Top 15 Best WoW BfA Addons (2019) Every Player Needs To Have

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Dreaming of loots.

What are the best addons in WoW BfA?

Sometimes, in order to be a high-performing playing in World of Warcraft, you need to get a little help.

In this case, it's not friends that'll help you, but addons that will give you the edge you need to be at your very best.

With the vast amount of addons available, it can be a little tedious figuring out which ones you need and which ones you don't.

There are some that are completely useless, but you'll never know until you try them.

While only touching the surface of what's available, here are 15 addons that you should definitely check out:

15. Bagnon

One bag to rule them all

Bagnon helps streamline the bag interface by combining all bags into one window. It also has other features such as viewing the inventory of any character. It also has the ability to allow remote viewing of bank, vault, and guild bank inventory.

  • All-in-one window for bags
  • View inventory of other characters in the account
  • Ability to search inventory
  • View inventory of bank, vault, and guild bank

» Get Bagnon here

14. Auctioneer

No more cold calls

Auctioneer modifies the Auction House interface by giving it more streamlined elements. This add-add also has the ability to scan all listings in the Auction House in order to give you detailed information on the value of items.

  • More streamlined Auction House interface compared to stock interface
  • Gives overview of the value of items in the Auction House
  • Provide different statistics about the in-game market

» Get Auctioneer here

13. World Quest Tracker

Time for the grind

For those who want to get to max level as quickly as possible, they’ll want to run quests as efficiently as possible. World Quest Tracker helps levelers by making the questing process a streamlined experience.

  • See quests markers on the flight path map
  • Displays arrows that indicate the location of the quest objective
  • Provides statistics of completed quests

» Get World Quest Tracker here

12. TradeSkillMaster

Like to make things?

TradeSkillMaster helps crafters by suggesting which craftable items would be the most profitable for selling. It turns crafting from a tedious process to a highly efficient manufacturing process.

  • Streamlined interface for crafting
  • Suggests what should be crafted in order to maximize profits
  • Provides guidance on what materials are needed

» Get TradeSkillMaster here

11. All The Things

Gotta catch 'em all!

Collectors will benefit from using All The Things. This addon helps track the completion of goals such as achievements, collections, etc. It’ll give information on what is missing from your collection.

  • Keep track of what has been collected
  • Show what items still needs to be acquired


10. Pawn

Need to get some lewtz

For those who need an on-demand utility for finding out what gear to get next, check out the add-on called Pawn. This add-on helps you figure out what item will be beneficial for your class spec. By default, Pawn will acquire information from Ask Mr. Robot, however, Pawn can be customized to use other sources.

  • Help decide what piece of gear to get next
  • Allows players to be able to figure out what gear to get next without opening a browser

» Get Pawn here

9. MoveAnything

Time to organize!

MoveAnything gives UI elements the ability to have their position, scale, and appearance adjusted and changed. Ideal for those who require assistance due to a disability or those who want a more personalized UI layout.

  • Ability to create a streamlined UI
  • Assistance for those with disabilities

» Get MoveAnything here

8. Grid

Everyone's here!

The stock interface for showing the health of players is a very bulky interface with little information provided. Grid improves the interface by giving it a clean and compact appearance. It can also be customized to show different effects for different situations

  • Can be configured to efficient show important information during combat
  • Clean and compact group interface

» Get Grid here

7. Titan Panel

Information is power.

Titan Panel is a useful add-on that shows information that a player might want to keep track of. Information is displayed on a bar that can be placed on the bottom or top of screen. Information that can be displayed include XP statistics, gold, map coordinates, gear durability, etc.

  • Provide relevant information and statistics for the player
  • Information is modular and can be changed easily at any time
  • Numerous plugins to choose from that will show different potentially important info

» Get Titan Panel here

6. Details! Damage Meter

Let's see how much pew pew you're doing...

For any DPS class, being able to see how well you are doing with dealing damage is a very useful thing. Details! Damage Meter measures your dps and damage dealt, and it compares your performance with other members of the party/raid. Not only will it help you compare your abilities with others, but it will mostly likely help you strive to have better performance.

  • Visible way to see how well you are performing
  • Helps encourage better damage performance
  • Bragging rights

» Get Details! Damage Meter here

5. HealBot Continued

And one heal for you and one for you and another for you...

As a healer, being able to triage wounds is a very valuable skill. On top of that, healers need to be able to select the correct healing skill for the situation. This juggling act has the potential to cause healers to get confused or overwhelmed, especially in a large raid group. HealBot Continued makes healing a little easier by making it more streamlined. Mouse combos can be created to allow for different healing spells for different situations. It also keeps track of buffs and healing-over-time spells.

  • Mouse combos for healing
  • Monitors aggro, buffs, and HoT spells

» Get HealBot Continued here


Yes, standing in fire is bad.

It’s very easy to not notice when your standing in something that is harmful. This is especially true when there are a lot of mechanics involved in a boss fight. It can also happen if you are playing the game on low graphical settings. GTFO helps you stay out of the fire by alerting you when you are standing in it.

  • Yells at you when you’re standing on something bad

» Get GTFO here

3. OmniCC

In 3...2...1

Usually during fights, it can be a little difficult to keep track of cooldown timers. Keeping track of cooldown timers can be a necessity and has the potential to determine the outcome of boss fights. OmniCC helps you keep track of those cooldowns by showing a digital countdown of the cooldowns, and it also enlarges the cooldown icons for the cooldowns that are about to expire.

  • Easy way to see how much time is left for cooldowns
  • Enlarged cooldown timers when cooldown is about to expire

» Get OmniCC here

2. Bigwigs BossMods

Your computer will love you for this

Boss mods are add-ons that aid in keeping track and alerting players about events that occur during boss fights. Bigwigs BossMods was designed to do this in a minimalistic and non-intrusive way. It’ll only show players information that is absolutely important. It considers all other info to be unnecessary fluff.

  • Uses the least amount of computer resources compared to other boss mods
  • Displays important information during boss encounters
  • Alerts players when something needs to be done during a boss fight

» Get BigWigs Bossmods here

1. Deadly Boss Mods

I can see the Matrix

If you are one of those that want to be aware of every single thing that happens during a boss fight, Deadly Boss Mods is the boss mod for you. It is the opposite of BigWigs in terms of the amount of information displayed/alerted during a boss fight. This add-on will show all information during a boss fight.

  • Displays and alerts all info during boss fights
  • Ability to auto-respond whispers during boss fights
  • Highly customizable

» Get Deadly Boss Mods here

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