[Top 10] Overwatch Best Echo Skins That Look Awesome

Overwatch Best Echo Skins
Looking as awesome as ever, Echo soars in to save the day!



The latest and final hero added to Overwatch until the sequel’s release, Echo is far from a novice when it comes to making a massive impact on the battlefield. Flying around evading enemies, dealing great damage with her mini sticky bombs together with her laser beam, and wiping entire teams with her game-defining ultimate make her force to be reckoned with in the right hands. And despite her being a newer hero she has some of the coolest skins on release, which just adds to her overall awesome factor! Here are some of the coolest skins for Echo that the game has to offer, and with Overwatch 2 on the horizon, fingers crossed there is more to come!

10. Marina

A very subtle recolor, this skin can often be mistaken for Echo’s default skin. Offering a very soft violet hue this skin ever so slightly changes Echo and shows a better color contrast with her blue face-light than her stark white skin.

  • Although it is subtle, it adds a softer feel to the hero.
  • The price is great for a new skin.
  • Keeps what made the original skin great!

How to get Marina: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 75 credits.

See Marina in action: 

9. Durian

A very bright contrast to Echo’s default skin, durian sees her turn into a flying robotic banana of doom. Although it may be a recolor, this skin still manages to stand out more than most in the game and offers a uniqueness that even some legendary skins lack.

  • The bright color is truly unique to any other Echo skin.
  • The yellow offers a target that can pull attention away from your team if needed.
  • Keeps what made the original skin great!

How to get Durian: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 75 credits.

See Durian in action: 

8. Vanda

The best of the basics, this skin adds a pink color scheme to Echo’s variety and offers the best contrast to her blue face. The recolor offers a very subtle change and a welcomed one when it comes to variety.

  • The pink adds a unique option to Echo skins.
  • The colors fit together the best out of any basic Echo recolors.
  • The price is a great deal for anyone lacking any Echo skins.

How to get Vanda: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 75 credits.

See Vanda in action: 

7. Carbon Fiber

The classic Overwatch carbon fiber theme is always a welcomed one, and an even sweeter deal when it available on the heroes’ initial release. Although this skin is a recolor, the changes this skin makes works wonders and gives her an overall badass feel! Awesome skin and easy addition to any skin collection.

  • The green light gives off a unique feel and is the only Echo skin to use that color for her face.
  • The black and white colors add great contrast to the skin.
  • The carbon fiber pattern on her body adds an epic texture to the skin.

How to get Carbon Fiber: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See Carbon Fiber in action: 

6. Camo

This skin turns Echo into a fighter jet, ruling the sky with force and speed. Unlike other skins, this one sees echo drop the friendly exterior and turns her into a living weapon with one thing on her mind: destroy the enemy! A menacing skin and a distinct change of pace for Echo, this skin just gives enemies another reason to fear the flying robot.

  • The jet plane theme is nailed in this skin, with her wings tying the whole idea together.
  • The brown and blue colors fit very nicely together and the camo is subtle but effective.
  • The crosshair for a face makes it known that she’s only here for business, so no messing around!

How to get Camo: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Camo in action: 

5. Butterfly

This skin changes Echo into the monarch of the skies! Going with a butterfly theme, Echo transforms into a majestic purple and blue butterfly and truly a sight to behold. Floating through the skies this skin will draw enemies in with its beauty before it destroys them in seconds. A truly dignified skin and an addition to any skin collector’s arsenal.

  • The colors fit perfectly together and the soft blue gives a great overall feel to the skin.
  • The wings and antennas do a great job of nailing the overall theme of the skin and really tie it all together.
  • The little details on the skin really make it feel straight out of a fairy tale.

How to get Butterfly: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Butterfly in action: 

4. Hot Rod

This epic skin turns Echo from a sleek looking MacBook into a glistening sports car. This skin will make you want to live dangerously playing Echo, dodging and weaving through the skies to blow up enemies this, the skin will make you feel like a hot rod. Although it is just an epic recolor, this skin truly changes the overall feeling of Echo and that’s proof of great design!

  • The red and slick silver detail mix very nicely together, giving an overall nice finish.
  • The yellow light adds a nice change to the traditional blue and really fits the skin perfectly.
  • A great skin to get for the low price and an awesome skin to add to any collection.

How to get Hot Rod: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 250 credits.

See tHot Rod in action: 

3. Stealth

The jack-of-all-trades of Overwatch heroes, this skin sees Echo turn from a friendly robot into an evil looking transformer. A truly awesome looking skin that really changes the overall feeling of the hero, this skin is the epitome of badass! Quietly soaring through the skies and flanking the enemy, this skin makes you feel like a stealth bomber!

  • The crosshairs on Echo’s face make her look deadly and epic!
  • Her wings look as awesome as ever and the wheels on her feet really add to the jet plane theme.
  • The color contrast fits perfectly with the skin, with the orange detailing adding a menacing touch.

How to get Stealth: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Stealth in action: 


2. Moth

While not as bright and colorful as Butterfly, this skin nails the overall theme so well that we had to put it near the top of this list. The way Echo floats in the air has always felt a little more delicate and the fact that she’s shooting bright lights from her fingertips makes up a skin that fits her playstyle perfectly: Moth!

  • The green and grey moth colors are nicely contrasted by the yellow lantern light coming from the skin.
  • The fur details on the skin add an awesome touch to the theme.
  • The antennas and wings add a distinct contrast to its counterpart skin and really makes them feel like two uniquely epic skins!

How to get Moth: Normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Moth in action: 

1. Surf's Up

Surf's Up is the most recent skin added for Echo and is without a doubt the coolest one the game has to offer. Going with a surfer theme this skin sees Echo turn into the most amped robot you have ever seen, and you have to see it in-game! Giving her surfboards as her wings, the only wipeouts you’ll be doing with this skin is wiping the enemy team!

  • The Surfboards as wings add a funny overall feel to the skin and the sunset color adds a nice contrast to the white in the skin.
  • The wave-like hair is a nice addition to the skin and just adds to the coolest factor!
  • With the possibility of this skin being the last legendary skin that Overwatch offers Echo until the second installment, this skin is a must-have for any Echo enthusiast.

How to get Surf's Up: Summer games loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits during the summer or anniversary event.

See Surf's Up in action: 

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