[Top 10] Overwatch Best DPS Heroes

The Best Top 10 DPS Heroes to Play as in Overwatch
Sombra and Reaper taking out a poor D.Va

Top 10 Best DPS Heroes in Overwatch 

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls, welcome to this top 10 Overwatch list! Today we are here to look at Overwatch’s top DPS and why they are the best heroes to play as. So buckle up buttercups as I introduced you to them from meh to epic.​​​​​​​​​​​

10. Hanzo

Overwatch Hanzo

First up is  Hanzo, a wandering marksman who seeks to perfect his skills as a fighter and restore the honor he lost so long ago. He is truly a hero that takes a lot of time and practice to master. He is basically a mobile sniper with unlimited ammo and thanks to his wall climbing ability (which has no cooldown), he can climb up to pretty much anywhere he needs to be to get a better angle on his target. His ultimate (Dragonstrike) can also be used for more than just killing enemies, but to gain ground control. Hanzo can shoot his ult to separate a team and to get the enemy off the payloads or checkpoints at the last second. Like I said before it takes a lot of time and practice to master Hanzo due to the fact that he is one of the more difficult hero DPS to play. If not played correctly you will find yourself being a detriment to your team and receiving more losses than wins. But if you persevere and learn this hero inside and out, Hanzo will become a powerful force to be reckoned with and make the enemy team fear for their heads. 

See Hanzo in action:

9. Tracer 

Overwatch Tracer

Next up we have Overwatch’s poster girl herself, Tracer! Now Tracer was a pilot who was involved in a serious accident and because of that accident she now has the ability to control her own timeline. Even though she has the smallest amount of health out of all the heroes in the game, she is arguably one of the hardest heroes to actually hit, if she is being played right. “Why is Tracer one of the hardest heroes to hit?” I hear you ask. Well, it has to do with two of her abilities, blink, and recall. Blink (which is an ability that makes Tracer able to zoom forward in time up to three times before cool down) will have you going round and round in circles trying to hit her and recall has her go back in time to restore any health that she lost in the last few seconds. Overall, Tracer is a really good hero to get into the enemy’s backline and take down any lone healers or tanks. She can also be used as a distraction or as a decoy to lure players away from their team, but she is certainly a hero that makes you carefully pick your fights. Even though Tracer has recall and blink, it doesn't mean that you can’t be had if you choose to pick a fight with the wrong person or if you don’t use the abilities at the right time, then you will find yourself just dying over and over again.   

See Tracer in action:

8. Soldier 76

Overwatch Soldier  

Now if you look to your left my dear ladies and gents, you will see our next hero, Soldier 76. Soldier 76 was once known as Jack Morison, strike commander of Overwatch before Overwatch was disbanded and he was believed to be dead. Now, gameplay-wise he is a really good hero to start out with if you are new to Overwatch (especially if you are familiar with Halo). He is a team-oriented hero that works the best when in a group. Soldier 76 has the ability biotic field, which not only heals himself but also his teammates around him. His ultimate tactical visor is also a really good team pusher. He can use it to pick off any out of place healers or DPS. Soldier 76 is one of the best support DPS that is in the game. I wouldn’t recommend straying too far from your team however when you're playing this hero though. As I said, he is a hero that requires a great amount of teamwork. Even though his gun feels a lot more powerful than it is, you will probably find yourself belly side up more often than you would like if you try to be a loner while playing him.  

See Soldier 76 in action:

7. McCree

Overwatch McCree

Now it is time to introduce everyone’s favorite cowboy, Jesse McCree. Blackwatch operative turned vigilante, McCree is a gun for hire that only fights for causes that he believes are just. He has one heck of an ultimate and if you are not hiding behind a shield or wall consider yourself dead as soon as you hear the line “it’s high noon!” McCree also has a stun ability that can stun enemies out of their ult. A  good McCree player can make your life a living hell for however long the match lasts. Like with any Overwatch hero McCree takes a lot of practice to get good at. His gun is a bit of a learning curve because unlike most of the other hero’s guns (that rapid-fire) McCree can only shoot six bullets at a time. So aiming is a must if you play him.  

See McCree in action:

6. Pharah 

Overwatch Pharah

Now, now keep in your seats as we encounter our next DPS Hero, Pharah! Daughter to Ana ( a support hero in Overwatch) Pharah serves in Helix Security international to protect the innocent and to bring justice to those you seek to do nothing, but destroy. Pharah is one of the few heroes who can fly and sore through the skies. She can actually avoid several different types of ultimates and abilities just by staying in the sky. Now couple this with her rockets (that do an amazing amount of splash damage) and concussive blast (which can blast enemies off the map) and you will feel a terror like no other. Pharah’s format is very easy to learn, but be prepared to duck and dodge because every sniper in the game will have their sights primarily on you. And be careful not don’t launch your rockets too close to your person due to the fact that the splash damage can also hurt you. A good many Pharahs have accidentally killed themselves this way and let me tell you it is quite an embarrassing way to go.

See Pharah in action:

5. Junkrat 

Overwatch Junkrat

Up next we have Junkrat, the insane demolitionist from Australia. Junkrat alongside his companion/ bodyguard Roadhog ( a playable Overwatch tank) have been going around the world stealing anything that is not nailed down and just causing general havoc. Junkrat can be a really annoying nuisance to go up against which means he is being played right. He has a steel trap which traps enemies for a short time before releasing them. And upon death he drops bombs that can kill enemies if they are too close to his body when he dies. Junkrat’s ult, rip-tire, is one of the deadliest ultimates in the game. Though be careful when you use it because it can be easily destroyed by a Reinhardt fire strike or a sharp shooting Widowmaker (both are other playable Overwatch heroes). Junkrat is a bit on the difficult side to learn, but once you learn him you will have a hard time going back.

See Junkrat in action:

4. Doomfist 

Overwatch Doomfist 

Now may I bring your attention to our next DPS hero, Doomfist. A highly ranked operative in Talon, Doomfist believes that only through conflict can the world evolve. Doomfist may not have the most powerful ultimate, but he makes up for it by tenfold with his other abilities. One moment you are a McCree rounding the corner then BAM! You are thrown into next week by Doomfist’s rocket punch. And if you're not being slaughtered by just one punch, then you are on the receiving end of a rising uppercut, and then being seismic slammed all the way to the inner core of the earth. Doomfist is one really difficult hero to master due to the fact that he plays very differently from most of the hero roster. Once learned though and you will become one of the most feared predators on the battlefield.   

See Doomfist in action:

Overwatch Mei 

Next up is Mei (aka Satin), now be careful not to get too close or she may maul you without mercy. Mei is a climatologist/ adventurer who seeks to help the world with her groundbreaking research. Mei ( just like with Soldier 76) works the best while in the group rather than lone wolfing it. Mei’s ability, ice wall, can be a huge benefit for her team. It can block enemy missiles and ultimates. Also, it can prevent enemies from getting on to the point or from getting too close to the payload. Her ultimate, blizzard, is one nasty ult. It freezes all enemies in its range completely still, which can give your team an opening to launch their ults or just to run over them. Mei is a hero that can be of great help to any team, but if she is played poorly you will probably be accidentally blocking your own team’s ultimates or trapping them with one very angry Reaper (other DPS hero). 

See Mei in action:

2. Symmetra 

Overwatch Symmetra 

Now if you would look kindly to your right, you will see Symmetra. Symmetra is a very talented light-bending architect who works with the Vishkar Corporation, hoping to bring peace to the world through order. Symmetra is someone with a few tricks up her sleeves. She can create teleporters that can get her and her teammates into tactical positions. She can also create up to three sentry turrets which do a massive amount of damage, especially if all three turrets are concentrated on the same target. Her abilities themselves are not hard to learn, it's using them effectively that is where it can get a bit difficult. A Symmetra who is out of place will just get mowed down over and over again. 

See Symmetra in action:

1. Reaper 

Overwatch Reaper 

Now we have finally reached our last hero, the most awesome DPS hero to play in Overwatch… Reaper! Reaper is one of the most violent terrorists who works for Talon. He was once known as the man Gabriel Reyes, commander of Blackwatch. Armed with two powerful shotguns, Reaper can become any tank's worst nightmare. At close range, Reaper can take down supports and other DPS in only a few shots and when Reaper starts to feel the heat he can use his wraith form to make a swift retreat without taking on any additional damage. He can also teleport which can help him get behind enemy lines to take out lone supporters and displaced tanks. His ultimate, death blossom, is another of one of the most powerful ults in the game. If there is little interruption, Reaper can wipe out an entire team within seconds. Reaper is also really great for players who like to lone wolf their way in games.  

See reaper in action:

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining me as I acquainted you with the best/ most awesome DPS heroes of Overwatch. Please take care till next time. Farwell!

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