in action: 


5. Brigitte

Brig stares blankly into the void, rethinking her life decisions

Brig is an infamous support who can stun enemies and heal every time she does damage. Since she heals every time she does damage, she’s extremely useful for Total Mayhem. Even though she doesn’t do much damage, when combined with other heroes, she can pack a powerful punch.

With her rework allowing her to stun enemies during her ultimate, she’s become far more viable in all game modes, but particularly Total Mayhem. Since it’s hard to kill enemies in Total Mayhem, any stun or slow abilities are a blessing. Brig has just that, and to top it all off, she does consistent healing. That’s what makes Brig such a strong Total Mayhem pick in 2023.

What Makes Brigitte Great For Total Mayhem

  • Can stun enemies
  • Does high healing in this game mode
  • Can combo well with other heroes

See Brigitte own in action: 


4. Ramattra

Ramattra in his reveal trailer

Ramattra is a new addition to the Overwatch roster, and in Total Mayhem, his high health and powerful ultimate make him a useful ally. His nemesis form is the best part of his kit. In Total Mayhem, you can use it for extra health and powerful punches. With the decreased cooldowns, Ramattra can get his nemesis form every couple seconds.

Like Roadhog, Ramattra has high health. In his nemesis form, he can take on other high-health heroes. His most powerful ability is his ultimate, which is essentially ongoing damage while he punches people. Since it’s unlikely he’ll die, his ultimate will last forever and be essential during Overtime scenarios. Thanks to his high health and powerful ult, Ramattra is a must-pick for Total Mayhem.

What Makes Ramattra Great For Total Mayhem

  • High health
  • High damage
  • Incredible ult

See Ramattra own in action: 


3. D.Va

D.Va gets ready for battle 

D.Va is another tank that made this list. D.Va has a powerful and highly-healthed mech that makes her useful for Total Mayhem. Although she doesn’t do as much damage as some other tanks, she still has insane versatility. She can fly around the map, drop bombs from the sky, block damage, and more.

Her kit is perfect for Total Mayhem since she fits two of the three main categories: survivability and agility. Along with that, she has a nuke that forces people to hide or take a lot of damage. Since Total Mayhem will always run into Overtime, her nuke can be a game-winner if used right. She’s an "I win" button if used correctly. Thanks to that, she’s a perfect pick for Total Mayhem.

What Makes D.Va Great For Total Mayhem

  • High health
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Very versatile play style

See D.Va own in action: 


2. Zarya

Zarya rudely fires her beam at the camera

I told you you’d see a lot of tanks on this list. Zarya is yet another example. Although she doesn’t have as much health as other tanks, she makes up for it with how much damage she does. Since she gets through her barriers so quickly, she’s constantly high-charge. The higher her charge, the more damage she does. The more damage she does, the better.

Zarya is the perfect example of a hero you should choose for high damage. This list has been full of heroes with high agility and survivability, but here’s a change of pace with Zarya. Her high damage melts through enemies, making her an essential pick. Honestly, if you have a team full of tanks and one or two healers, you have a high chance of winning. If you need high damage, you should choose Zarya for Total Mayhem.

What Makes Zarya Great For Total Mayhem

  • High damage
  • Can block incoming damage
  • Powerful ult

See Zarya own in action: 


1. Moira

Moira shows off her suck suck suck suck suck

Is this a surprise to anyone? Moira is insanely powerful in Total Mayhem. Her constant healing and damage orbs make her a formidable foe. Like Wrecking Ball, Moira is already hard to kill. When you add low cooldowns and lots of opportunities for damage, Moira is almost impossible to kill. Now that she can fade while using her ult, she’s even more powerful in Total Mayhem.

Moira is obnoxious to deal with. She does constant annoying damage, and every time she does damage, she heals herself. Her high healing, when combined with her survivability, makes her the perfect pick for Total Mayhem. If you need healing, survivability, and agility, Moira is the way to go.

What Makes Moira Great For Total Mayhem

  • High healing
  • Can fade out of most attacks
  • Constantly self-healing

See Moira own in action: 

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