WoW Shadowlands Best Ways to Farm Anima [Top 5 Ways]

In Shadowlands, it's all about the anima. And you're going to need a LOT of it!

Gold is great, but farming currency is currently all about anima.

With each new WoW expansion, a new currency is always going to be a given feature, and if you’ve been playing Shadowlands at all this past year, you know what I’m going to say: Anima, anima, ANIMA. Absolutely everyone, elite or casual, is after anima! Not only is this mysterious glowing essence the key to unlocking tons of cosmetics, mounts, and pets, it’s actually required for upgrading your covenant sanctum, improving soulbindes, and sending adventure’s out on missions.

No matter who you are, if you’re playing present-day WoW, you need an excellent way of farming anima. Fear not, Champion—I’ve done the work for you! Let’s jump into our top 5 ways to obtain heaps of anima in WoW Shadowlands.

5. Switching Covenants with Fresh Lvl 50s

It may not be a permanent way to farm, but it'll make you a mountain of anima.

One thing that can be a little bit of a drag with new expansions is having to level ALL of those alts if you’re an alt kind of player. But you’re in serious luck if you’ve got a lot of fresh level 50 characters just sitting around, because if you chose to skip the Maw intro by invoking the Threads of Fate, you’ll be able to switch between covenants, one after the other. Now what’s that have to do with anything? Stay with me—we’re about to earn 4,000 anima a toon from this simple process!

So once Fatescribe Roh-Tahl has granted you a quest after entering Oribos for the first time and selecting the Threads of Fate path, go ahead and put off turning his quest in for now and head over to merchant Au’Dara, and purchase FOUR Broker Marks of Distinction. With that done, now you can go turn in the quest to Tal-Inara, which will start the process of you choosing which covenant you want to swear elegance to.

For this next step, if you’re planning on continuing to be active on the character you’re with, go ahead and pick the covenant you want them to actually be LAST. Before that, head to each of the other three covenants, join them, accept their introductions, use one Broker Marks of Distinction, then move onto the next covenant, join them, and so on and so forth until you’ve settled on the last covenant, which should be the one you want to stick with, and enjoy the FOUR THOUSAND anima you just earned from introductions.

Don’t let this approach coming in at number 5 on our list fool you—this is an INCREDIBLE way to earn a huge amount of anima! This method only comes in first on our countdown because it can only be used once per fresh level 50 character you have. But whether you have one fresh 50 toon or nine… who can say no to that insane amount of free anima?


Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you claim this 4K anima per toon:

4. Weeklies: World Bosses, Dungeons Quests, Raids

Be sure to take on the biggest challenges each week has to offer.

There is some serious anima to be gained from quite a few weekly activities around all the Shadowlands zones and beyond. First, you’ve got the four world bosses that can be gunned down with a team using group finder. These bosses are: Valinor, the Light of Eons, Mortanis, Oranomonos the Everbranching, and Nurgash Muckformed.

Next you’ve got your instances—dungeons and raids. Definitely get your weekly raid runs in, as each raid boss kill will drop a significant amount of anima once weekly. There are also two weekly dungeon quests located below the innkeeper in Oribos (down the stairs!). These will give you a big chunk of anima, and can be paired with the much smaller, but still effective earning of anima through queueing for random dungeons.

It's worth noting that if the weekly dungeon quests are not showing up as available to you, you should be able to trigger their appearance by talking with the innkeeper, Host Ta’rela.


Here’s a great article that will guide you through some of the best weekly anima tasks:

3. PvP

Time to prove your allegiance.

It just wouldn’t be World of Warcraft without being rewarded for bumping heads with the opposing faction. Unsurprisingly, there’s heaps of anima to gain if you’re a PvPer, be it simply turning War Mode on, or cutting down the enemy in battlegrounds and arenas.

A few PvP quests are routinely available next to the PvP vendors in Oribos, granting large sums of anima for arenas, normal battlegrounds, and epic battlegrounds. Just as with the dungeons weeklies, these quests pair well with the reward of anima for battlegrounds wins. As for War Mode, you’ll enjoy a 10%-30% increase in anima and gold from world quests while War Mode is turned on, and there is also a weekly War Mode quest that can be obtained, which will reward you a whopping 500 anima for 25 player kills. If you’re already out doing world quests, killing rares, and hunting for chests, you’ll breeze through this task before you know it.


Here’s a helpful guide that takes you through all the way to obtain anima from PvP:

2. World Quests

Make stacks of anima by strategizing your world quests.

Speaking of world quests, one of the absolute best ways to farm anima is simply by keeping your eye on the world quests available all over Shadowlands. Quests rewarding anima are not rare, and can be easily tracked down by installing helpful addons like World Quest Tracker, which will make separating anima rewarding quests from non-anima rewarding quests much quicker.

Another way you can improve your anima rewards from world quests is by pushing your renowned level as far up as you can get it. Now, obviously increasing your renowned will ALWAYS earn you more anima, but the key lies in getting to level 47, where you’ll unlock Elite World Quest Anima Rewards. Once you’ve got this under your belt, you’ll enjoy a boost of DOUBLE the amount of anima from world quests!


Here’s a helpful guide that will take you through farming anima through world quests:

1.   Dailies: Rares and Chests

Daily resets have oodles to offer in the anima department.

Daily content grinds are a favorite of Blizzad’s, and they’ve done a great job this time around with incentivizing players to get out in the new world and get what needs to be accomplished daily done. Each day, rare bosses spawn all over the Shadowlands, and they’re dropping lots and lots of anima. You can go after a large portion of these solo, but can also speed up the process and include some of the more heavy-hitting bosses if you go ahead and find a group hunting down rares. This shouldn’t be difficult, as the LFG sign-ups are almost always full of players looking to team up and slay rares.

Another great anima resource are the hidden chests, which spawn all over the map and reset daily. Some of these chests can be a little tricky to find, but addons like Handynotes are a great option to help you keep track of spawn points and give you helpful tips on how to get to the more oddly-located chests.


Here’s an article that will give you more information about daily tasks for anima:


And that’s our countdown; be sure to check out the guides provided so that you can look closely at which anima farm best fits your needs and interests! The great news is that most of these methods overlap, so it’s pretty easy to end up collectively doing them all, now that you’re armed with the knowledge of where to look.

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