[Top 5] WoW BFA Best Professions For Massive Gold

WoW BFA Best Professions
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What Are The Best Professions in WoW BfA?

Players may find that with the Battle for Azeroth expansion, not all professions are as necessary today as they used to be in older expansions.

For one, enchanting continues to be very helpful, as a player can destroy items to create magical dust and then throw the dust on another player’s items to help them out!

Now let’s check out the top five professions in the latest expansion.

5. Engineering

While this profession may be overlooked nowadays for its lack of uses, many miss the opportunity that lies with it. Engineers make some of the finest, and sometimes random, toys as well as unique mounts. After all, who doesn’t want nitro boosts added to their boots?

Why Engineering is Highly Useful:

  • Toys, such as the classic Blingtron, which has now been upgraded to fight other Blingtrons to the death to declare the champion of Blingtrons.
  • Mounts, such as the Mecha-Mogul Mk2 and more.
  • Variety of assistants, such as the Deployable Attire Rearranger and Interdimensional Companion Repository.
  • Engineer-only perks that include Bind on Pickup Helms that increase engineering and Belt Enchantments.

4. Tailoring

Tailoring continues to be very handy to this day, especially when used alongside Enchanting. This profession has always been seen as one that a mage or warlock may use, the classes that require cloth armor. A mage always needs to look their best, especially when casting fire spells that could burn their beautiful robes.

Why Tailoring is Highly Useful:

  • 32-slot and 30-slot bags
  • Great pairing with enchanting, as you can create magical gear to then disenchant.
  • Scrap-o-Matic allows for material collection in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
  • Cloth armor and cloaks for dungeons and raids.
  • Transmog gear for the aesthetic appeal of transmogrifying your gear.
  • Tailor-only perks that include cloak enchantments and Bind on Pickup cloth armor, which can be very handy for mages and warlocks.

3. Enchanting

The augmentations that Enchanting allows a player to apply to one’s armor and weapons can be of great use to anyone seeking that extra push. Enchanting Vellums help an enchanter to inscribe an enchantment onto paper, which can then be sold on the Auction House. Enchanters can also help disenchant anyone’s unwanted Bind on Pickup items, which can be very helpful when a player only has the option to sell them.

Why Enchanting is Highly Useful:

  • Disenchanting unwanted gear, which gives the player mats that can either be utilized in recipes or sold on the Auction House.
  • Selling enchantments on the Auction House, as competitive players need that extra push.
  • Pairs very well with Tailoring, as you can create magical gear you do not need and then disenchant it for Enchanting mats.
  • It could be paired with Blacksmithing or Leatherworking for the same reason above.
  • Enchanter-only perks, such as Hearthstone enchantments for your bracers, which allow the player to use their Hearthstone sooner than the average player. This is very handy when you are doing World Quests.

2. Herbalism

Herbalism is one of the most useful gathering professions with mining being a close second and then skinning coming in third place. Pairing this with Alchemy is notably the ideal combination for Battle for Azeroth. While you may not be a nature-loving druid, Herbalism is still a very handy gathering profession with several different applications in-game.

Why Herbalism is Highly Useful:

  • Great for making money on the Auction House by selling older mats that are no longer needed or selling the newer mats if you do not need them.
  • Pairs perfectly with Alchemy or Inscription, as both professions require herbs.
  • Mats tend to be a sight for sore eyes since they can be found rather commonly in all areas.
  • Farming can be very simple and straightforward, especially if one can fly around.
  • Rogues use Swiftthistle to make Thistle Tea, which is extremely helpful in restoring their expended energy.

1. Alchemy

As every alchemist knows, one must take great care in handling the most volatile materials. A good alchemist also knows to always carry potions and be ready for any situation. Alchemy is ideal for maxed characters that are often running through dungeons or raids, as the boost from a potion could make the difference in a challenging boss fight.

Why Alchemy is Highly Useful:

  • Great way to make money on Auction House, as the competitive players need potions for dungeons and raids.
  • Pairs perfectly with Herbalism, as it provides you with key mats and then you can also sell older mats you no longer need on the Auction House.
  • Potions are key to aiding players in dungeons and raids and as an Alchemist, you gain access to flasks in addition to the potions.
  • Mixology ability for Alchemists, extending the duration of potions for Alchemists.
  • Transmutation, which allows the alchemist to convert mats they do not need into mats they do need.

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