[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best BG Classes That Are Powerful

Best BG Classes That Are Powerful
A popular saying in BGs is: AAAAAAAARGH!!!

10. Fury Warrior

A powerful class spec, popularly known as the nemesis of enemies in BG!

Master of single and multi-target damage, Fury Warriors has an excellent personal defense and cooldowns for BGs! This class spec owns a fast and engaging rotation and wonderful mobility. This class spec is one of the most popular in BG!

Why Fury Warrior is OP in BG:

  • High mobility class due to Charge, Intervene, and Heroic Leap.
  • Multiple defensive abilities between Enraged Regeneration, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry.
  • Source of the important attack power buff Battle Shout.


9. Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is passionate about burning to dust and electrocuting their enemies in a BG!

This class spec is one of the best when discussing multi- and single-target damage. The power of the elements grants this class good mobility when fighting! In Shadowlands, the gameplay of this spec didn’t have considerable changes; the play style can vary based on your chosen talents. 

Why Elemental Shaman is OP in BG:

  • This class spec has the ability to funnel damage from multiple targets (most notably split ones) into a single target well.
  • A myriad of small personal cooldowns allows Elemental Shaman to weather consistent damage spikes well.
  • Talent choices allow for excellent flexibility and varied play styles.


8. Blood Death Knight

Known as one of the best tank specs in WoW and also one of the easiest to play in BGs! 

Blood Death Knight has a great self-sustain, knock-back immunity, and two separate taunts! The simple rotation and immunity make things more intuitive and out of severe risks in combat! The rotation starts with the Bone Shield at five or more stacks using Marrowrend. The damage will get better after Heart Strike and Death Strike in sequence. This rotation will give you the maximum amount of Runic Power, and to end it flawlessly, use Blood Boil against the enemies. The cooldowns and temporary immunities are the keys to keeping the excellent skill rotation. 

Why Blood Death Knight is OP in BG:

  • Unique group utility: Anti-Magic Zone, Death Grip, Gorefiend's Grasp.
  • Knockback immunity Death's Advance, is so crucial in BGs!
  • Wide array of cooldowns for all situations: Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, and Vampiric Blood, to name a few.


7. Shadow Priest

Controlling the Void energy never was so cool! Use that insane magic to defeat your enemies!

Playing as a Shadow Priest in BGs makes you wonder why many followers of the Old Gods exist. The self-healing skills like Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague give the user of this spec some confidence against resistant bosses and lots of minions using the proper skill rotation. Being a DPS/Healer in a battleground is not for everyone; time is always in your favor, but it can turn against you if you do not use it wisely. 

Why Shadow Priest is OP in BG:

  • Amazing self-healing through Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague, scaling well with additional targets.
  • Situationally good group utility in the form of Vampiric Embrace and Power Infusion.
  • The addition of Searing Nightmare gives shadow some potent sustained stacked cleave.


6. Fire Mage

This class spec is known for their best enemies barbecue in BGs!

The Fire Mage is an excellent spec with the best mobility of the class, and it has mighty sustained AoE damage with Flamestrike and Flame Orb. With Mastery: Ignite, your single-target damage will not need to be sacrificed! 

Why Fire Mage is OP in BG:

  • Strong sustained AoE damage with Flamestrike and Flame Patch.
  • Extreme survivability with Blazing Barrier, Cauterize, Mirror Image, Alter Time, and Ice Block.
  • The best mobility of any Mage spec with Shimmer, Alter Time, Hot Streak!, and Scorch.


5. Demonology Warlock

Ready for some BGs? If your answer is “Hell Yeah”, then you are in the right place!

Demonology Warlock called my attention when playing BGs. The wide variety of talents will give you many combinations of rotations for higher damage summoning great demons while in cooldown. You must always pay attention to the soulshards and use the Hand of Gul’dan. The mobility is an excellent point in this spec. You can conjure Demonic Portal, Demonic Circle, and Burning Rush that increases your speed movement at the cost of your own life.

Why Demonology Warlock is OP in BG:

  • Provides the option for instance skips with Demonic Gateway and Soulstone.
  • Really high burst during cooldowns!
  • A high number of talent options for a variety of group compositions.


4. Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunters are brutal melee DPS and AOE masters. In BGs, they always call some great attention!

Players used to play with single target classes and specs may have some challenges. The CD-heavy rotations will be impactful to the damage. The great thing about Havoc Demon Hunters is their flexible mobility; you can use almost all of the skills while avoiding traps and AOE attacks, you can turn yourself into a demon, and your damage will increase even more!

Why Havoc Demon Hunter is OP in BG:

  • Strong group utility, especially via Chaos Brand.
  • Solid and frequently usable cooldowns and talents: Eye Beam, Unbound Chaos, and Demonic.
  • Well-rounded healing and damage reduction abilities.


3. Windwalker Monk

These DPS martial artists go well in both single-target and multi-target when fighting.

Windwalker Monks is a well-balanced class spec that has excellent mobility. Using fist and one-handed weapons on each hand will make you feel your moves lighter and combinations between Expel Harm when your life isn’t complete. Tiger Palm is your primary energy font. In the Multi-Target way, the rotation needs more attention, using the first Storm, Earth and Fire skill in the two strongest creatures. Then always keep the aura using the correct sequence: Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, and Spinning Crane Kick. The proper rotation of skills will show your BG enemies who is the true Energy and Chi master.

Why Windwalker Monk is OP in BG:

  • Strong burst and sustained stacked AOE and Cleave.
  • Little to no damage loss from target switching.
  • Nearly unparalleled mobility potential.


2. Outlaw Rogue

A great class spec focused on AoE and multi-target damage for BGs!

The skills Evasion and Feint rule the defensive while having the excellent heal for emergency times Crimson Vial, preventing our death. Blade Flurry it’s Outlaw Rogue’s primary damage skill, combined with Sinister Strike and Roll the bones. Outlaw Rogue is an excellent choice for those who want a great class with good survivability and more challenging and fun DPS rotation; combining the right talents will make enemies fear your twin blades.

Why Outlaw Rogue is OP in BG:

  • Strong AoE damage against up to 5 targets, all while doing their regular single target rotation, thanks to Blade Flurry.
  • Fun and fast-paced spec with a lot of abilities to press. Built around a lot of continuous cooldown reduction via Restless Blades.
  • Exceptional survivability thanks to Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, and Crimson Vial.


1. Discipline Priest

As a Priest player, I can assure your BGs will always be victorious with this spec!

The Discipline Priest needs some attention to the rotation, but it will return you with one of the best healings of the entire group! This class spec offers a unique style of healing the group by dealing damage to enemies, solid passive contribution for every group size! It also has high burst healing on a short cooldown! An excellent option for you who want to heal and kill enemies simultaneously!

Why Discipline Priest is OP in BG:

  • Strong at sustained spot healing in a raid/BG set.
  • Reasonable mobility, having a decent range of spells able to be cast while moving.
  • Provides strong utility to the raid with heavy damage reduction cooldowns with Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression.

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