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A new and fun way to level up your alts

What is the Adventure Mode in WoW Dragonflight?

The recent release of Dragonflight has shocked the player base and critics alike with one of the most transformative expansions in the history of World of Warcraft. Changes include the return of revamped specialization trees, a full rework of the profession system, a completely new manner of moving around Azeroth with Dragon Riding, the abolishment of borrowed power systems, and, of course, the Adventure Mode.

Much like Chromie Time, which we have covered in a previous article, the Adventure Mode in WoW Dragonflight is a system that allows for a lot of freedom and replayability on your alts once you’ve reached a certain point with your main character. While Chromie Time lets you experience leveling in any previous expansion of WoW, Adventure Mode allows you to venture through the Dragon Isles in any order and provides instant access to World and Profession Trainer quests.


How to unlock Adventure Mode?

To unlock the Adventure Mode in WoW Dragonflight all you have to do is reach level 68 on your character and complete all of the campaign storyline quests for each zone at the Dragon Isles (side quests are optional).

Campaign storyline quests are the main story quests in Dragonflight, meaning that you will have to go through the whole story of the new expansion before you unlock Adventure Mode. As soon as you finish the ‘Moving On’ quest, a big pop-up window will appear on your screen, letting you know that you have completed the campaign of Dragonflight and unlocked World Quests and Adventure Mode.

Now all you have to do is log in on your alts and enjoy the Dragon Isles however you like.


How does the Adventure Mode work?

Adventure Mode basically works as a big sandbox mode of the Dragonflight experience. From the get-go, you have access to every zone, dungeon and quest at the Dragon Isles, which means that you are no longer locked in a linear progression. 

Replay your favorite parts of the expansion on a different character, or just level up through dungeons and world events without ever having to do a quest in order to progress. You can even level up solely through gathering and crafting if that’s more up your alley. With Adventure Mode you are able to experience a never before seen freedom in World of Warcraft.


What are the benefits of Adventure Mode?

The introduction of Adventure Mode in WoW delivered something that players have been asking for a long time: diminishing the barriers when it comes to playing alt characters. You no longer have to do the exact same content twice in order to level up your characters, and nor do you have to struggle in order to grind convoluted power-ups such as the Artifact Weapons in Legion. Alts are a big part of World of Warcraft for a big portion of the player base and now it is finally fun to level up all of your secondary characters.

Furthermore, playing in Adventure Mode gives you a lot of unique rewards such as transmogs, dragon customization pieces, exclusive toys, and much more. If you have more than one character and have just finished the campaign of Dragonflight, then don’t waste any more time and hop in Adventure Mode, it is absolutely worthwhile.   

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