Top 10 Overwatch Best Ana Skins That Look Amazing

Overwatch Ana Skins
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Top 10 Overwatch Best Ana Skins that Look Amazing 

Former Overwatch member, Ana (once known as Captain Amari by her peers) works to defend her homeland of Cairo, Egypt and to protect the people she loves from the dangers that lurk in the dark. Ana is truly one of the funniest healers to play in Overwatch, but we are not here to talk about her gaming mechanics or how Ana mains abuse her sleep dart sending their enemies into a rage-quitting fit. No, today we are going to go over another fun aspect of Ana’s…her skins. And with that let us begin the showcase! 

10. Merciful

Now, let us start off this list with the “Merciful” skin. Not very exciting, I know. But it is still worth a mention and a closer examination.

What’s Awesome about Merciful:

  • Because you are bright white you will never get lost in the scenery of the maps and can probably be seen from space. Which means your teammates will also never lose track of your marshmallow looking butt no matter where you are during the heat of battle.  
  • In this skin, Ana gets to let her braid fly freely in the wind as she sleeps a charging Reinhardt.  
  • It is also very cheap and very easy to get. 

(This skin is available all year round)

See Merciful in action:

9. Ghoul


Up next is the “Ghoul” Skin. Not as dramatic as her other Halloween skins due to the fact that it is a rare, but it is still a pretty spooky skin and can put anyone into the Halloween spirit.

What’s Awesome About Ghoul: 

  • On the darker maps the skin glows in the dark. And because of this, you will become a haunting image in the shadows as you sleep that poor Pharah mid-flight causing her to fall to her death. And your face being the last thing that she saw. 
  • Ghoul becomes especially scary if you have the highlight intro “Shhh…”. Don't believe me? Well go have a look for yourself and we will see who is wetting the bed in fear tonight. 
  • This skin also depicts how everyone sees the Ana main’s who like to sleep people and then butt dance on them for the solid minute they are asleep ( a bunch of heathen ghouls is what they are if you ask me).  

(This skin is only available during the Halloween Terror Event) 

See Ghoul in action:

8. Shrike 


Once again I know this skin doesn't look like much (just like “Merciful” and “Ghoul”), but there are some actually really cool ties to this skin in the Overwatch universe. 

What’s Awesome about Shrike:

  • The fact that it is a playable canon skin in the Overwatch universe. You can see this skin in action in the Overwatch comic “Old Soldiers”  for free. 
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with the neon blue adding that extra splash of color onto the darker colors of the skin. 
  • It is also the cheapest canon skin you can buy in Ana’s roster. 

(This skin is available all year round)

See Shrike in action:


7. Wasteland

Ever had that fantasy of wondering what Ana would have looked like if she was put into the insane game of “Borderlands”?  Well with the “Wasteland” skin you can live out that very fantasy while you Biotic Grenade a nearly dead Mercy or Sleep Dart a Reaper Mid ult.

What’s Awesome About Wasteland:

  • Well, first off it looks absolutely hard-core and makes Ana look like she went to Australia a few too many times in the Overwatch universe.  
  • She has needles coming out of her everywhere which makes this grandma of a charter more threatening than she was already. 
  • Also, a skin that can camouflage you on practically every map.

(This skin is available all year round)

See Wasteland in action:

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