[Top 10] Illidan Stormrage Best Figurines That Look Awesome

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You are not prepared for this awesome figurines.

Collector or not, you should check out these amazing Illidan figurines.

Illidan Stormrage is known to be a great character with an amazing design. Horns, wings, elf-race, and powerful blades make the character unique and appealing for the fans. Figurines are the best way to collect these characters and always have their presence of them on display. 

The level of detail on each figurine makes them unique and explains why their worth increases when they’re sold out. This is why we decide to collect 10 Illidan Stormrage best figurines that look awesome and you can even buy in case you’re interested. 

1. Illidan Resin Statue Figure

Illidan’s purpose is to destroy the burning legion. The Twin Blades of Azzinoth is a deadly weapon used by Illidan to reach this dangerous goal. This detailed and incredible figurine shows from head to hoof all we need to see of Illidan.

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2. AL Model Warcraft 3 WOW Illidan Stormrage Resin Statue

Illidan became a half-demon when he absorbed the skull of Gul’dan after Arthas, the Scourge Leader, told him the location. He gained enormous power but as this amazing figurine shows, with a cost.

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3. Illidan - Heroes of The Storm 2015 7" Action Figure

Illidan also makes a presence in the game “Heroes of the Storm”. When other characters join other games, sometimes there are changes in the design to maintain the art direction and style the franchise has, Illidan was no exception. 

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4. Cat Fish Studio Warcraft3 Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage Resin Statue

Illidan was imprisoned for 10,000 years collecting rage and hate for all those who portrayed him as a villain and didn’t let him fight the burning legion. This figurine places Illidan when he was chained and his expression just reflects his thoughts incredibly.

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5. Illidan Stormrage & Flames of Azzinoth Anime Figures, World of Warcraft GK Statues

Illidan worked for Kil’Jaeden, a legion leader, to know more about the burning legion and save his life from him. He also wanted to protect his world from any threats. With the help of this demon, he wanted to destroy the scourge and protect Azeroth. Can the figurine be more accurate and awesome than this?

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6. Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage PVC Action Figure Toys

Illidan’s tattoos are full of fel magic, the green powerful dark magic that the burning legion had. They appeared when Illidan became a demon with the help of Sargeras and the skull of Gul’dan and that made a change to his appearance. This figurine stands out with the green of the tattoos to reflect how important and symbolic they are for the character.

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7. Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage Resin Statue Painted Model 1/5 Scale Figure GK

Illidan lost his eyes when the titan Sargeras burned them to allow Illidan to see more than meet his eye. With these new eyes, he could see all forms of magic and be more powerful than ever to fight his enemies. This awesome figurine has an extremely gorgeous level of detail in the character.

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8. Illidan (Black) #14 Funko Pop

This unique and exclusive Comic-Con Funko of Illidan was a huge hit. It portrays how Illidan enters his rage mode and covers himself of shadow and fel magic making him more powerful and deadly. Getting this figurine is now hard and very valuable compared to other Funkos. 

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9. Black Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage PVC Action Figure Toys

Illidan didn’t always have hooves. It is believed his feet changed to hooves when he became a demon. Night elves' normal demonic appearance is as a satyr, a creature with hooves, so based on this lore we can think this is how Illidan has them. 

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10. Illidan Stormrage Action Figure Collection Model Toy

Illidan guards the Black Temple in the Outland. This fortress-citadel is a location in the game that the players infiltrate to fight and defeat the lord of the Outland in the “Burning Crusade” expansion.

This figurine has an amazing and balanced use of color to admire this character we love.

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