[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Weekly Challenges

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A glimpse of the weekly challenges

What Are Weekly Challenges?

With the introduction of the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2, challenges were implemented to grant players a chance to gain XP quickly. Weekly challenges are the big ones that grant you 5k XP per challenge, which means some of them are easy, some of them are hard, and some of them are just plain weird. Out of all of them, it’s hard to choose which one is the best, but we can at least narrow it down.


10. Flex Your Power

A satisfying screen showing completed challenges

Starting with an easy challenge, Flex Your Power is a weekly challenge that requires you to win 7 games while queued as all roles. This is simple and to the point, and you’ll get it naturally as long as you’re queued up for all roles. Seeing as you get extra XP when you queue for all roles, this is a win-win situation.

Not only do you get progress toward a weekly challenge, but you also get extra XP to help you climb faster. Not only that, but you’re getting lots of practice. The best part about Overwatch challenges is that they challenge you to practice more roles. When you’re queued for all roles, you’ll get a random role between DPS, tank, or support. Thanks to that, you will get practice for every role.

Why Flex Your Power Is Great

  • Very easy
  • Encourages you to practice more roles
  • Gets you extra XP through the role bonus


9. Casual Dedication

Junker Queen pulls a poor Zen to his death

Casual Dedication appeals to players who prefer not to play the competitive game mode. All you have to do is win fifteen games in any unranked mode. Although this will take a while since winning fifteen games can take several hours or even days, it will feel rewarding when you’re done.

This may be strange to say, but Casual Dedication feels like a weekly challenge since it will take you the whole week to do it. While other challenges can be completed in only an hour, this one will take you time even if you play Overwatch often. At the very least, it will take you a day to get it. Even if you win all fifteen games, that will still take several hours.

Overall, Casual Dedication is a very fun challenge that you can get just by playing the game regularly. It isn’t too challenging, but it does require some grinding.

Why Casual Dedication Is Great

  • Feels rewarding when you complete it
  • Encourages you to play more
  • Encourages you to play to win and get more XP


8. Change Of Pace

The arcade mode intro

This is a simple challenge that requires you to win five games in any arcade mode. Although simple, this challenge is very beneficial to Overwatch players. The arcade mode has a large variety of game modes you can choose from. There are the free-for-all modes, the team deathmatches, and much more.

By encouraging players to play arcade, Blizzard is allowing them to practice different play styles and make themselves more well-rounded. Since there are so many game modes, you’ll get a lot of practice and go out of your comfort zone. At the same time, you’re still just playing casually and enjoying the game.

Now that you’re changing up how you play Overwatch, you’re allowing yourself to enjoy it more and see it in a different light. That’s why Change of Pace is such a good challenge.

Why Change Of Pace Is Great

  • Encourages you to try out new game modes
  • Encourages you to play casually and enjoy the game
  • Challenges your playstyle


7. The Best Offense

Sojourn, Brig, and Zen pose dramatically

Since the majority of players are DPS players, this challenge is perfect for the main player base. The Best Offense is a challenge that asks the player to deal or boost a total of 100,000 damage. Dealing damage is a core part of playing Overwatch, which means every game you play contributes to this challenge. No matter what role you play, you can beat this challenge, but it is easiest on DPS.

Even support players can participate. If you’re a support player, this challenge encourages you to find balance between healing and doing damage. Since the 5v5 format makes support a more demanding role, any support players still struggling to make the transition between 6v6 and 5v5 should really go for this challenge to practice balance.

Why The Best Offense Is Great

  • Encourages you to practice DPS
  • Is a very satisfying challenge to watch progress
  • Very rewarding when you finish it


6. Hold The Line

Kiriko in the season 1 Battle Pass

Speaking of challenges that favor one role over the others, Hold The Line is a challenge targeted toward tank players. This challenge asks players to mitigate 32,000 damage. This is one of my personal favorite challenges since I play D.Va. With D.Va, you can beat this challenge in as few as three rounds in casual play. In competitive, you have the potential to beat it in two.

Tank is seen as the most vital role in Overwatch now that one tank has been removed. Thanks to the 5v5 format, tanks are more important than ever. The more practice you have on tanks, the better. Not only will this make your play style more fluid and well-rounded, but you’ll also understand positioning and game sense better.

Why Hold The Line Is Great

  • Encourages you to practice tank
  • Encourages you to protect your team
  • Is easy to complete after 4-5 rounds


5. The Real Heroes

A team fight on a Push map

The point of a challenge is to, well, challenge you. In this challenge, you are asked to heal 52,000 damage. There are specific challenges for tank, DPS, and support, and this is the support challenge. Seeing as support is a dying breed in Overwatch, this challenge helps new and old players learn more about it.

The more you know about the support role, the better a player you will be. For example, I cannot tell you how many times DPS have blamed me for their deaths even though they were charging the enemy team and behind a wall, making it impossible for me to heal them. By learning more about support, these types of situations can be avoided.

Along with that, the challenge is pretty fun. Personally, I find it satisfying to restore teammates to full health. If you’re like me, then this challenge will be fun and easy. Overall, this challenge shouldn’t take you too long to complete. Seeing as players are taking more damage nowadays due to the high damage team comps, you should be able to beat this challenge in just five or six games.

Why The Real Heroes Is Great

  • More people will learn to play support
  • Will teach players better positioning
  • Encourages players to play different roles


4. Helping Hand

Edgy Genji

Helping Hand is a weekly challenge that asks you to earn 250 assists or saves. This is a challenge that you can complete easily with support, but you can accomplish it as a DPS or tank as well. This challenge is another one that takes a bit to complete. It will take you several matches. In fact, it may take you over a dozen, depending on what role you’re playing.

Along with that, Helping Hand is great at encouraging players to stick with their team. Overwatch 2 is a team game, and these challenges have done a good job reminding players of that. The more you stick with your team and play together, the more likely you are to win.

Why Helping Hand Is Great

  • Takes a bit to beat, making it satisfying and challenging
  • Encourages players to play as a team
  • Encourages players to play support


3. Hero Mastery

Overwatch roadmap

Hero Mastery is a challenge that encourages you to play with heroes you don’t play as much as your mains. It’s a simple but fun challenge. All you have to do is complete seven games as heroes that are not in your top three most played. For example, if your top three most played heroes are Kiriko, Baptiste, and Zenyatta, then every other hero will count toward this challenge.

Your game sense will be so much better if you have a solid understanding of most heroes, even the ones you don’t play often. Use this challenge as an opportunity to play heroes you don’t think you’re good at. Try playing your least-played hero to mix it up.

This challenge makes you switch up your play style and go out of your comfort zone. Thanks to this, you are becoming a better player and learning more about the different play styles different players have.

Why Hero Mastery Is Great

  • Builds your game sense
  • Encourages you to go out of your comfort zone
  • Requires you to switch up your play style


2. Ultimate Offense

Bastion and his teammates fire at the incoming enemies

Ultimate Offense is another challenge that panders more toward DPS and tank; however, support players can get involved in this too and practice being well-rounded. This challenge asks you to earn 50 eliminations or assists with ultimates. It has to be your ultimate that you earn the kills or assists with.

Any role can complete this challenge. With support, it’s a bit harder since you have to rely on your teammates to help you get through this challenge. However, it’s possible. This challenge is a lot of fun since it encourages you to use your ult more and practice not holding it. One big error a lot of players make is holding their ultimate for too long.

Even if you use your ult at a bad time, you’ll get it back. By practicing your ultimate timing, you’ll get more use out of it. Not only that, but you’ll get your ultimate more often.

Why Ultimate Offense Is Great

  • Encourages players to participate more
  • Feels rewarding when you complete it
  • Overall a very fun challenge


1. Role Mastery

Genji soars into action

Role Mastery is a fun and challenging weekly challenge. This challenge requires you to win five games in two different roles in either quick or competitive play. You have to win five games as two of the following: support, tank, and DPS. As long as you win five games with two of them, you will get the reward. For example, if you get five wins with tank and DPS, you will get the reward even though you didn’t win with support.

This challenge is exactly that: challenging. It forces you to play multiple roles. A lot of Overwatch players stick to one role, but this challenge makes them go out of their comfort zone. By doing this, you are becoming more well-rounded and learning more about the different roles in the game. You should know at least the basics of every role.

Beyond that, this challenge is a ton of fun. It encourages you to play often and grind. It feels like a challenge that will take you several days, seeing as you have to win at least ten games in order to beat it. Overall, this is the best weekly challenge in Overwatch at the moment, but that could change as Blizzard keeps adding and changing weekly challenges.

Why Role Mastery Is Great

  • Challenging but rewarding
  • Takes time but encourages players to play more
  • Requires players to play more than one role


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