[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Most Fun Healers That Are Great

Most fun healers in WOW Shadowlands
Even death can't stop my healing!

5. Holy Paladin

World of Warcraft Holy Paladin Judgement

Deus Vult! Holy Paladins aren’t just good healers, but also good dps in groups!

This class spec is a great single-target healer and tank healer. Using the skills Holy Shock and Beacon of Light will give you the confidence in healing the group members! The defensive abilities like Divine Shield and Divine Protection turn you into one of the most resistant members wearing plate armors. The power of Light strength ups your damage while it also heals the members close to you in combat. Avenging Wrath is your main healing cooldown in action, but you can count on Aura Mastery.

What’s Fun About Holy Paladin:

  • The combination of healing and dps is great, compensating for the lack of mobility!
  • Divine Steed gives you 100% of speed for 3 seconds.
  • In Shadowlands, your covenant best choice is the Kyrian, both for those who love the lore and want an excellent covenant spell that combines with the spec.


4. Restoration Druid

World of Warcraft Restoration Druid Peace

The best survivability for a healer! They are also the masters of HoTs.

Restoration Druids are in this position for being so well built for healing and with a good dps when focusing! They have great and impactful cooldowns like Tranquility that go better when in a raid, Incarnation: Tree of Life, and Bloom. This spec gives you high mobility with a solid sustaining heal, using mobility cooldowns. If you shapeshift into bear or cat form, you will be using Rage or Energy instead of Mana.

What’s fun About Restoration Druid:

  • You can fly without using a mount by turning yourself into a Lunarwing Owl after completing the class hall in Legion!
  • You can use Cat Form and become a Druid of the Flames by using Fandral’s Flamescythe.
  • Their rotation is effortless and intuitive. The cooldown Tranquility is the best one for healing if used with HoTs, and Shadowlands did a great job on this spec!


3. Mistweaver Monk

World of Warcraft Mistweaver Monk and Celestial Emerald Cloud Serpent

Peace, Patience, and Balance. The perfect word that describes this healing spec is balance.

Mistweaver Monks have a high HPS healing with a firm number of cooldown and baseline abilities. finding the balance between the damage and the healing is crucial; things can get harder if you don’t correctly choose the talents! Fortifying Brew is a long cooldown that strengthens you and reduces damage in 15 seconds!

What’s Fun About Mistweaver Monk:

  • Mistweaver Monks are the masters of healing with mists.
  • Has a melee interrupt skill for combat.
  • Amazing passive damage in raids!


2. Discipline Priest

World of Warcraft Discipline Priest

In Shadowlands Discipline Priests, are back to rule!

Even being a main Holy Priest, I have experience using Discipline. Discipline brings the second-best dps contribution while not sacrificing the healing. This spec grants you excellent burst healing to counter heavy raid damage. Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression are heavy damage reduction cooldowns good for use in raids. The rotation for a good Discipline Priest can be challenging. Shadow Word: Pain will start the rotation in the first enemy, apply Atonement in the group’s tank, and after this, use the same spell on a large scale for the other members.

Keeping the defensive skills up is always recommendable; Power Word: Shield will make the job. Use Evangelism and Schism in sequence to extend the defensive skill and deal the damage through Penitence and Smite.

What’s Fun About Discipline Priest:

  • Being a Battle Healer keeps you out of the comfort zone, never letting you bore in a battle!
  • Has a reasonable damage rate, almost like Shadow Priest, depending on the talents you will choose.
  • Is one of the healing class specs with more defensive spells, protection for everybody!



1.- Holy Priest

World of Warcraft Holy Priest Moonlight

The top of the tops! Holy with H for Heal!

Now is time to talk about why and what made me a fan of Holy Priest! For me, this class spec is the best healer in the game and keeps you with a good single-target damage rate when playing alone. Please, if you are a dps reading this article, keep doing your great job and not staying on fire!

In a group, Holy Priests have three good spells Symbol of Hope, Divine Hymn, and Holy Word: Salvation when used in the right skill rotation, it will keep your teammates safe! In single-target healing process, don’t use so much Flash Heal. You can keep this only for crucial times when someone is almost dying! Keep Holy Word: Serenity active and use Heal for less mana spending. Be wise, and everything will work well for you. The rotations for Holy Priests are very intuitive and easy to learn!

What’s Fun About Holy Priest:

  • You have good buffs to use alone or in groups like Power Word: Fortitude, which increases stamina for an hour!
  • You can use Leap of Faith to take the crazy guy from the fire!
  • Everybody asks for at least a Holy or Discipline Priest at BG groups for being so efficient in healing! 


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