WoW BfA DPS Rankings 2020 (Mythic Dungeons and Raids)

WoW DPS Rankings
Anduin telling Sylvanas, "My dad can beat up your dad!"

What Are The Highest DPS Classes in WoW Right Now?

If you have taken an interest in World of Warcraft, but are not sure which class you can crush your foes the best with, fret not. I am here to help! I will be ranking classes from worst to best in terms of DPS.

24: Arcane Mage – 44,917.87 DPS

Want to see a magic trick?

The Arcane Mage. It’s what you expect when you think of a typical wizard or sorcerer. Sadly taking the last place compared to the rest of the damage options. 

  • Strong burst damage
  • Great AoE capability
  • High mobility
  • Used to kite or distract enemies
  • Decent damage cooldowns

How to build:

23: Frost Mage – 44,924.92 DPS

It's weird always seeing my breath!

When you need some ice puns, the Frost Mage is your go-to. Blizzard, however, has given it the cold shoulder lately. 

  • Demolishes squishy targets with ease
  • Strong cleave damage
  • Good single target damage
  • Can use their mobility and slow effects to kite well
  • Damage output is usually consistent

How to build:

22: Demonology Warlock - 45,357.74 DPS

Do my bidding, Demon!

If you want to use demons to do your bidding, then look no further. The Demonology warlock has your back. Unfortunately, the damage meters do not have theirs. 

  • Great mobility
  • Decent cleave damage
  • Above-average single target damage
  • Good survivability
  • Uses tides of demons for damage which is pretty cool

How to build:

21: Unholy Death Knight - 46,065.92 DPS

Ghouls, pestilence, and plague upon you! Also, what is that smell?

Blizzard’s version of a Plague Marine. 50 DKP if you get the reference. The Death Knight spec that focuses on eliminating enemies with diseases and sicknesses.

  • Talent builds allow for single target, AoE, or Cleave DPS
  • Access to great mitigation tools
  • Brings some utility to raids
  • Can become immune to some CC
  • Can offer some of the highest burst in the game

How to build:

20: Windwalker Monk - 46,457.73 DPS

None can stand against my fists of fury!

Kung Fu Panda manifested in the world of Azeroth. Anyone facing the Windwalker is going to catch some hands. They’re rated E for everybody. 

  • Amazing mobility
  • Great single target damage
  • Some capability for AoE
  • Decent cooldowns
  • Taken for Mystic Touch, increasing Physical damage the enemy takes by 5%

How to build:

19: Survival Hunter - 46,607.56 DPS

What's a ranged weapon?

Survival Hunters, unfortunately, don’t survive long against other DPS classes. It’s the melee class you play when you don’t want to pick from the typical options.

  • Forced into choosing between cleave or single target
  • High single target damage
  • Potentially great cleave
  • Can use any pet they want to
  • The only melee-focused hunter

How to build:

18: Retribution Paladin - 47,317.23 DPS

By the holy light, I will deliver justice!

If you took the War Cleric out of Dungeons and Dragons and placed it into Azeroth, you would get the Retribution Paladin. A deliverer of justice. Forceful justice. 

  • Strong single target and AoE potential
  • Has both burst and sustained damage
  • Brings Blessings to the raid
  • Able to switch targets without penalty
  • Access to strong defensive abilities

How to build:

17: Subtlety Rogue - 47,536.04 DPS

The pain you are about to feel will not be...subtle.

The sneakiest of the three rogue specs. They are reliant on switching in and out of stealth for damaging abilities.

  • Average single target damage
  • Cleave damage aids single target damage
  • Talents allow for single or AoE focused builds
  • Great defensive tools
  • Requires some mastering of the spec’s concepts

How to build:

16: Beast Mastery Hunter - 47,545.37 DPS


It’s like being a Disney princess, except your animal companions help you defeat anyone in your way. Siccing your pet on someone and not getting in trouble for it. 

  • Absurd mobility
  • Easy to play
  • Pet provides utility
  • Cooldowns add strong damage
  • Reliant on a pet for damage

How to build:

15: Marksmanship Hunter - 47,894.22 DPS

I hunt alone.

The Lone Wolf of the hunters. Unfortunately, they lose damage when having a pet active, but you don’t care. This is the Legolas of Azeroth.

  • High mobility
  • Easy to learn the rotation
  • Good burst damage
  • Reliant on cooldowns for high damage
  • Having a pet out lowers damage

How to build:

14: Assassination Rogue - 48,002.84 DPS

Do you feel my poisons coursing through your veins?

The image you think of when you hear the term, Rogue. Relying on bleeds and poisons, an Assassination Rogue mutilates their opponents.

  • Superior single target damage in comparison to other rogue specs
  • Not reliant on RNG for single target damage
  • Good sustained cleave damage
  • Has great defensive abilities
  • Uses bleeds and poisons to sustain single target damage

How to build:

13: Affliction Warlock - 48,371.82 DPS

Afflictions, curses, corruption oh my!

The epitome of the phrase “Moar dots!” Bring pain to those who oppose you with curses and afflictions.

  • Single target damage focused
  • Good cleave damage
  • Has high mobility
  • Cooldowns provide great burst damage
  • Utility is built into their toolkit

How to build:

12: Enhancement Shaman - 48,864.79 DPS

Doomhammer, eat your heart out!

Bring out your inner Thrall with the Enhancement Shaman. Empower your weapons with the fury of the elements and pummel your enemies into the dirt. 

  • Sustained single target damage
  • Multiple utility options for raids and dungeons
  • High burst damage if RNGesus is on your side
  • Can focus AoE and cleave damage into one target
  • Has variety built into Azerite options

How to build:

11: Arms Warrior - 48,960.63 DPS

Arcanite Reaper! Hooooo!

Arms Warrior allows you to swing a big weapon and see big numbers. They beat down multiple enemies at a time while watching them bleed. 

  • Amazing cleave damage
  • Access to AoE burst damage
  • Variety in rotation with different talent selection
  • Cooldowns provide good burst damage
  • Provides healing reduction

How to build:

10: Balance Druid - 49,112.56 DPS

For the last time, I am not a chicken!

Boomkin Moonkin. This Druid class slings stars for damage and uses an array of DoTs and lunar abilities to damage enemies.

  • Has great mobility
  • Lots of options for utility
  • Strong cleave damage
  • Tankier than other casters
  • Thrives in both single and multi-target damage

How to build:

9: Feral Druid - 49,304.46 DPS

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

When healing and spells aren’t your druidic fancy, feral has your back. Through shapeshifting, you will rip and tear your enemies into shreds. 

  • Good single target damage
  • High mobility
  • Can spec into AoE damage
  • Brings some cleave damage
  • Talent tree allows for advantages in a multitude of scenarios

How to build:

8: Destruction Warlock - 49,312.53 DPS

Are you ready to be incinerated?

If you like fire paired with your shadow damage, Destruction spec will match your style. You will burn your enemies to a crisp while still having that demon feel of a warlock.

  • Above-average cleave damage
  • Has burst damage available to them
  • Reliable cooldowns
  • Playstyle is not cookiecutter 
  • Short ramp-up time to dealing damage

How to build:

7: Frost Death Knight - 49,986.71 DPS

Frostmourne was hungry, but I am starving!

If you think Arthas looks badass, Frost Death Knight is for you. Dual wield and crush your foes with a cold embrace. 

  • One of the best 2-minute cooldown burst classes
  • Easy class to learn
  • Sustained cleave damage
  • Cooldowns allow for great AoE burst
  • Spec options allow or focus on a single target or AoE damage

How to Build:

6: Elemental Shaman - 50,195.07 DPS

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!

Get in tune with nature...and then use its fury to smite your enemies. Shower foes with elements of nature and make Zeus’ lightning bolts look like child’s play. 

  • Great single target damage
  • Ability to be mobile and still deal damage
  • Talent selection allows for multiple playstyles
  • Can spec into high burst single and AoE damage
  • Brings utility in and out of raids

How to build:

5: Outlaw Rogue - 50,267.43 DPS


Your pirate scallywag scoundrel spec of the rogue. Bring multiple enemies to their knees with ease. 

  • A lot of AoE cleave capabilities
  • Spec allows for a variety of options
  • Has good defensive cooldowns
  • Optional utility
  • Get your Outlaw roleplay on

How to build:

4: Havoc Demon Hunter - 50,398.63 DPS

Are you prepared?

When you want to look like Illidan and kill like him too. A great addition to any raid and one of the top melee classes.

  • Needed in raids to increase target’s magic damage taken by 5%
  • Insane mobility
  • Great single target burst
  • Cooldowns provide amazing damage buffs
  • Does not struggle to switch between multiple enemies

How to build:

3: Fire Mage - 51,322.46 DPS

Your goose is getting cooked!

The Human Torch of Azeroth. The Fire Mage can burn everything in sight, laughing if you’re Undead. It is the top dog of mage specs.

  • Great cleave damage while maintaining high single target damage
  • Brings Crowd Control
  • Brings Utilities. No seriously, they provide water
  • Time Warp adds great damage bonus to the group
  • Can still DPS well in a fight with a lot of movement

How to Build:

2: Fury Warrior - 52,508.09 DPS

Give me some room. I am about to go on a rampage!

When you’re so angry you need to dual wield Two-handed weapons, you turn to the Fury Warrior. Recent buffs have made fury great again.

  • Great Single target
  • Great AoE damage without losing single target damage
  • Easy rotation to learn
  • Abilities make it a fast playstyle
  • You swing two two-handed weapons

How to Build:

1: Shadow Priest - 56,418.85 DPS

The Old Gods have nothing on me!

When you want to melt and flay the minds of your enemies, look to the shadow priest. Currently king of the mountain with its great single and multi-target damage. 

  • Sustained multi-target damage
  • Self-healing and potentially group healing
  • Potentially strong AoE burst
  • Potential to execute enemies
  • Bring out your inner C’thulu without the negative consequences

How to Build:

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways and styles to defeat your enemies. Hopefully, I have given you some guidance on what class you want to pursue. Whatever class you decide to explore Azeroth with, just remember to have fun!

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