Top 15 Overwatch Best Workshop Games (2019 Edition)

Overwatch Best Workshop Games
Slot Machine game by Cowboy_Jimmy

Get ready for the most hilarious Overwatch ideas you've ever seen! 

Workshop is a new customization part of the Overwatch Game Browser where you can create a game with your own unique twist. The modding tools allow you to make all sorts of changes: from the heroes, to the game mode, to the rules of the game itself! All games created in the Workshop can be shared across PC and console. All you need to do to import a game is go to the Game Browser, then click Create > Settings > Import (the little downloading icon). Add the game’s code, and enjoy the craziness! 

15. Uno by Florens (Code: HXDYM) 

Time for a blast to the past with Uno! 

No one knows why Uno is suddenly making a comeback, but everyone knows about this Overwatch Workshop game mode; in fact, back in May, Uno was the most popular Workshop game! This mode can be a little complicated at first, but there have been several updates to make it as simple and fun as possible. Once you get the hang of it, you’re basically just playing Uno with Overwatch heroes! 

What’s fun about Uno: 

  • You get to be an Overwatch hero, on an epic map, literally playing Uno
  • Realizing how close it is to the actual game, and then realizing someone had the genius to turn a normal Overwatch match into this 
  • Interacting on the mic. You don’t realize how intense Uno can get until you’ve played it like this! 

14. McCree Hot Potato by Kevlar (Code: 9J4NE)

It's high noon...but with potatoes

McCree Hot Potato is a game mode that is just as hilarious as it sounds. In this mode, McCrees are all pitted against each other in a small circle on one of 9 different maps and must shoot or melee one another in order to “pass the potato.” The longer you have the potato, the more health you lose; and the more players there are in the game, the quicker you lose health! 

What’s fun about McCree Hot Potato:

  • Do I even need to explain? Just the name is fun enough! 
  • It turns into absolute mayhem
  • There are very few places to hide, so all you see is just a handful of McCrees moving sporadically and trying not to get hit 
  • Everyone on the mic is just yelling and freaking out
  • It’s actually great practice for shooting with McCree! 

13. Flappy Pharah by Thriver9 (Code: P3DNC) 

Flappy Pharah is just as wonderfully irritating and addicting as the app was 

Flappy Bird is back, only this time starring Pharah! This Workshop game is identical to the app that had everyone addicted back in 2013. All you have to do is navigate Pharah through the map, avoid the green barriers, and don’t fall off the map. 

What’s fun about Flappy Pharah:

  • You can finally play Flappy Bird again! 
  • This version is actually multiplayer, so you can imagine how crazy it is with multiple Pharah’s trying to precisely navigate 
  • Getting the timing down just right so you know how to maneuver through the obstacles 

12. Switcheroo by CrenderMutant (Code: 6PC67)

Who knows how many different heroes you can end up being in this game?

In this game mode, some strange karma is at work. When you eliminate an enemy, you become that enemy’s hero, and the dead enemy becomes a random hero. So be careful who you’re eliminating! 

What’s fun about Switcheroo: 

  • It gives you fun, random practice with lots of different heroes
  • You can change heroes as rapidly as you want as long as you’re getting kills, so you can literally be Roadhog one moment and Mercy the next 
  • Even if you die, you still get to join in the fun by getting a new random hero! 
  • Every match is totally different 

11. Weeping Angels by Excors (Code: R3S3D)

Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink, and you're dead. 

Remember those creepy aliens from Doctor Who that had you constantly looking over your shoulder for a week after you watched the episode? Well, they’re back in this brilliant Workshop game mode, where 6 people playing as Mercy have to find one Mei and can kill her simply by touch. The catch? When Mei looks at a Mercy, that Mercy is frozen. There are lots of variations of this mode now, but this particular one is the original.

What’s fun about Weeping Angels: 

  • The fact that you can literally be a freaking weeping angel
  • The actual terror you feel when you’re Mei and you see that Mercy off in the distance 
  • It’s a really tense game, especially if you’re Mei, but also insanely fun once it gets going

10. D.Va Bumper Cars by Unknown (Code: 6ZBX5)

D.Va can finally live her ultimate booping dream! 

Like many workshop modes, this game plays exactly like it sounds. Everyone plays as D.Va (with unlimited boosters) and is enclosed in a small bubble of the map. If you leave the bubble, you lose health! The goal? To boop everyone out!

What’s fun about D.Va Bumper Cars: 

  • You can finally play as D.Va just to boop and not even worry about anything else
  • You move so fast that the screen just looks like you’re on an insane rollercoaster
  • It starts out easy (though chaotic) and gets harder as there are less players 
  • In the end, there’s only one D.Va left standing! 

9. Lucio Raceway by waycoolway (Code: PH0BJ) 

Gotta go fast!

Love wallriding as Lucio? This game is for you! Race through Eichenwald as Lucio either with other players or by yourself to see just how fast you can go! 

What’s fun about Lucio Raceway: 

  • Get some fun, no pressure practice with Lucio’s wallriding 
  • You get to time yourself
  • Finding new shortcuts 
  • You finally have the chance to go as fast as you possibly can with Lucio! 

8. Bastion Launches Torbjorn by Darwin (Code: F3NVC) 

I guess hard work really does pay off 

It’s pretty much impossible not to laugh the first time you play this, and every time thereafter. The game has a simple concept, but it’s downright hilarious and you may very well be laughing through the entire match. You play as Bastion, deployed as a tank, and shoot Torbjorns at your enemies. I mean...could anyone ask for more? 

What’s fun about Bastion Launches Torbjorn: 

  • You are shooting actual Torbjorns to attack your enemies. That’s all you need in life, really
  • Torbjorn says his voice line as he launches, which is a funny touch 
  • The launched Torbjorn actually homes in on the enemy 

7. Overwatch but Every Time Someone Dies It Gets Faster by dragnerz (Code: 9H3X4)

And if you don't think this game can get faster then you're wrong! 

Inspired by the meme, this workshop mode turns into absolute insanity! It’s exactly how it sounds: every time a player is eliminated, everything in the game gets 7% faster. Needless to say, it’s absolutely hilarious and crazy! 

What’s fun about Overwatch but Every Time Someone Dies It Gets Faster:

  • It’s impossible to play without uncontrollably laughing 
  • It eventually gets impossible to shoot or move or do anything once enough people have died 
  • The game can get up to 600% faster. Just think about that for a second. 

6. Sparta Mode by Darwin (Code: NEKEV)

Experience tranquility...and then a kick to the face

Another fun creation by Darwin, this mode is the ultimate Zenyatta test. All players get to play as the peaceful Omnic monk, but things don’t stay peaceful for long. The only way to attack enemies is by Zen’s melee: a kick to the face! 

What’s fun about Sparta Mode:

  • Emoting powers up Zenyatta’s melee kick
  • Zenyatta can sprint!! Finally! 
  • Finding power-ups all over the map that can also increase the power of your Sparta kick! 
  • Yeeting enemies across the map

5. D.Va Spaceship Simulator by Excors (Code: W2ZMG) 

In a galaxy far, far away...

Basically, Overwatch free-for-all in space! This mode is technically in Horizon Lunar Colony, but instead of being inside the map, you’re above it in outer space. As the title suggests, the concept of a bunch of D.Va’s destroying each other in space sounds simple, but at the very least it makes for some incredible visuals! 

What’s fun about D.Va Spaceship Simulator: 

  • The surrounding stars provide a perfect backdrop 
  • Fights essentially look like a scene straight out of Star Wars, with green lasers and missiles flying back and forth 
  • You can only stay in your MEKA; D.Va herself can’t breathe in the vacuum of space! 

4. Emote to Kill by Unknown (Code: 0V9FF)

Time to stock up on fun emotes! 

Just like it sounds, in this Deathmatch, all you need to do to eliminate your enemies is emote. That’s about it! So equip your favorite and most ridiculous emotes and let the hilarity ensue! 

What’s fun about Emote to Kill:

  • Any and all recaps are instantly hilarious 
  • You don’t just eliminate one person with your emote, but anyone within a certain radius
  • Reaper can kill someone by shrugging 
  • It gives you an incentive and a reason to get new fun emotes! 

3. Super Smash Bros by ajfis3 (Code: VZ4YG)

*cue epic Super Smash Bros. music*

Have you ever wanted to get your Smash Bros fix while playing Overwatch? Well now you can! Because of the extensive customizability of the Workshop, one player has created a game where the amount of damage you get shows as a number above your head. And, just like Smash, the higher the number, the further you fly! 

What’s fun about Super Smash Bros: 

  • The sheer fact that you can basically play Smash with Overwatch heroes
  • All heroes have added abilities like the basic Smash character moves 
  • Yeeting people off the map entirely 

2. Infinity Stones in Deathmatch by kaiomm (Code: PJTY1)

Someone please get the Infinity Gauntlet away from Doomfist

You heard that right. One brilliant player has brought Infinity War to Overwatch! The different Infinity Stones are placed throughout the map, and each one grants a different ability when you get it. Killing a player with an Infinity Stone will transfer that stone to you, and the first player to get all six stones “snaps” and kills the rest of the players. 

What’s fun about Infinity Stones in Deathmatch: 

  • The abilities like health regen and increased damage that are gained by finding Infinity Stones 
  • Finding a stone and having to fight another player for it 
  • The end of the game, where the player who has all 6 stones has their location revealed and must keep the stones for a short period of time before winning

1. The Floor Is Lava Parkour by Anonymous (Code: 9DFF3)

A challenging remake of the favorite childhood game 

Very similar to the preset game “Molten Floor,” this type of mode instantly became very popular in the Workshop. There are many variations of this game, so if you get bored with one, there are plenty of others to choose from! This particular Workshop mode has some great twists that will keep you on your toes. 

What’s fun about The Floor is Lava Parkour:

  • You have to find creative ways to not touch the floor
  • If you don’t know the Havana map, it gets very familiar very fast
  • You have to pass through a series of checkpoints, and each time you go through one you change heroes
  • Finding different ways to avoid touching the ground with different heroes

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