[Top 12] WoW Dragonflight Best DPS For Raids (Latest Patch)

WoW Dragonflight Best Raid DPS

Raids are one of the most entertaining activities in World of Warcraft’s endgame.

 That being said, some DPS classes and specializations are just better at slaying bosses. In this article, the best DPS specs will be covered. Please be aware that every source has different opinions, however, and you should always use your best judgment.

This article will include at most one specialization per class. Choose the better player over the better spec/class, and always choose guildies over randoms who probably paid for that M+ score…blegh.

1. Subtlety Rogue (Melee, Strongest)

Sneaky but powerful

This spec is so powerful in this patch that I’m not even gonna go into a lengthy description. I’ll just give you some bullet points.

  • Some of the biggest numbers in simulations–the DPS of this spec is off the charts
  • Atrophic poisoning on a rogue’s weaponry means less damage dealt to the tank/raid group
  • Nice survivability overall with good defensive cooldowns
  • Wonderful utility, including Kidney Shot and Cheap Shot
  • Solid mobility

Subtlety rogues work best on bosses that don’t involve a two or three-target cleave.

Now, you may be wondering how to build your Subtlety Rogue. Here are some of the best players of this specialization. Build off the ideas they have, make it fit your playstyle, and hit up the LFR!


2. Augment Evoker (Ranged, Strongest)

Dracthyr are innate casters...and innately powerful ones, at that!

With amazing defensive abilities and a strong reliance on allies, this spec is perfect for raiding.

  • Prescience ability increases Critical Strike by 3% for another DPS
  • Extra mobility compared to most classes
  • Has some tankiness thanks to abilities like Defy Fate
  • Can dispel negative effects on allies
  • Rescue ability becomes useful in high-damage situations

Augment Evokers work well in any planned raid team, seeing as they rely heavily on having skilled allies around to perform at a high level.

So, how do you build one of these draconic creatures to deal maximum amounts of damage? Let’s look at some of the best Augment Evokers in this patch.


3. Havoc Demon Hunter (Melee, Strongest)

Legion introduced a class that remains powerful to this day

Solidly performing in both single-target and AoE situations, the Havoc specialization is dominating some charts in this patch.

  • Excellent defensive cooldown with Darkness ability
  • Absolutely insane mobility–remember, not everyone can move that quick!
  • Good self-healing capabilities
  • Short and strong cooldowns
  • They look cool if that matters

With a single-target build, Havoc players can expect to perform well against every current boss. With an AoE build, bosses such as Gnarlroot are the prime target.

Building any spec can be tricky, but looking at the masters can help. Now, let’s examine some of the best Havoc players.


4. Fire Mage (Ranged, Strongest)

Let there be fire!

This is a spec that can get you by in many situations, both single-target and cleave. The Mage class has always been powerful, so it is no surprise to find Fire Mages on this list.

  • Time Warp ability gives a massive haste buff–an alternative to Bloodlust
  • Excellent survivability
  • Only ranged DPS that has a cheating death ability
  • Surprisingly good mobility
  • Arcane Intellect provides the entire party with a buff

Fire Mage players can make it work in any situation, making them suitable for most bosses.

Mages are known for their dedication to their studies, and master Fire Mage players are no different. Let’s check out some players who are extremely dedicated to analyzing and improving their Fire Mage characters!


5. Destruction Warlock (Ranged, Very Strong)

And let there be destruction!

With high DPS numbers, valuable utility, and a kickass vibe, Destruction Warlock players are thriving in raids.

  • Massive damage per second scores on simulations and in practice
  • Demonic Gateway provides a strong transport option usable by allies
  • The ability to summon demons provides several utilities, such as an extra dispel
  • Soulstone and Healthstone abilities can be the difference between victory and a raid wipe
  • Curse of Tongues is just one example of an incredibly useful ability. This curse increases casting time by thirty to seventy percent!

In situations where you must be constantly moving, this class as a whole sees a bit of weakness. Otherwise, Warlock players can thrive in most boss fights.

Don’t let your inner demons cause you doubt! You can learn to become an expert Warlock player by harnessing your outer demons…and by studying your predecessors.


6. Balance Druid (Ranged, Very Strong)

Shouldn't Druids go vegan? It would make sense

Boomkins have always been iconic in World of Warcraft, but now may be a more than decent time to pick them up.

  • Mark of the Wild, an almost mandatory buff for raids, is provided
  • Innervate can help healers during a mana drought
  • Stampeding Roar increases movement speed for the whole raid group
  • Decent enough at self-healing
  • Boomkin/Moonkin form looks epic…because style points

Balance Druids play best in boss fights that involve forgiving the ramp-up time for multi-target.

Druids have an innate knack for nature. Unfortunately, not many of us have an innate knack for playing as one. However, some dedicated players out there have mastered this spec!


7. Beast Mastery Hunter (Ranged, Very Strong)

Hunters should NOT go vegan

A classic choice with a simple rotation, Beast Mastery Hunters are back in the wild this patch.

  • Hunter’s Mark helps start the boss fights off
  • Rotation can still be used to full potential during movement
  • Primal Rage serves as a Bloodlust alternative
  • Emergency defensives are useful and don’t have massive cooldowns
  • Tranquilizing Shot can put the most rageful of enemies in a calm state!

Beast Mastery Hunters are a perfect choice for boss fights that involve a lot of moving to get to mechanics or tasks. Unless targets are stacked, their cleave is not the best–this is something to note.

Knowing the above, you’re probably about to hunt down the best Beast Mastery players out there. Halt! I’ve already done that for you.


8. Elemental Shaman (Ranged, Strong)

Questionable veganism?

Like Beast Mastery Hunters, Elemental Shamans find their purpose in mobility.

  • Can be quite mobile with the right build
  • Good damage in a variety of scenarios
  • Aiding the dedicated healer is a role Shamans often find themselves thriving in
  • Wind Rush Totem can help the whole party avoid mobility mechanics
  • Once mastered, you can find yourself dealing over 400 thousand DPS with this spec

Elemental Shamans can be a huge help in boss fights that require mobility. Past six or so targets, their scaling does suffer. That is just one small note to keep in mind.

There’s a whisper traveling the winds right now, speaking hushedly about some of the best Elemental Shamans there are…


9. Retribution Paladin (Melee, Strong)

Avenge me, brother!

Smite your foes and defend your allies as a Retribution Paladin! This spec is performing quite well in Dragonflight, and it is no wonder why.

  • Divine Steed makes being mounted indoors an option
  • Devotion/Retribution Aura helps the entire raid stay alive or deal more damage
  • Blessing of Freedom helps party members stay mobile
  • Plenty more options for healing yourself and/or your group
  • You can sacrifice your own health to aid an ally with certain abilities

Retribution Paladins are best with single-target fights.

Some players are better at avenging their allies than others. Let’s look at the best Retribution Paladins out there!


10. Unholy Death Knight (Melee, Strong)

The starting zone for these guys is pretty fun to play through

Once servants of the Lich King, Death Knights now fight for their respective alliances.

  • Strong initial burst
  • AoE bursts are far from lacking
  • Raise Ally aids the fallen during combat
  • Death Grip can reposition a foe
  • Class mounts such as the Acherus Deathcharger help you slay in style

Low mobility fights with a strong need for AoE builds are where Unholy Death Knights shine brightest.

Death cannot stop the greatest players from rising to the top unless they’re playing hardcore. Luckily, the following players have the sanity to stay in Retail.


11. Shadow Priest (Ranged, Strong)

Just spam Shadow Word: Death until you die, and then beg the Holy Priest for a second chance

The whispering of shadow does not distract these priests. Rather, they are empowered by the endless chatter.

  • Power Word: Fortitude provides a valuable raid buff
  • Can dispel enemies effectively
  • Leap of Faith can save an ally by repositioning them
  • Amazing self-healing options
  • Power Infusion gives an ally a haste buff

Shadow Priests find themselves dealing the most damage in boss fights that allow them to remain still.

Before you go insane searching for the best Shadow Priest players, let me admit something–I’ve already gone crazy writing this article for you all. So, why not let me do the hard work?


12. Arms Warrior (Melee, Strong)

This concludes our article...angrily

We conclude this list with the Arms Warrior, a ferocious spec that puts the power of rage to good use.

  • Rallying Cry increases everyone’s health for a moment
  • Battle Shout makes everyone in the raid just a bit stronger
  • Execute makes this spec especially powerful when enemies are at low health
  • Great cleave on two targets
  • Good defensives for situations where they may take high amounts of damage

Arms Warriors work best in raid groups that include an Enhancement Shaman, as the Windfury Totem helps their DPS quite a bit.

Who is the angriest, most vengeful Arms Warrior of all? Who can channel their fury into their weapon with the most power behind each swing? Well, these three players are pretty good at that!

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