[Guide] WoW Dragonflight Best Ways To Level Alts (Top 10 Ways)

Because we always need one more character, don't we?

What are the best ways to level up alts in WoW Dragonflight?

Playing on alt characters is part of the World of Warcraft experience. We always want to try out a new class, be it for sheer curiosity, current meta, friend indications or to compose a good grup with our friends.

This article will cover the best current ways to level up alts in World of Warcraft, considering aspects such as speed, difficulty and fun.


10. Grinding Mobs

Grinding a bunch of mobs is the oldest way to level up in any MMORPG. If you’re feeling too lazy to go from point A to point B during quests, or just don’t feel like following predetermined paths that the game has to offer, you might level up your alts with good old mob grinding.

This is a particularly good option for new players in WoW who might come from a Korean MMO background, in which mob grinding is the most common way of progression.

How it works:

  • Find a nice spot that is appropriate to your level;
  • The best spots have the highest number of enemies and the lowest concentration of players;
  • As soon as the mobs no longer give relevant XP, move on to the next spot;
  • A great tip is to pull the aggro of as many monsters as possible as melt them down with AoE damage.


9. Killing Rare Mobs

This is very similar to the previous method, and most of the time you will be doing both of them concurrently, however this consists in actively seeking out rare mobs. More especifically, hunting down rare mobs that are part of bonus objectivs and achievements.

Good XP isn’t the only advantage here, as rare mobs also drop rare loot such as very valuable transmog pieces. A good way to level up your alts while completing your transmog collection or making some gold at the auction house.

How it works:

  • Check rare mob spawns online and hunt them down;
  • Make sure to check the spawn timer of each mob;
  • Maps with a higher number of rare mobs are preferable;
  • If the zone is appropriate to your level, grinding regular mobs during your route is a great way to get extra XP;
  • Dungeons are the best maps to grind rare mobs because of the high concentration of elites, but they require that you have a party more often than not.


8. Crafting

With the recent profession overhaul in WoW Dragonflight crafting has become much more dynamic and rewarding as well. Every time you craft a new recipe you get the first craft bonus, which can rapidly increase the level of your character.

If you are feeling lazy and want to level up simply by clicking on the UI, then this might be the best route for you and your alts.

How it works:

  • Get the specific materials required for the chosen recipes, you can do so by gathering or by buying the materials at the auction house;
  • Crafting a new recipe for the first time grants you a first craft experience bonus;
  • Try to always craft new recipes in order to get the most out of the bonus experience;
  • In addition to the experience, you can also sell your crafted goods at the auction house.


7. Gathering

Most hardcore MMORPG players tend to ignore gathering and focus on combat alone. However, gathering is a great way to level up in World of Warcraft, believe it or not.

Every successful gather, mining veins or picking up herbs for example, can grant you a total of 2300 XP, meaning that you can get a lot of experience just by walking around and grabbing materials, which are also valuable at the auction house.

How it works:

  • Search online for a good gathering route for your specific professions;
  • Follow that route and gather every material in sight;
  • This method can work in combination with the previous ones, gathering while you also kill mobs or hunt down elites;
  • Gathered materials can also be sold for a good amount of gold at the auction, meaning that you can level up your alts and make some gold at the same time.


6. Questing

Leveling up through quests in World of Warcraft is something that needs no introduction, we have all done it before and will most probably do it again. While you may not feel like doing the main storylines all over again on your alts, the game is filled with a wide variety of sidequests on each area.

Every zone in WoW has its own self contained mini story arc that you can go through and earn a good amount of XP. Just make sure to go through the zones in an order that keeps them appropriate to your level.

How it works:

  • Find a zone that is appropriate to your level;
  • Talk to NPCs with exclamation points above them in order to start quests;
  • Get as many quests as possible in an area and try to do them on a route;
  • Deliver all of the quests and get a new batch, moving on to new zones when your level is high enough;
  • Many zones in WoW share the same level range for mobs and quests, so it’s a good idea to look it up online.


5. Playing With War Mode On

War Mode is one of the staple systems in World of Warcraft, and it remains a very valuable tool to increase the speed of your leveling experience.

As soon as you hit level 20 on your alt, go to the capital city of your faction, Stormwind for the Alliance and Orgrimmar for the Horde of course, and click the War Mode toggle button at the user interface. Doing so will increase all of your acquired experience from killing mobs and questing by 10%. Keep in mind though that you will be vulnerable to PvP at all times.

How it works:

  • Get to level 20 on your character;
  • Go to the capital city of your faction;
  • Press the War Mode toggle button on your UI;
  • Now all of your experience gains are increased by 10%;
  • Watch out for unwanted PvP encounters.


4. Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds are one of the most fun ways to level up in WoW, and personally I have leveled up many alts all the way to level 60 at least only by doing BGs and having a blast.

This PvP mode is very fast to find matches on the queue, gives tons of experience as a reward, and you also get very good leveling gear when you win a match. Winning is the quickest way to gain XP with Battlegrounds, so understanding the game and putting effort into every match is key to leveling up using this method.

How it works:

  • Get to level 10 on your character;
  • Now you are able to join the PvP Battlegrounds queue;
  • Battle against other players and have fun while leveling up;
  • Victories yield more experience and additional rewards, so make sure to try your best to win.


3. Dungeon Finder

From my personal experience, spamming the dungeon finder queue is such a fast way to level up that most of the time you won’t even notice the levels going up.

This is a particularly great leveling method for casual players and people who don’t have a lot of time to play in general. Just log into the game and jump into the group finder, no time wasted. The dungeon finder will take you to a variety of dungeons that give a lot of experience and great gear as well.

How it works:

  • Get to level 10 on your character;
  • Now you are able to join the Dungeon Finder queue through the user interface;
  • You will be automatically matched with other players to tackle a dungeon;
  • Queue times are different for different roles, and usually they are shorter for healers and tanks;
  • Random dungeons yield huge amounts of experience and great leveling gear.


2. Chromie Time

Chromie Time is one of the best systems ever added to World of Warcraft, allowing players to level up their alts through previous expansions content.

You will need have reached at least level 60 on your main character, which then unlocks the Chromie Time for alt characters. Now all you have to do is go to your capital city and talk to Chromie, allowing you to choose any previous expansion and shift Azeroth back to that point in time. All of the content of the chosen expansion will be scaled for a leveling experience, which means that you can enjoy different parts of WoW’s story as you level up different characters, making for a very diverse experience and something that is certainly enjoyable, especially for lore nerds who want to catch up on the World of Warcraft story.

How it works:

  • Get to level 60 on your main character;
  • Get to level 10 on your alt character and complete the introductory quests;
  • Go to the capital city of your faction;
  • Talk to Chromie and choose an expansion;
  • Now you can play through all of the content of the chosen expansion;
  • The content is scaled in order to make for a proper leveling experience.


1. Adventure Mode

One of the latest additions with the release of WoW Dragonflight is the Adventure Mode system, which allows you instant access to every part of the Dragon Isles as long as you have previously finished the main campaign on another character.

This is a great way to level up alts, especially those that are above the level 60 mark, because you have instant access to endgame dungeons that, with a good party, can yield amazing rewards, both in the form of experience and gear.

How it works:

  • Finish the main storyline campaign of Dragonflight on your main character;
  • Now your alts have instant access to every part of the Dragon Isles;
  • Find a good party and tackle endgame content that gives incredible amounts of experience and great gear as well;
  • Particularly good for characters above the level 60 mark.

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