WoW Legion Classes Ranked By Popularity

WoW Legion Classes
Azeroth’s Horde and Alliance Heroes: Sylvanas, Vol’Jin, Baine Bloodhoof, Lor’themar Theron, Thrall, Varian Wrynn, Prophet Valen, Magni Bronzebeard, High Tinker Mekkatorque, and Tyrande Whisperwind.

What are the most popular classes in WoW Legion?

Every class has its advantages and disadvantages. This definitive ranking shows how popular each class is based on the number of 110 characters there are in each of the 12 classes.

12. Monk

Pandaren Windwalker Monk, Mists of Pandaria.

Commonly mistaken as a hero class, the monk was introduced in Mists of Pandaria. By no one’s surprise, monks aren’t really in style right now, since the demon hunter class released with Legion. Only 5.4% of level 110 characters are monks.

Monks, like paladins and druids, are able to fulfill all of the group roles: Tank, DPS, and Heals. They use mana and Chi to cast their spells and activate abilities. 

Mistweaver monks are effective healers, Brewmasters take considerable amounts of damage as tanks, and Windwalker monks do massive DPS.

11. Rogue

Rogue Valeera Sanguinar is part of neither the Alliance or Horde, she swore herself to protect Varian Wrynn.

Rogues got a huge revamp before Legion launched. Despite that, their popularity remains pretty low, making up only 5.9% of 110s in Legion. Rogues are forever hiding in the shadows, using energy as the resource to conduct their attacks.

Rogues can only do melee DPS, meaning they spend a lot of time waiting in queue. While the new Outlaw specialization intrigued rogues everywhere, many people are still running Assassination or Subtlety as their primary specializations.

Subtlety rogues attack through the shadows around them. The Assassination specialization relies on Damage Over Time effects to drain their enemy’s life.

10. Warlock

Artist depiction of a Demonology warlock summoning a minion.

Warlocks are a cool, creepy caster class towards the end of the popularity race. 6.7% of 110 characters in Legion are warlocks. Warlocks are especially known for their Damage Over Time abilities, which linger and continue to harm a player.

Warlocks pay for their attacks by using mana and, in some cases, consuming special items called soul shards.

These demonic ranged DPS can feed off of shadows and void in their Affliction specialization. Demonology warlocks, of course, summon demons up to their aid and Destruction warlocks spread havoc and felfire everywhere they go.

9. Priest

Discipline priests are still able to do damage and heal at the same time.

Known mostly for their healing abilities, priests make up 7.1% of level 110 characters. Priests are cloth wearers who are well known for their ability to mind control other players. They pay for their abilities using mana.

Holy priests pray upon the light to heal their allies whereas Discipline priests use shields to prevent damage before it happens. When Discipline priests do damage, it is converted to heal allies. Shadow priests feed off the same shadow and void energies as Affliction warlocks, but become more powerful with insanity.

8. Death Knight

Death knights awaiting the Lich King’s orders in Ebon Hold.

Death knights have managed to stay steadily popular since their release in Wrath of the Lich King. This plate wearing hero class starts at level 55 serving the Lich King in Ebon Hold, it makes up 7.4% of all level 110s.

Blood DKs make excellent tanks due to their amazing self heal abilities. Unholy DKs have the ability to command the dead and spread plagues, and Frost DKs utilize runes for effective blows.

Death knights use runeforging to add runes to their blades that increases their power. Some runes also apply fun effects on weapons that allow them to glow.

7. Shaman

The mighty shaman, Thrall, is calling upon the elements to strike down his enemies.

Playable by the Alliance in Burning Crusade, these elemental commanders utilize totems to heal allies. Shaman also make excellent melee DPS or ranged DPS. 7.8% of 110 characters belong to this versatile, mail wearing, class.

Restoration shaman use their spiritual powers to heal allies. Enhancement shaman are like warriors with totems that deal massive damage close combat. Elemental shaman call upon nature to aid them in striking down their foes. 

Shaman totems are a key component in their class structure. They can select from multiple different types of totems that do all sorts of things from dealing specific types damage to enemies to healing allies.

6. Mage

Jaina Proudmoore is a powerful mage and devoted Alliance member.

Mages are another cloth wearing ranged DPS making up 8.3% of 110 characters. These masters of magic are well known for their teleportation and crowd control abilities. They also benefit from multiple Area of Effect attacks.

Like warlocks, Shadow priests, and hunters, Arcane mages can benefit from combat companions, they do damage by overwhelming enemies with their power. Frost mages freeze their enemies and Fire mages burn their enemies using sets of destructive spells.

Mages are particularly helpful in overcoming many mechanics in boss fights and raids.

5. Warrior

Worgen warrior Genn Greymane in both forms, facing Gul’dan.

Like Death Knights, warriors can only tank or DPS. Warriors experienced extreme power during Mists of Pandaria, though things have changed they still remain powerful today, which is why 8.8% of 110s belong to the warrior class.

Protection warriors protect themselves and allies from harm, while Arms and Fury warriors focus their might on bashing and slicing through enemies. Fury warriors are specifically well loved by players who enjoy dual-wielding swords.

As far as melee DPS goes, warriors are one of the easiest classes to learn. They power their spells through rage, which is generated as they deal or take damage.

4. Hunter

Legion Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner protecting the Undercity.

Exactly 10% of level 110 characters are hunters. Before Legion hunters were a ranged DPS class only, they use focus to power their spells. With Legion’s new changes, however, these mail wearing DPS have been given a melee combat option.

Beast Mastery hunters rely on combat companions for damage. Marksmanship hunters can take down any enemy from a distance with precise blows. Survival hunters rely on venoms, traps, and weapons to bring down their enemies up close.

There are more Survival and Beast Mastery hunters than there are Marksmanship, as the first two typically do more damage. Hunters have always been one of the more popular classes since it is easy to learn how to play them.

3. Paladin

First Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand, Sir Uther Lightbringer.

Playable by the Horde in Burning Crusade, Paladins make up 10.3% of 110 characters. Like monks, paladins can do it all: tanking, healing, and DPS. This plate wearing class is popular for its power and versatility.

Protection paladins are magnificent tanks. They are able to heal themselves easily, deliver and take massive amounts of damage. Retribution paladins deliver fatal blows and Holy paladins call upon the light to heal their allies.

All paladins offer their group important blessings and auras that helps keep the group going through dungeons and raids.

2. Druid

Troll Restoration druid healing himself.

With Legion’s introduction to the Emerald Dream content, it is no wonder that druids make up 10.8% of the 110 character population. Like paladins and monks, druids are able to do DPS, heals, and tanking.

Druids are known for their many shapeshift forms and only wear leather armor. Guardian druids typically stay in their bear form, attracting enemies to attack them rather than allies. Restoration druids can shapeshift into trents and guardian trees that call upon the forces of nature to cast Heal Over Time spells on their allies.

Feral druids shapeshift into cats and do melee damage similarly to that of rogues. Balance druids, on the other hand, are a ranged DPS that rely on astral powers to bring destruction down on foes.

1. Demon Hunter

Demon hunters carry Warglaives as weapons, they have a very useful glide and double jump ability.

The number one most popular class to play in Legion, of course, is the demon hunter. Not surprisingly, they make up a whopping 11.6% of the 110 community. Unlike other heavy hitting melee classes, demon hunters wear leather armor and carry warglaives as weapons.

Almost all classes have 3 specializations except for druids who have one extra and demon hunters who have one less. Vengeance demon hunters use their inner powers to protect their allies from harmful enemies, while Havoc demon hunters unleash fel destruction upon their enemies.

Since Illidan became the first demon hunter by infusing himself with fel magic only elves can become demon hunters. The first demon hunters were created by Illidan and called the Illidari, they are sworn to eliminate the Legion.

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