WoW Shadowlands Best Healers For Mythic Dungeons (Ranked)

Top Healers for Shadowlands dungeons
These classes won't let you die that easily

6. Mistweaver Monk

Spirituality is the art of keeping your internal fire alive

The Mistweaver Monk healers use focused spiritual arts to bring peace and harmony to every group with a combination of Heal over Time effects and direct healing. They are unmatched tank healers with high AoE heals who can switch to more combat-oriented talents if the tanks can survive on their own. Due to their placement in position 6, Mistweaver Monks probably switched their talents too often and lost their healing touch.

Why Mistweaver Monk is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • Excellent sustained single-target healing through a combination of Vivify, Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Renewing Mist with Focused Thunder and Thunder Focus Tea.
  • Life-saving ability Life Cocoon.
  • Great mobility thanks to Chi Torpedo, Tiger's Lust, and Transcendence.
  • A wide range of utility spells such as Leg Sweep, Detox, Ring of Peace, Paralysis, Touch of Death, and  Provoke.
  • The Mystic Touch provides a 5% increase in physical damage for the group.

Mistweaver Monk Guide



There is peace and serenity within the Light

Discipline Priests are a unique healing spec in the game that focuses on absorption shields and damage mitigation rather than direct healing. They have a distinct playstyle because their Atonement passive effect requires them to deal damage in order to heal. Maybe they wouldn't be in position 5 if they got rid of their Atonement passive and focused more on healing.

Why Discipline Priest is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • Excellent burst healing to counter heavy damage in a combination of Desperate Prayer and Power Word: Radiance with Evangelism, Spirit Shell, and Rapture ramps.
  • Passive damage contribution through healing with Shadow Word: Pain, Penance, Mind Blast, Smite, Mind Sear, and Mindgames.
  • Strong absorption and damage reduction cooldowns such as Power Word: Shield, Power Word: Barrier, and Pain Suppression.
  • Good group utility with Fade, Dispel Magic, Purify, Mass Dispel, Leap of Faith, Mind Control, Psychic Scream, Shackle Undead, and Mind Soothe.
  • Power Word: Fortitude provides a 5% increase in stamina for the group.
  • Power Infusion is a personal cooldown that gives a significant amount of haste to damage dealers during their cooldowns.

Discipline Priest Guide



Nature speaks for the trees

The Restoration Druids are masters of the peaceful forest and tranquility, and they use their nature powers to regenerate and revitalize allies. To prepare for incoming damage, they focus in advance on Healing Over Time (HoT) and Area of Effect (AoE) healing abilities. It is only a guess, but it appears that they did not prepare appropriately and ended up in position 4.

Why Restoration Druid is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • High-impact healing cooldowns like Tranquility, Incarnation: Tree of Life, and Flourish.
  • Sustained healing on the move through HoTs such as Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Efflorescence, and Lifebloom.
  • Outstanding survivability with Barkskin and Bear Form transformation.
  • Very good group utility thanks to Soothe, Entangling Roots, HIbernate, Cyclone, Nature's Cure, Mighty Bash, Mass Entanglement, Typhoon, and Innervate.
  • Usable DPS abilities such as Shred, Rake, Swipe, Maim, Rip, and Ferocious Bite while in Cat Form.
  • Rebirth as a combat resurrection ability.

Restoration Druid Guide



Put your faith in the Light

The Holy Paladins are holy knights who support their allies with powerful healing spells, blessings, and auras. They have a great toolkit for almost any dungeon healing situation, with a focus on single-target burst healing. They appear to have forgotten to heal the other three members of the group and therefore finished third. 

Why Holy Paladin is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • Exceptional single-target and tank healing with Holy Shock, Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Beacon of Light.
  • Group utility abilities such as Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Sacrifice, and Lay on Hands.
  • High survivability due to plate armor and defensive abilities like Divine Shield and Divine Protection.
  • Good damage output with core abilities like Crusader Strike and Judgment.
  • Aura Mastery as one of the best group cooldowns.

Holy Paladin Guide



The sea and tides bow to my power

The Restoration Shamans are spiritual leaders who heal their allies by channeling the cleansing power of water through totems. They are a very versatile spec that excels at healing stacked groups, which is extremely useful in dungeons due to the constant stacking of their members, as well as healing through unexpected damage and recovering from mistakes. Resto Shamys finished in second place only because holy priests manipulated their minds and forced them to cast harmful spells instead of healing ones.

Why Restoration Shaman is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • Excellent stacked healing through Tidal Waves, Healing Stream Totem, Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Chain Heal, and Healing Rain.
  • Strong party healing cooldowns such as Healing Tide Totem, Spirit Link Totem, and Mana Tide Totem.
  • Able to heal while on the move with Spiritwalker's Grace.
  • Extra combat resurrection thanks to the Ancestral Protection Totem.
  • Great group utility with Purify Spirit, Purge, Wind Shear, Capacitor Totem, Earthbind Totem, Tremor Totem, Hex, Reincarnation, and Bloodlust.
  • Can summon an Earth Elemental if the tank dies, or just to distract enemies.

Restoration Shaman Guide



The worthy priest is an angel of purity in mind and body

The Holy Priests carry the light of faith, which empowers them to use their divine abilities to heal and purify the members of their group. They are one of the best specs when it comes to reactive burst and group healing. It's no surprise that Holy Priests are in the first position, they are the only ones who can heal even after they die.

Why Holy Priest is Great for Healing Mythic Dungeons:

  • Strong group cooldowns such as Divine Hymn, Apotheosis, Holy Word: Salvation, and Guardian Spirit.
  • Burst single-target and the group heals thanks to Flash Concentration, Mastery: Echo of Light, Prayer of Mending, Flash Heal, and Prayer of Healing.
  • Can heal through death with the Spirit of Redemption.
  • Good group utility with Desperate Prayer, Fade, Dispel Magic, Purify, Mass Dispel, Leap of Faith, Mind Control, Psychic Scream, Shackle Undead, and Mind Soothe.
  • Power Word: Fortitude provides a 5% increase in stamina for the group.
  • Power Infusion is a personal cooldown that gives a significant amount of haste to damage dealers during their cooldowns.

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