[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Worst Abilities

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Mei taunts you as she sits on her ice wall

What Are Abilities?

Abilities are essential parts of a hero’s kit. They determine how effective a hero is. Some heroes have utility abilities, while others do pure damage. How good an ability is depends on how well it meshes with the hero’s kit while also having some impact on the game, even if that impact is as simple as giving the hero more mobility. Unfortunately, there are some really bad abilities in Overwatch 2.


10. Torbjorn - Turret

Torb admires his creation

Torb’s turret isn’t terrible, but the higher you are ranked, the less effective it is. It’s really only effective when the enemy team refuses to shoot at it. When you have competent teammates who decide to shoot the giant turret that’s easy to see from ten gazillion miles away, then the turret is a minor annoyance at best.

Turret is not the worst ability in the game since it can be effective, especially at lower levels. For example, the other day I was playing against a Torb who set his turret up in the most random places. Of course, no one on my team shot at it except me. I was playing Kiriko, so I was getting hammered by this turret without anyone helping me out.

In those cases, turret is effective. To be more effective with it, try flanking and putting it somewhere the enemy won’t expect. You can also throw it in the middle of the objective to distract the enemies. Be strategic with it instead of just throwing it randomly. The cooldown isn’t too long, but it’s long enough to warrant some caution when you have the ability ready.

Why Turret Is Bad

  • Easy to see
  • Easy to destroy
  • Doesn’t have a big impact on the game

Turret Details

  • 14 damage per 0.25 seconds
  • 40 meter max attack range
  • Lasts until destroyed
  • 5 second cooldown normally, 10 second cooldown if destroyed in combat


9. Reinhardt - Fire Strike

Reinhardt Firestrikes an enemy training bot

Fire Strike is not as intimidating as it used to be. With the game being so aggressive and fast-paced, it’s hard to land a successful strike. Not to mention D.Va can eat the strike, and she’s constantly being played. Right now, Fire Strike isn’t a great ability. It’s not inherently bad; it’s just lackluster and doesn’t do Reinhardt justice.

The low damage combined with how easy it is to counter makes it an ineffective ability. You can see it coming from a mile away. As a D.Va player myself, it’s become incredibly easy to predict a Fire Strike. Now, I eat almost every single one. That’s without mentioning how other heroes, like Sigma and Genji, can also counter it.

To use Fire Strike more effectively, try using it in scenarios at close quarters. That will give enemies less time to react and put more pressure on them. The only times I miss a Fire Strike are when Reinhardt is all up in my face and the situation becomes more chaotic.

Why Fire Strike Is Bad

  • Is easily countered
  • Hard to land successful shots
  • Isn’t very intimidating

Fire Strike Details

  • 6 seconds per charge, 2 charges max
  • 100 damage per strike
  • 0.5 second cast time
  • Moves at 25 meters per second


8. Widowmaker - Grappling Hook

Widowmaker escapes using her grappling hook

The reason this ability is bad isn’t because it doesn’t do any damage or anything like that. In fact, this ability makes sense for Widowmaker’s kit and fits her well. The issue isn’t any of that. Instead, the issue is how inconsistent it is. That, on top of the long cooldown, makes Grappling Hook more of a burden than a quick escape.

I cannot count the number of times I have tried to hook to a surface only for it not to land for some reason. It’s so inconsistent that it makes you want to pull out your hair and scream into your pillow. It’s a simple ability that should give Widow good mobility, but instead, it burdens her and leaves her stranded if it ever connects weirdly, or worse, if it doesn’t connect at all. That’s why this ability is on this list; it doesn’t have enough consistency to make it too useful to Widowmaker. If anything, it can be a burden.

To use it more effectively, there isn’t much you can do since it’s so inconsistent. Make sure to aim your hook well before using it; otherwise, you risk making a bad grapple and leaving yourself stranded for the long cooldown. Overwatch 2 is extremely fast-paced, meaning you can’t afford to mess up a grapple and have to wait 12 whole seconds to get to high ground.

Why Grappling Hook Is Bad

  • Long cooldown for such a basic ability
  • Very inconsistent
  • Can land weirdly and throw off your game

Grappling Hook Details

  • 12 second cooldown
  • Moves Widow at 20 meters per second
  • 20 meter max range


7. Doomfist - Power Block

Doomfist blocks incoming fire

Doomfist is weird, that’s for sure. He’s in a weird spot where his kit isn’t strong. Power Block is another part of his kit that’s weak. It doesn’t add enough to Doom’s kit to justify it being one of his primary abilities. It can recharge his Rocket Punch if he blocks enough damage, but even then, that’s not enough to justify its existence.

It isn’t a bad ability; it’s just weak when compared to the other tanks. Why pick Doomfist’s Power Block over Reinhardt’s far more consistent barrier? Or D.Va’s powerful Defense Matrix? Doomfist can block some damage for himself, but it doesn’t do his team much good. The other tank heroes have more diverse kits that can adapt to and fit a variety of situations; Power Block is not an ability that helps Doomfist’s team, making it rather weak.

To use it effectively, use it when you’re in a pinch. If you need your Rocket Punch to escape, use Power Block to recharge it. You can also use Power Block when you’re taking a lot of damage and need the extra time to think or get healed.

Why Power Block Is Bad

  • Doesn’t add much to his kit
  • Other tanks have a much better version of this ability
  • Doesn’t make any difference in most cases

Power Block Details

  • 80% damage reduction
  • -35% movement penalty
  • 0.35 second minimum duration, 2.5 second max
  • 7 second cooldown


6. Brigitte - Shield Bash

Brig shield bashes an enemy

I really want to love Brig, but it seems like she just keeps getting worse and worse. Shield Bash used to be so strong that she was a must-pick. Now, with the removal of most stuns from Overwatch 2, Shield Bash feels like a mistake. It feels like a coding error, and they were supposed to actually remove it. Shield Bash feels so out of place in this new version of Overwatch 2.

Yes, Shield Bash does some damage and gives Brig better movement, but it feels so unnecessary. It feels like something's missing. Yes, the stuns were bad in the first Overwatch game, but that doesn’t mean they had to remove almost every single stun. I feel like having the stun on Shield Bash and increasing the cooldown a bit can make Brig more effective. Now, she’s a support who can counter flankers, who are dominating the game right now.

Shield Bash can be used in a variety of ways, but only a few of them are effective. Be careful where you are when you use it. Shield Bash launches Brig forward, and that can cause you to dive in without meaning to. Yes, it has a short cooldown, which means you should use it often, but think about your position first and if you’re ready to suddenly thrust yourself into combat.

Why Shield Bash Is Bad

  • It doesn’t work well with Brig’s kit
  • It doesn’t fit the playstyle of Overwatch 2
  • Feels useless now since stun is removed
  • Is a glorified Cassidy combat roll

Shield Bash Details

  • 50 damage
  • 5 second cooldown
  • 12 meter max range
  • +470% movement speed buff


5. Reaper - Shadow Step

Reaper teleports to high ground

Do you want to be vulnerable to enemy attacks? Do you want to make a loud sound that allows the enemies to hear you easily? Do you want to be stranded if your teleport doesn’t work out as planned? If you said yes to any of those questions, then Reaper’s Shadow Step is for you.

Reaper, in general, is a strong DPS right now. His Shadow Step works well in his kit; it’s just that any average player knows when to shoot to kill Reaper. Any sniper who pays attention can take out the vulnerable Reaper. His ability teleports him anywhere within 35 meters, which can be useful when flanking. The problem is, even when flanking, the Shadow Step is loud and obnoxious.

If you successfully flank with it, most above-average players will see the enemy team and wonder "Where’s Reaper", thus annihilating your flanking plan anyway. To use it more effectively, try using it in a quiet spot where enemies are less likely to hear you. You can also try setting up your flank before the team fight. That way, by the time your team pushes in, you’re in position and can catch the enemy by surprise before they ask "Where’s Reaper?".

Why Shadow Step Is Bad

  • Leaves Reaper vulnerable
  • Easy to see
  • Loud and obnoxious

Shadow Step Details

  • 10 second cooldown
  • 35 meter max range
  • 2 second duration


4. Pharah - Concussive Blast

Pharah knocks back a group of enemies

Pharah is a decent DPS. She’s not as powerful as she was before, and her Concussive Blast is one of the reasons why. It isn’t nearly as useful as it used to be. The low damage combined with the lack of versatility it has makes it a pretty useless ability. You can only do damage with it if you score a direct hit, which is extremely hard and inconsistent.

Overwatch is several years old now, and Overwatch 2 is several months old. People are used to Pharah’s play style by this point. Most players know to avoid ledges when playing around Pharah. She’s become predictable and easy to avoid. It also doesn’t help that the cooldown is decently long, so if you miss your first shot, you’re not likely to get a chance at a second one.

Why Concussive Blast Is Bad

  • Inconsistent
  • Does little damage
  • Doesn’t fit in well with the aggressive nature of Overwatch 2
  • Hard to make use of

Concussive Blast Details

  • 9 second cooldown
  • 30 damage direct hit
  • 8 meter area of effect
  • Projectile moves at 60 meters per second


3. Winston - Barrier Projector

Winston protects himself with his bubble

Barrier Projector is pretty bad. It doesn’t have any impact on the game whatsoever. If anything, it’s more of a detriment. It can have moments where it’s good, like blocking a D.Va bomb. However, it lasts for such a short period of time and gets destroyed so quickly that I laugh when I see Winston putting up the barrier.

It sucks because Winston is in a pretty good spot right now. If his barrier was a little more durable, it wouldn’t be on this list. The durability is laughably bad. I play D.Va a lot, and I face Winston often. I can destroy his barrier in seconds with my missiles and primary fire. Seconds.

To use it more effectively, try weaving in and out of the barrier. Make your enemies confused by constantly moving and never staying still. The barrier is best when used as a weaving device rather than a straight shield. Use it to throw off your enemies and make them wonder what your next move will be.

Why Barrier Projector Is Bad

  • Laughable durability
  • Short duration
  • Easy to play around

Barrier Projector Details

  • 12 second cooldown
  • 650 health
  • 8 second duration
  • 5 meter radius


2. Mei - Ice Wall

Mei blocks off an entire passageway

Ice Wall being on this list is honestly a personal thing. I despise this ability with all my heart. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen both friendly and enemy Meis use Ice Wall so terribly that it makes me wonder why the ability is in the game. It’s a detriment nine out of ten times. The game is so fast-paced that if Mei walls, there’s a very high chance she’s walling off a teammate and sending them to their deaths.

I cannot count how many times a Mei has used a wall poorly. I’ve seen them use it to troll at the start of the game, wall off teammates who are at the choke, and help out the enemies. I’ve seen one Mei player boost up an ulting Cassidy, resulting in the death of our entire team. Sure, it was an accident, but it doesn’t change that we lost a huge team fight because of it.

Ice Wall is simply too inconsistent and dangerous to be considered a good ability. It can quite literally sabotage your team. However, you can use it effectively. It works on a high-risk, low-reward system, yet you can use it to get some good rewards in certain situations. For example, let’s use my experience. If the Mei player had successfully blocked Cassidy, they would have possibly saved a few people.

Make sure to use the wall to block off enemy ults and pathways. If possible, try to use it away from your teammates so you don’t risk sabotaging them and their ults. One time I had a Mei player block off my D.Va bomb that I was launching using my boosters. It was devastating to waste my ult because of something foolish my teammate did.

What Makes Ice Wall So Bad

  • Very rarely does anything good
  • Is used way too much for trolling
  • Can detriment the team and Mei herself

Ice Wall Details

  • 12 second cooldown
  • 5 pillars, 250 health per pillar
  • Lasts up to 5 seconds


1. Cassidy - Combat Roll

Cassidy recovers from his combat roll

This ability boggles my mind. I really don’t know why it exists. It’s such a basic, uninspired ability that it leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it. It’s so boring and simple, not to mention mostly useless to the game. Even to Cassidy, it’s pretty useless. The main benefit is getting a free reload out of it, but by the time the animation is done, you realize you’d only have to wait one extra second to reload anyway, so the benefit is minimal at best.

Heroes are supposed to be fun, yet Combat Roll sucks all the joy out of Cassidy. Okay, maybe that’s dramatic, but it's still a pretty useless ability. All it does is give Cassidy a roll in the direction he’s walking. Sure, he has 50% damage reduction, but when the animation is only 0.4 seconds, it really doesn’t mean much. It feels like a "nothing burger", if you will.

However, to use it effectively, make sure to use it when you need more ammo. The cooldown is relatively short, so you can use it often to keep getting ammo when you’re in a pinch. If the distance was longer and there was another benefit to this ability, it would be a lot better. Right now, it feels so useless and like a missed opportunity for something far better that helps Cassidy’s kit stand out more in the already strong DPS roster.

Why Combat Roll Is Bad

  • Feels like a missed opportunity for a much better ability
  • Doesn’t do much to impact Cassidy’s playstyle or the game
  • Very uninspired and boring

Combat Roll Details

  • 50% damage reduction
  • 6 second cooldown
  • Movement speed is 15 meters per second
  • 0.4 second duration


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