10 Things We Want From Warcraft 4

10 Things We Want From Warcraft 4
Arthas Menethil, Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was heir to the throne before becoming the Lich King.

10 Things Blizzard Should Include in Warcraft 4

The vision of the Blizzard team is creative, intense and deep. They took the well explored conflict between orcs and humans once provided by Tolkien years ago and created the best real time strategy series in the genre. With the introduction on undead, elves, dwarves, and tauren the franchise flourished. Now loyal gamers ask: Can there be more? With whispers of Warcraft IV echoing throughout forums it is now time to take a look at what players want.

1. A Legendary Storyline

For sure the writers who have created a world so rich and deep will need to again create a legendary storyline both rich in characters, plot, and setting. The story is what draws us deep into the Warcraft world. Make it rich with detail, conflict and victory and we’ll play for years.

2. Next Generation Graphics and Combat Animations

With the advancement of computing power and the emergence of talented artists, players will be craving next generation graphics and combat animations. We all love the cut scene after we win a tough battle. Keep them coming please.

3. The Return of the Hero

As RTS gamers we loved the hero units. While the use of hero units plays into the hands of players skilled in micro many agree that they are an amazing and fun addition to a regular army. While we are on the topic of heroes, how about some new additions as well as retention of heroes like the Blade Master, Death Knight and Arch Mage? And when it comes to heroes, give us a wider variety of choice. Maybe a set of six to pick from in each match up. After all variety is the spice of life. Tie them into the storyline and we’ll be begging to play them in matches against our friends and foes.

4. Smoother More Intuitive Gameplay

With the jump from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos we were given smoother, more intuitive gameplay. It’s been 15 years since Frozen Throne was released. Wow us with intuitive and fluid gameplay worthy of the legions of players waiting for another Warcraft RTS.  Give us the ability to easily rotate the screen around a battle to see it from different angles. Warcraft IV should be easy to learn. Make it a game that someone new to the series can easily pick up with little previous experience.

5. Varied Terrain

The maps we will play on must have varied terrain. Rocky cliffs, deep valleys (Perfect for an Ambush) and impassable rivers (Unless the right boatman is there. Perhaps a gaunt skeletal figure willing to ferry an army across a river). With varied terrain in each map we will have more room for strategizing our ambushes or of need be, picking our routes of escape so that we may return to fight when the time and circumstances are best for us.

6. New and Unique Creeps

Players will also want new and unique creeps. Make them varied enough that we’ll need to think strategically when to creep and when to engage our opponents. A beastly creep like Rosh from DOTA 2 would make for interesting strategy.

7. New and Unique Buildings and Units for the Core Races

The learning curve associated with new buildings and units would be both refreshing and challenging. As each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses it would make for interesting gameplay to gain a tactical advantage over our opponents through the use of a new building or unit.

8. New and Unique Items

Nothing is more satisfying than having a hero stacked with items as we wade into a key battle. We are calling for items that would be categorized as common, rare and unique. Perhaps we can make sets as we do in World of Warcraft. Make them hard to find, guarded by high level creeps, or right there under our noses. Either way we want our heroes packed with power.

9. New Race

We want a new race! How about a giant race? Dwarves as a standalone? Heck we’ll take gnome illusionists! A new race would spice things up a bit and give the brave a chance to master an unknown entity. What the mystery of a new race, players would be ready to attack their opponents using new and unique units.

10. eSports

When the dust settles and we’ve learned how to play Warcraft IV we’ll turn to Warcraft IV eSports. Be it to find and follow the next superstar player in Warcraft or to play ourselves and test our skills on Battle.net. Whenever these whispers become louder know this: We the players will be ready to save Azeroth or bring destruction upon our enemies in the next Warcraft RTS experience.

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There will be warcraft 4, not officialy announced but the chances are high :)

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