[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Heroes For Controller

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Two Overwatch teams fight on Watchpoint Gibraltar

What Heroes Controller Users Can Play

With PC players dominating the gaming industry, console players often get forgotten about. Numerous guides provide PC players tips on what heroes to play, but controller players don’t have that luxury. This list will provide controller players with the best heroes to play and why you should play them.


10. Zarya

Zarya shows off her new Overwatch 2 skin

Not only is Zarya a fantastic pick for competitive mode, but she’s also great for controllers since she doesn’t have a huge kit. Her kit fits her needs but doesn’t require a lot of controls. Therefore, you can focus on tracking instead of which buttons you need to press to operate her kit.

Her kit is very simple: a particle cannon, a particle barrier, a projected barrier, passive energy, and her graviton surge ultimate. The cannon works using tracking. Instead of pinpointing your aim, you need to track your targets well. Meanwhile, the barriers are used to protect Zarya and her teammates. The particle barrier protects her, and the projected barrier protects a teammate of her choice.

The more damage the barriers take, the more energy Zarya gains, and as a result, the more damage she does. Your goal as a Zarya player is to be aggressive. As a controller player, you don’t need to perform complex hand movements since Zarya’s kit is simple yet effective.

Her graviton surge is what makes her an infamous hero. She shoots out a projectile that can suck in all the enemies nearby it. Zarya is almost always an effective pick since she does high damage, has a powerful ult, and can shield her teammates.

What Makes Zarya Great For Controller

  • No need for lots of controls
  • Easy to focus while playing her
  • No complex hand movements are required while playing her

See Zarya own in action:


9. Mercy

Mercy spreads her wings and prepares to heal her team

Mercy is a very easy hero to play, no matter which platform you’re on. For controller, she’s very simple. You only need to time your guardian angel correctly. When you master this, you can become a pro Mercy player while using a controller.

Despite how easy Mercy is, she still provides you with a fun experience. Her healing beam is satisfying to watch, and her damage boost can greatly impact the game. However, her biggest impact is her resurrect ability, where she can bring one teammate back to life every thirty seconds. It’s perfect for Overwatch 2, since instead of 6v6 like in Overwatch 1, there’s 5v5. Every teammate is more important now, so having them all alive is a huge advantage.

Her ultimate, valkyrie, allows her to fly freely and chain heal while also increasing her flight speed. She becomes very difficult to kill and a force to be reckoned with. Although her kit isn't as useful in Overwatch 2 as it was in Overwatch 1, she's still a fun hero who controller players should try if they want an easy but entertaining experience. 

What Makes Mercy Great For Controller

  • Easy hero to play
  • Not many controls are needed to play her
  • Fun to play but still simple

See Mercy own in action:


8. Reaper

Reaper shows off his shotguns

What better way to have fun than to torture your enemies in close quarters? Reaper does exactly that. He’s a simple but fun hero who doesn’t require complex hand movements or lots of controls. This simplicity makes him perfect for controller players, but also plenty of fun.

His kit consists of the following: hellfire shotguns, shadow step, wraith form, his death blossom ultimate, and his passive regeneration. His shotguns are powerful and meant for close quarters. When combined with his shadow step, a teleportation ability, and his wraith form, an ability where he goes temporarily invulnerable, Reaper can flank, do high damage, then wraith out.

Along with that, when he does damage, he gains health. That gives you even more reason to flank. His death blossom fires his shotguns in all directions and deals a massive blow to the enemy.

Reaper is a powerful yet simple hero. He’s perfect for controller players since he’s not too complex and doesn’t require much aim, an area where mouse and keyboard players excel.

What Makes Reaper Great For Controller

  • No complex hand movements required
  • Not many controls needed
  • Simple but fun

See Reaper own in action:


7. Winston

Winston stands at attention while waiting for battle

In Overwatch 2, dive tanks like Winston are dominating since they have few counters to stop them. Winston is a powerful pick that’s also easy to use for controller players. He only has a few items in his kit: a tesla cannon, a jump pack, a barrier, and primal rage ultimate.

His tesla cannon got tweaked. He can now charge a bolt shot as a secondary fire in Overwatch 2. This makes him more versatile and powerful. He’s become a much better pick thanks to this small tweak. Other than that, Winston is the same lovable character who can jump in, put down a barrier to protect himself, then jump out after he’s done lots of damage.

His primal rage turns him into a giant with countless health. He can jump rapidly and knock players back. This ability is perfect for maps that have ledges where you can knock the enemies off.

Overall, Winston is a great pick for controller players since he’s fun, doesn’t require much aiming skill, and is powerful in Overwatch 2.

What Makes Winston Great For Controller

  • Easy to use but a powerful pick
  • Very few controls
  • No complex hand movements required

See Winston own in action:


6. Sojourn

Sojourn uses one of her abilities, power slide

Sojourn is one of the new additions to Overwatch 2, and she’s sparked quite a controversy. She’s already been labeled as overpowered, which means she’s in almost every game, whether it’s casual or competitive.

Sojourn has a small but powerful kit: a railgun, a power slide, a disruptor shot, and an overclock ultimate. Her railgun is extremely powerful since it has two firing modes. She can generate energy from her primary fire, unlocking a secondary firing mode that discharges a single bolt of energy that deals between 30 and 130 damage.

Power slide slides Sojourn on the ground, and then you can jump much higher. It gives her high mobility and allows her access to high ground. Her disruptor shot is a projectile that snares enemies for four seconds. It slows you down and deals 210 damage over time. Although powerful, it’s balanced by having a long, 15-second cooldown.

Lastly, her ultimate, overclock, amplifies her damage, pierces through enemies, and refills her secondary bolt fire every 1.2 seconds. Although not as flashy as other DPS ultimates, Sojourn’s ultimate does high damage and can damage multiple targets at once.

Sojourn is perfect for controller players since she’s new and powerful. Sojourn is great for learning more about aiming without becoming overly reliant on having great aim if you want to improve your DPS skills.

What Makes Sojourn Great For Controller

  • Extremely powerful
  • New hero that gives you more experience with the game
  • Not many controls needed
  • A few complex hand movements required

See Sojourn own in action:


5. Orisa

Orisa gets ready for battle

Orisa is a monster in Overwatch 2. She dominates easily and can be picked up by new and expert players alike. She’s not very complicated to use, yet she does so much damage and is a blast to play.

Orisa’s kit consists of the following: an improved fusion cannon, a javelin, fortify, javelin spin, and her terra surge ultimate. The fusion cannon deals high damage, and when combined with her javelin, she can kill enemies with ease. She has low health, but that’s combated by her two defensive abilities, fortify and javelin spin.

Fortify grants her more health, resistance to stun abilities, and reduced damage taken. Her javelin spin destroys projectiles, knocks enemies back, and increases her movement speed. Orisa’s ultimate, terra surge, draws enemies toward her and builds up energy. You can release the energy manually, and the more the energy builds, the more damage it does.

Orisa is great for controller players because her revamped kit makes her an amazing character. She’s fun to play, easy to use since she doesn’t require much aim, and has a unique kit.

What Makes Orisa Great For Controller

  • She’s a deadly opponent
  • High health allows you to play riskier
  • Not many complex hand movements required
  • Few controls needed

See Orisa own in action:


4. Moira

Moira holds a damage orb in her damaged hand

Like Orisa, Moira is a monster in Overwatch 2. Her combination of high healing and damage makes her a deadly foe. Her fade ability gets her out of dangerous ultimates like Zarya’s, and her ultimate is unstoppable when used correctly.

Her kit consists of the following: biotic grasp, biotic orb, fade, and her coalescence ultimate. Moira is a hero that can choose between damage and healing. Both her biotic grasp and her biotic orb have an option to choose between damage and healing. What you use will depend on the situation.

Moira vanishes and becomes invulnerable to damage at the cost of her kit. This makes her similar to Reaper, but faster. Lastly, her coalescence ultimate does both damage and healing at the same time. This is a perfect counter for an enemy push.

Moira doesn’t have a complicated kit, meaning she doesn’t need much control. She’s dominating in Overwatch 2, is easy to play, and doesn’t require any aim skills, which makes her perfect for controller players.

What Makes Moira Great For Controller

  • Not a difficult hero to play
  • Very powerful in Overwatch 2
  • Not many controls needed
  • No complex hand movements required

See Moira own in action:


3. Widowmaker

Widowmaker donning her fresh Overwatch 2 skin

Widowmaker, unlike many of the other choices on this list, requires a high level of aim to play well. However, for a controller player, she isn’t very complicated. She requires very few controls, and after you learn how to aim and position yourself, she’s perfect for controller. Along with that, she’s a popular pick in Overwatch 2.

Her arsenal consists of the widow’s kiss rifle, a grappling hook, a venom mine, and infra-sight, her ultimate. Her widow’s kiss acts as both a sniper and an assault rifle, making it useful for hitscan and close quarters. She’s best used as a sniper, using her grappling hook to get to high ground and her venom mine to make sure enemies won’t sneak up on her. She gains infra-sight after accumulating enough points, which is essentially legal wallhacking.

When played correctly, Widow is lethal. One headshot can kill most heroes in the game, making her extremely deadly. If you’re looking to practice your aim, Widow is perfect for you.

What Makes Widowmaker Great For Controller

  • Requires very few controls
  • High skill hero with high rewards for playing her correctly
  • She’s a very popular pick in Overwatch 2

See Widowmaker own in action:


2. Zenyatta

Zenyatta using his primary fire

Like Widowmaker, Zen requires more skill with aim than the other heroes on this list. However, he, like Widowmaker, requires very few controls and is a popular Overwatch 2 pick. Currently, Zen is one of the best support heroes in the game due to his high utility.

Zenyatta’s kit consists of: orbs of destruction, an orb of discord, an orb of harmony, his transcendence ultimate, and a snap kick passive. His orbs of destruction are his primary weapons, firing in two modes. He can build up five orbs and fire them all at once, or he can fire them one at a time.

Although Zen is slow, to combat this, he was given a snap kick that knocks back enemies he melees. Along with this, Zen has his healing orb known as the orb of harmony and his increased damage orb known as the orb of discord. Lastly, he has his ultimate transcendence, which makes Zen immune as he heals his teammates at a rate of 300 healing per second.

Zen is a monster on Overwatch 2 because of his increased survivability and his high utility. Now that Overwatch 2 is more focused on accelerated gameplay and aggressive playstyles, Zen dominates as a damage-dealing support. His kit is perfect for controller players since not many controls are required, and he’s great for those who prefer aim-based supports.

What Makes Zenyatta Great For Controller

  • Requires few controls
  • He’s a popular pick
  • One of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2

See Zenyatta own in action:


1. Lucio

Lucio stands in the hero selection screen in his new Overatch 2 skin

Some of the support heroes aren’t amazing in Overwatch 2, but Lucio is still fun to play thanks to his high utility. He doesn’t require many controls or skills, yet he still impacts the game quite a lot. With his speed boost, you can hop around the map and do damage. With his healing, you can stay back with your teammates and lay down suppressive fire. Either way, you’re contributing greatly to the fight.

Lucio’s kit consists of the following: a sonic amplifier, soundwave, crossfade, amp it up, his sound barrier ultimate, and his wall ride passive. He has more abilities than the heroes on this list, but he still requires few controls.

His sonic amplifier can shoot a short burst of sonic projectiles, and he can also use soundwave to knock enemies back. Crossfade switches Lucio between healing and speed mode, and amp it up increases the healing or speed he does (what it amps depends on which mode you’re in). Riding on the walls enables you to heal or speed boost your teammates while remaining on high ground and/or out of range of enemy fire.

Lastly, sound barrier generates temporary shields for Lucio’s teammates. This defensive ultimate shields teammates from potentially lethal ults such as Zarya's grav or D.Va's bomb.

Lucio is a solid pick in Overwatch 2 because the game requires more aggressive plays. Lucio is perfect for this thanks to his speed boost and wall ride. Not only will you contribute a lot to the game, but you don’t need complex hand movements to make it happen. As a result, Lucio is easy on your hands, and by extension, easy on the controller.

What Makes Lucio Great For Controller

  • High value pick thanks to his utility
  • Easy to use but fun to play
  • Requires few controls
  • Contributes greatly to team fights

See Lucio own in action:

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