[Top 10] WoW Shadowlands Best Classes You Can't Go Wrong With

Best Classes You Can't Go Wrong With
A group discussing which class is the best one!

10. Mistweaver Monk

A Night Elf Mistweaver Monk casting healing spell.

Searching for some “peace and love” class spec? So, you came to the right place!

Mistweaver Monk is a great class spec for beginners, with a simple single-target rotation of skills for healing and a good number of mobility spells! This spec is also excellent when leveling; it has satisfactory damage! Your gameplay will be easy and smooth only if you choose the right talents, depending on what you do.

What Mistweaver Monk excels in:

  • Impressive single-target healing!
  • High HPS with a few solid throughput cooldowns and baseline abilities.


9. Elemental Shaman

An Orc Elemental Shaman trying a new way to avoid the energy bills.

Those who play Elemental Shaman have a strong passion for smashing and melting their enemies!

This class spec is one of the best when talking about multi and single-target damage. The power of the elements grants this class good mobility when fighting! In Shadowlands, the gameplay of this spec didn’t have considerable changes, but choosing the correct Covenant is always the best you can do!

What Elemental Shaman excels in:

  • Summoning a Fire Elemental to improve your damage.
  • It’s a single and multi-target spec so flexible that you will not need to sacrifice anything to have good damage!


8. Fury Warrior

A Blood Elf Fury Warrior moments before feeding her protodrake with enemies' bodies!

No, it's not Furry Warrior (depending on the race, it is correct), it's Fury Warrior!

If you want to play with some calm and peaceful spec, this spec is not for you, but if you choose this one, boring will forever be out of your vocabulary! Dominants of both single and multi-target damage, Fury Warriors, truly represent their spec name, having an excellent defense for soloing content and raid-wide cooldowns!

What Fury Warrior excels in:

  • Dynamically swapping between single and multi-target!
  • Solid burst mobility and gap closers!
  • Great play style that fits very well in PVP!


7. Subtlety Rogue

This giant crow can hide without being noticed, the same as the Subtlety Rogue mounted on it.

The option for those who want to be a ninja in Azeroth is here!

Subtlety Rogue is not only great at a single target, but also it has good mobility and survivability! Throw some shuriken against your enemies and attack them by stealth; make the enemy’s healer get pissed after being killed so quickly and nobody seeing what happened. As a rogue, your weapons are two daggers, energy is your resource, and your only friend is your thirst for blood!

What Subtlety Rogue excels in:

  • A great sustained AoE skills!
  • Short and regular cooldowns that will always have one ready to use!



6.  Marksmanship Hunter

An Ocr Marksmanship Hunter using a Blood Elf bow is something... different.

If you are a Hunter but don’t want to manage pets, this spec is for you!

Marksmanship Hunters are the solution for those who don’t want to aggro enemies before everybody in the group gets ready! In Shadowlands, this spec changed for a “Burst and Reload” in the rotation, also being very adaptable in damage dealing! Marksmanship uses Focus as a resource for spells and abilities.

What Marksmanship Hunter excels in:

  • They excel in burst AoE damage!
  • This spec has great mobility compared to the other specs!
  • Excellent priority target damage!


5. Discipline Priest

An Undead Discipline Priest doing a gospel show.

As a main Priest player, I have lots of fun playing with this spec!

This spec has a unique shine when it’s raid time, not only countering the heavy damage but also providing a robust passive damage contribution! The Discipline Priest needs some attention to the rotation, but it will return you with one of the best healings of the entire group!

What Discipline Priest excels in:

  • You will have substantial damage at a low opportunity cost.
  • Discipline Priest has high burst healing on a short cooldown.
  • Have a solid utility to the raid with heavy damage reduction cooldowns!


4. Blood Death Knight

This Blood Elf Blood Death Knight is posing with fake blood on his blade just to look cool for his friends.

The fans of Darth Vader, horror movies, and Death Metal conveniently choose this class spec, and I don’t understand why?

One of the best tank specs in wow and one of the easiest! Blood Death Knight has a great self-sustain, knock-back immunity, and two separate taunts! The simple rotation and immunity make things more intuitive and out of severe risks in combat!

What Blood Death Knight excels in:

  • Blood Strike is one of the best self-healing skills based on damage taken!


3. Frost Mage

I know that at this point you are fed up with frozen jokes but, Let It go, my friend!

I love playing with the Arcane spec, but I admit that Frost Mage rules!

This class spec is one of the best-sustained single-target and cleaves damage! Frost Mage has excellent mobility and kiting skills and built-in Cooldown Reduction, some of which increase with more targets. How not talking about PVP? Frost Mages have battlefield control with many tools to slow and root enemies!

What Frost Mage excels in:

  • Extreme survivability with many defensives.
  • Great at killing fragile targets quickly!


2. Feral Druid

Lazy Feral Druid watching everybody fighting.

Feral Druids, where do they live? What do they eat? Which habits do they have? All this and more on Animal Azeroth!

This class spec has great survivability thanks to its tools! They also have good mobility and flexibility to avoid damage. The Feral Druids are experts in melee dps with an easy rotation, using energy and combo points as a resource!

What Feral Druid excels in:

  • Solid cooldown tools with Berserk and Convoke the Spirits!
  • Strong single-target damage and burst!
  • Some forms of uncapped AoE!


1.- Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock makes her own version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. 

Ready for some Fel witchery?

This spec isn’t just fun; it is the best spread multi-dot damage in WoW! Affliction Warlock masters the drain damage in the game; in Shadowlands, it keeps the same! This class spec has a straightforward play style that will keep you in the comfort zone and destroy your enemies with consistent damage!

What Affliction Warlock excels in:

  • Great AoE over time with +5 targets afflicted with Sow the Seeds!
  • High mobility and flexible toolkit!
  • Very strong burst during cooldown windows!


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