World of Warcraft: Legion - A Hit, or a Miss?

Amazing main visual of the game

Legion is the sixth expansion released by ‘Blizzard’ for their well known MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

Following the ‘Warlords of Draenor’ expansion, Legion tries to pick the game back up after the previous expansion which has made more than a few mistakes. In light of this, Legion has quite the task on its shoulders. So, how is it holding up?

What did Legion bring new to the table of World of Warcraft? Well. We have a new hero class - Demon Hunters. It’s a very interesting class, and despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to convince many older players to make the switch from their original class, it seems to have quite great chances of making fans between the ranks of many new players; if nothing else, shooting lasers from their eyes is certainly an appealing feature.


Another novelty would be the new continent - the Broken Isles. Not only this but the theme and storyline of this expansion bring many changes to the game dynamics. Missions and daily quests are approached differently; PvPs, glyphs, professions and ranks - it’s all but unrecognizable.

The map of the new continent that gamers get to explore from scratch

The expansion brings in amazing new features.


This expansion seems to tread new territory by trying to make the player feel special amongst the thousands of other heroes just like them; how much it manages to do so is up for debate. Legion has all its players suddenly finding themselves leader of their class - and wielders of mythical artifacts.

Preview of the Mythical Artifact System

Opinions on this feature seem rather mixed. On the one hand, wielding artifacts of legend like the Doomhammer, some of which we’ve only heard about before, must feel pretty damn amazing. At the same time - the whole idea of making you feel special is defeated by the fact that every single other player on the whole continent is wielding the same weapon.

Yet another new feature worthy of mention - Class Order Halls. At first they sound like a recycling of the Garrisons from ‘Warlords of Draenor’, however Order Halls are better.

Part of the order hall of the Demon Hunters - personalised especially for this new hero class, like every Class Order Hall is.

Legion brings back the excitement of the game.

The original assumptions tended to be that this expansion seems to only recycle several ideas from the past, as well as it being smaller in scale than what we’ve come to expect from WoW.

In spite of that, it’s quickly shaping up to grow into what might be the best expansion we’ve yet seen.

Unlike the previous Garrisons, the way Order Halls are designed brings back a feeling of class identity and community that’s been missing for a while. Daily quests are more entertaining than they’ve ever been.

Every mission is written with amazing skill, causing fun and tears on the background of a catastrophic scenario. The animation is nothing less of what we would expect from Blizzard. The voice acting brings another layer of feeling to the game through the genuine emotion put into it by people who we can only assume to truly love what they’re doing. All of this makes playing WoW at this time feel more genuine and exciting than it has in a long time.

We’ve only seen the beginnings of this extension - in time it might very well go downhill. However Blizzard seems decided to bring WoW back to its full potential, and up to this point, they haven’t disappointed. We can only hope that the amazing production quality keeps up for the rest of this story line.


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