The Top 11 Games like Age of Mythology (Games Better Than AofM in Their Own Way)

 Games like Age of Mythology
Bathe in the glory of the gods in Age of Mythologies

Almost 17 years ago, gamers were transported to an era where mortals were but ants compared to the knee-high sandals of legendary gods like Poseidon, Ra and Loki.

In a race against time, Atlantean admiral Arkantos and his men embarked on an odyssey, challenging Greeks, Egyptians, the Norse and their respective gods in order to capture the cyclops warlord Gargarensis and stop the second coming of Kronos.

However, it’s 2019, three years since AofM’s latest expansion and you’ve more than likely completed all that there is to Age of Mythology (including Titans, its Extended Edition and Tale of Dragons). You're saddened by the RTS shaped hole in your heart, and we can’t blame you. But, fear not, my fellow military generals! Your prayers to the heavens have been answered.

Age of Mythology’s success continued the RTS legacy that led way to the next 11 military strategy games on today’s list (and countless more!). Whether it be hyper-realistic graphics or the inclusion of RPG elements, each of these next games changed RTS games as we know it. Witness the evolution of the RTS genre, from 2000 to now, and find your next bingeable game.

11. Age of Empires® III

Age of Empires III Gameplay

Lose yourself in Age of Empires III, the third installment in Ensemble’s AofE series, as one of fourteen European nations fighting between 1492 and 1876 to colonize the new Americas.

Become some of the modern world’s greatest military leaders, like Napoleon Bonaparte or Ivan the Terrible, in this RTS-RPG fusion. Advance your Home City through technological eras and conquer less advanced enemy nations.

Players can also follow the three-act, three-generation campaign, as the Black family fights to survive, establish and thrive in a colonial United States. Start as Morgan Black in Malta and sail to New Spain to find the Fountain of Youth, fight off Russians in Alaska as John Black in Act II, or fight for American independence in the last act.

The New World is Hi Def: Witness the striking map graphics as you walk by bristling branches, over fallen bodies and raze your enemies' fortifications to the ground in a massive pillar of fire and carnage!

10. Stronghold HD

Stronghold HD Gameplay

Experience the original castle simulator that changed it all.

Design, build and siege historical castles in Stronghold HD’s 21 mission-long campaign and reunite medieval England against the traitorous Wolf. Collect resources, bolster your city with stone walls and take back your lands in a single-player campaign, or online in a winner-takes-all death-match against up to eight players.

Conquer and expand your military to be the most feared kingdom in England, or create a stable economy and control your objectives with an ever-expanding wealth. You decide.

A timeless land: Begin in 1066 Britain but finish in the century of your choice - without a time limit, you decide on your kingdom’s penultimate magnificence.

Strategic Sieging: Wield your power by applying constant pressure to your enemies. Make the wealthiest kings cower from the sound of your rolling trebuchet, catapults and legions.

9. Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition

Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition Gameplay

Witness the beloved castle simulator mythicized to another level. Choose one of three of history’s most fabled characters of olde, gain access to their unique storyline or unlock new maps, achievements and campaigns on Steam.

Become King Arthur and command his Knights of the Round Table as you charge into combat. Terrify your opponents in warped dead lands as Vlad the Impaler (a.k.a. Dracula) with an army of werewolves, demons and evil creepers by your side. Or, live out the ancient Germanic saga of the hero Siegfried through ice-lands in 24 missions.

See the Stronghold universe you grew up spelled with witches, demons, giants, dragons and more!

Castles Only Uttered: Construct breathtaking castles and cities seen like never before in the reimagining of the Stronghold world.

8. Warparty

Warparty Gameplay

The world has fallen into chaos with only ruins to remind dispersed tribes of the last great Age. There, a kingdom so advanced harnessed power that blurred the lines between magic and technology.

Lead your people out of hostile land and thrive in an unknown world filled with lost artifacts, wild dinosaurs and rival tribes. Raise your forces, hunt down dinosaurs and tame them into obedient steeds. Harness the awe-inspiring power of a forgotten civilization and strike those who would dare face you in battle with lightning bolts and meteor showers.

Survive and bring order back to the ancient world, or blur like many others into chaos.

Survival of the Fittest: Prove man’s worth as the greatest of nature’s creations and defeat all that this Stone Age landscape has to throw at you and your tribe.

Rehash History: Scout from your base, visit ancient ruins and discover the secret weapons of your ancestors. Beware! You may not be the only one there.

7. Warlords Battlecry III

Warlords Battlecry III Gameplay

Experience the game to first combine RTS and RPG elements. Back again - now with a longer list of heroes and factions for fans and noobs alike.

Travel Etheria as one of 16 races including 28 character classes. Complete map-specific missions as a hero with up to 20 loyal soldiers, and engage in your diplomatic side by befriending long-time enemies or betraying allied races. Customize your hero by fulfilling quests, focusing on one of four professions and leveling up. Etheria is your oyster. How will your legend be written?

Hero for Hire: Complete missions for foreign cities and collect resources and allies as payment.

RPG in RTS: Play in a hero-centric world and watch as your hero slowly decimates scores of lackey soldiers.

6. Warcraft 3 Reforged

Warcraft 3 Reforged Gameplay

Partake in Azeroth’s epic storyline like never before in this reimagining of the Warcraft world.

Completely reshot for its release, newcomers and veterans can undergo the founding of Orgrimmar and the rise of Lich King for the very first time. Relive Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne anew as the Warcraft world is obliterated and built back brick-by-brick. Or, join the battlefield, playing as the Orcs, Humans, Night Elves or Undead and recruit powerful heroes to destroy the enemy base.

Your Favorite World 2.0: Experience Azeroth from day one and battle through hours of gameplay.

A Visual Revelation: Sit in awe as the world you thought you knew is updated with stunning visual features.

5. Dungeons 3

Dungeons 3 Gameplay


Unleash your dark side in Dungeons 3 as the Dungeon Lord, who, having established his empire, continues to expand upon his evil destiny.

Construct, manage and defend your lair against incoming heroes. Dig tunnels, capture enemy rooms and portals, mine gold, set traps and, when need be, attack giants, wizards and warriors. Leave your lair in Dungeons 3 newest addition and control the overworld with orcs, succubae and zombies.

Good being Bad: Build your dungeon and thwart foolish heroes who would try to stop you.

Speak (Only) Evil: No two levels are the same in Dungeons 3, with more than 20 hours of gameplay, players are sure to keep coming back for more.

4. Total War: Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer Gameplay


Delve into the Total War: Warhammer gameplay in a totally new way. This legendary TBS/RTT game is back. but this time in a fantastical world sure to leave fanatics in awe.

Lose all sight of your social life as you dive deeper into massive clashing armies, vast unit building and strategic diplomacy. Battle infamous heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and waves of magical storms. Restore peace to the empire or destroy anyone who would stand against you.

All Out Mayhem: Lead your soldiers into battle and experience the overwhelming wave of real-time battle sequences.

Changing Terrains: Travel through different climates and terrains, each with their own surprise element or two.

3. Northgard

Northgard Gameplay


Look deep (really deep if need be) into your Viking past and control your clan as you face a new world with unexpected foes, such as dire wolves, undead warriors and harsh winters.

Bring renown to your clan and sail to the new shores of Northgard. Build a settlement and write history through conquest, trade and commitment to your gods. Play against AI or online and see if you can reach the final Norse God rank.

A Welcome Invitation: Stockpile and ration resources to survive arid winters.

New World, New You: Assign your vikings various jobs (from warrior to sailor) to survive in all climates.

2. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy Gameplay


Find and follow your roots in this hyperrealistic medieval Europe and select one of four nations (Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German or Slav).

Go out, conquer lands and raid and pillage enemy fortifications. Know, however, that it will take more than all out mobilization of your army to win. Only by reviewing your options, environment and both permanent and temporary bases will you emerge victorious.

Moving as One: Move your men through open terrain by implementing squad-based tactics.

In the Thick of It: Change your viewing mode to cinematic and watch as you demolish any sign of your enemy’s existence.

1. SpellForce 3

SpellForce 3 Gameplay


Experience the ultimate blending of RTS and RPG like never before as you create your own distinct hero and build an army from scratch.

Eo, a land lost in anarchy, is in need of a new hope. Choose from three factions (humans, orcs and elves), assemble a team and experience Eo in a way unique to only them. Build up your forces and rush into epic battle seen before only on the silver screen.

Explore Eo: A world of complete mystery filled with secrets is just out of sight as you involve yourself with unique stories and characters.

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