[Top 10] WOW Shadowlands Most Fun Class That Are Great

The only way for my enemies is blood and fun!

10. Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue is ready for a blood bath!

I don’t know you, but probably, you think the same as me when we see another BG group with a rogue; you know that things will get riskier for the healers in general! As a main Holy Priest, I tried having a new experience with the other side of the coin, especially playing Shadowlands expansion. Here now follows my expertise.

Even not being the best single-target damage, it doesn’t mean that Outlaw Rogue is not good in combat. In my experience using this class spec, the skills Evasion and Feint rule the defensive, while having the fantastic heal for emergency times Crimson Vial, preventing our death. Blade Flurry it’s Outlaw Rogue’s primary damage skill, combined with Sinister Strike and Roll the bones.

For me, Outlaw Rogue is a good choice for those who want some more challenging DPS rotation; combining the right talents will make your enemies fear your twin blades.

What’s Fun About Outlaw Rogue?

  • You will never fall asleep in the raid. The rotation is a strong point for those who love to move while attacking.
  • It doesn’t need a dagger in the main hand.
  • Blade Rush is an all-in-one spell you will use most of the time.


9. Elemental Shaman

Orc Elemental Shaman with zero patience!

The nature lovers will have to forgive me, but this spec is a fire in the park! Their cataclysmic damage skills show how versatile they are in different situations while fighting, but their build is entirely in one direction.

The Elemental Shaman is not a survivalist spec but is the best when the thing is single-target using Lava Burst and Earth Shock. For multiple targets, also perfect for chaining attacks, Chain Lightning and Lava Beam are the options to annihilate groups of enemies.

Wanting to put the other DPS on fire and piss off their healer? With this spec, you can!

What’s Fun About Elemental Shaman?

  • One of the best spell graphics in WOW.
  • You can turn yourself into a ghost wolf to travel fast when not fighting.
  • Elementals and totems are so cool and helpful in battle.


8. Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage acquiring more knowledge.

I know! You probably think I am crazy for bringing this Mage spec here, but as an experienced Arcane Mage, I can prove my point. Before anything, Arcane Rockets!

Using mana as a resource, the Arcane Mage is versatile, with Arcane Rockets, Arcane Impact, Arcane Explosion, and Arcane Barrage. High burst damage spells like Arcane Power, Rune Of Power, and Touch Of The Magi grant you the rule in DPS while working, some for Single or Multiple targets. So, do you wanna teleport in combat? Use Blink and appear anywhere 20 meters ahead.

Everybody wants a friend that is a Mage to have easy portals to go back to the capitals when the heart stone is out of energy. Out of Mana? No problem, conjure your mana restoring meal before and after combat!

What’s Fun About Arcane Mage:

  • You can summon an Arcane Familiar that will help you in battle.
  • They are not a tank class, but they can do this job without a doubt.
  • You have magic that controls time!


7. Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest playing with dangerous Void energy!

Controlling the Void magic never was so cool! Known as the nightmare of enemies, conjurer of monsters under the bed, and the second tank of the group.

Playing as a Shadow Priest makes you think about why there are some followers of the Old Gods. The self-healing skills like Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague give the user of this spec some confidence against resistant bosses and lots of minions using the right skill rotation.

Being a DPS/Healer in combat is not for everyone; time is always in your favor, but it can turn against you if not used it wisely. 

What’s Fun About Shadow Priest:

  • Shrouding yourself with Void Form gives this class spec a powerful look.
  • Almost all the skills cast times are instant or short, giving more mobility.
  • Shadow Priests have a strong presence in the lore of WOW.


6. Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock is ready to sacrifice more souls to summon more demons!

Ready for some PVP? If your answer is “Hell Yeah”, then you are in the right place!

As a big fan of challenges, Demonology Warlock called my attention when playing BGs, and PVE content with a great healer in the group. The wide variety of talents will give you many combinations of rotations for higher damage summoning great demons while in cooldown. You need always to pay attention to the soul shards and use the Hand of Gul’dan.

The mobility is a great point in this spec. You can conjure Demonic Portal, Demonic Circle, and Burning Rush that increases your speed movement at the cost of your own life.

What’s Fun About Demonology Warlock:

  • You can change the normal fire to a beautiful green fel fire for almost all your magic spells, as it also changes the color of your warlock horses!
  • Summoning different demons will give you extra help that can go between damage support or healing.
  • Specialized in single targets, and a good AOE if used wisely.


5. Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc Demon Hunters are ready to fight!

This time is for those who started Legion with their Illi-something. Havoc Demon Hunters are brutal melee dps and AOE masters.

Havoc Demon Hunters are among the easiest class specs in the game, with a good variety for AOE attacks. Players that are used to playing with single target classes and specs may have some challenges with this one. The CD-heavy rotations will be impactful to the damage. The great thing about Havoc Demon Hunters is their flexible mobility; you can use almost all of the skills while avoiding traps and AOE attacks, you can turn yourself into a demon, and your damage will increase even more!

What’s Fun About Havoc Demon Hunters:

  • You can use your wings to glide for long distances when you can’t mount and fly.
  • The design of armors and weapons is so freaking good!
  • Their class mount is a huge armored bat, and this is so amazing and terrifying!


4. Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk prepared to battle.

Those who like to meditate will bring no peace to Azeroth! These DPS martial artists go well in both single-target and multi-target when fighting.

Windwalker Monks are, in my experience, when saving Azeroth, a well-balanced class spec that has excellent mobility. Using fist weapons and one-handed weapons on each hand will make you feel your moves lighter and combinations between Expel Harm when your life isn’t full. Tiger Palm is your primary energy font. In the Multi-Target way, the rotation needs more attention, using first Storm, Earth, and Fire in the two strongest creatures. Then always keep the aura using the correct sequence: Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, and Spinning Crane Kick.

Patience is a virtue; for Monks especially. The proper rotation of skills will show your enemies who is the Energy and Chi master.

What’s Fun About Windwalker Monk:

  • Some attacks are inspired by other video game techniques. Spinning Crane Kick is like Ryu’s Tatsumaki Sempu Kyaku from Street Fighter.
  • Want more Easter Eggs? Why not use your own Flying Numb with Zen Flight?
  • One of the most agile Class Specs in the game, full of fast moves and mobility skills to avoid attacks.


3. Holy Priest

Holy priest and mount arriving at battleground!

Here comes my favorite class spec in WOW! Praise the light!

Want to be the top healer in the group? Want to have many friends asking you for buffs? Wanna be upset by the freaking dps or tank that always keeps in the fire? If your answer is “Holy Crap!” then welcome to the fun side! Holy Priests aren’t only a good healing spec but they also have a good option for single target attack, debuffs, and defense.

This spec gives you a good healing power focused on each party member, but also, using Symbol of Hope, Divine Hymn, and Holy Word: Salvation in a group and taking care to not be out of mana is a wise choice. For Single-Target Healing, the advice is always to keep Holy Word: Serenity active and Heal skill. Only use Flash Heal when someone is almost dying, using this under other circumstances will end your mana fast!

What’s Fun About Holy Priest:

  • When you die, you turn into a Spirit of Redemption, and you can keep healing the group for 15 seconds!
  • The most beautiful spells and talents are in this class spec when you use Apotheosis and turn you into your golden holy form!
  • It’s intuitive and easy to learn how to heal in different situations.


2. – Blood Death Knight

Blood Death Knight after cleaning the entire raid zone.

The most resistant tank is here! The limited mobility will not affect your combat efficiency.

Blood Death Knight is a brutal and monstrous class spec that can hold good damage, heal itself, and use Anti-Magic Shell to have no worries about some debuffs against creatures and players. The basic rotation starts with the Bone Shield at five or more stacks using Marrowrend. The damage will get better after Heart Strike and Death Strike in sequence. Keeping this rotation will give you the maximum amount of Runic Power. To end it flawlessly, use Blood Boil against the enemies. The cooldowns and temporary immunities are the keys to maintaining good skill rotation.

As a tank class spec, having a good self-healing skill can upset some healers by the variation of the HP!

What’s Fun About Blood Death Knights:

  • Being self-sufficient while playing alone and depending on the raid or dungeon in groups is really satisfying.
  • The rotation is not difficult to learn but needs some attention to not lose the right time when casting the Heart Strike.
  • Have a lot of good transmogs that combine perfectly with Blood DK.


1.- Arms Warrior

A Dwarf Arms Warrior in a normal workday.

Sit down and relax! You will rule the group with a hand on your back! The easiest dps in the game is mostly used by the newbies!

With a strong presence in damage, but with a slow rotation, this class spec teaches you how to deal with pressure in a raid group, but with no complex combos and more focused on multi-target combat style. The great aggressive mobility skills like Charge, Intervene, and Heroic Leap in this spec will make you the group’s superhero. Scream to the four winds how mighty you are with the power buff Battle Shout. The prevent of damage skills of Arms Warrior like Die by the Sword, Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, and Rallying Cry turn you into a semi-tank making you more durable in fighting difficult bosses!

What’s Fun About Arms Warrior:

  • As a barely easy spec, it turns your leveling faster and more dynamic.
  • You can turn your body into a bigger version and made of stone by using the skill Avatar, and this will even increase your damage!
  • As a focused melee combat style, you will never get bored in PVP or PVE content.

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