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roblox world zero open world game
Time to face the Cerberus! via World Zero

We are familiar with the many and famous Roblox disaster survival and obby games. But some may not know that the platform has many amazing and high quality original games that can pass as a stand alone game.

Today, really talented and brilliant Roblox developers, and some users are creating truly stunning games with amazing gameplay and graphics. Here’s a list of some of the best Roblox open world games. 

15. Pacifico 2 (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Pacifico 2 trailer by Darkstalker YT

One of the many open world games on Roblox that is GTA inspired. You get to choose roles from a regular citizen, office and restaurant employee, or a criminal. What makes this game stand out is their criminal and police roles in an open world city setting.

With the heroes and villains the gameplay will surely be full of excitement. Pacifico 2 is also known  for its cars. You can spawn any car  from their extensive selection from regular SUVs to European sports cars. Driving around the city in a slick car, I mean, what’s cooler than that?


14. The Wild West (PC / Xbox / Tablet)

The Wild West trailer by Emrex YT

A western game that is very similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, only here, they have mining. In the Wild West, you can become an outlaw or bounty hunter. You can explore the huge desert map. You can also kill prey animals, sell the meat and pelts, camp out in the wild, sleep in your tent, and engage in PvP duels.

The graphics are the simple and traditional blocky style ones. If you are a fan of the Red Dead franchise, you may either like or not like this game. Not like, because it’s too similar to Red Dead in many ways, you may feel protective of Red Dead and Arthur. But, you can enjoy The Wild West’s cute Roblox cowboy world.


13. Dragon Adventures (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Roblox Dragon Adventures trailer by FluffyTSG YT

Immerse yourself in this beautiful fantasy world. Hatch dragon eggs, raise and level them up, plant your own crops for extra money to buy upgrades and equipment. Decorate your base, and fight enemies or other players.

You may also go to the forest or free areas to collect materials for building.  Dragon Adventures’ map is huge and really stunning. The different dragon breeds look beautiful and each one is very unique, truly great work by the developers.

And also the special and event limited dragon ones. It feels really great and relaxing to just fly around on your dragon in this game’s beautiful and relaxing map, definitely one of the many games on Roblox that deserves its own title. 


12. Creatures of Sonaria (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Creatures of Sonaria showcase by Sellertay YT

Also from the developers of Dragon Adventures, Creatures of Sonaria has that same lovely, ethereal world. But here, you get to be different creatures, like mythical animals, dragons, dinosaur birds, and more.

The unique design and amount of detail in each creature is astounding. Not to mention the stunning map kind of makes you think you’re playing a PC or console game. Roleplay, or just really enjoy the lush and beautiful world here.

Raise baby creatures, hang out with friends and enjoy hunting. The one of a kind creatures here will remind you of Pokemon, only better. This game can actually be a stand alone game.


11. Vesteria (PC / Mobile / Tablet / Xbox)

Vesteria guide by Batwing YT 

One of the many open world fantasy games on Roblox. You get to be a mage, warrior, or a hunter. Complete quests and defeat enemies in Vesteria’s charming, huge fantasy world. Your character will have the classic Roblox blocky avatar.

The map really gives you that medieval fantasy game vibe. You can also raid dungeons and fight bosses. Or simply enjoy and this really a wonderful realm and town hop medieval villages.


10. Horse World (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Roblox Horse World trailer by Water Nebula YT

Roblox Horse World is a fantasy open world game. Enter the world as a human or choose to be an adult horse or a foal. Horse breeds include an Arabian, Fjord, Marwari, Clydesdale and more. The horse graphics are great and the horse speed depends on the breed of the horse.

There are towns, a tribal village, a race track and more. Horse World is really a magical place to stay in. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of role playing players here. As you play, you earn $10 every few minutes which you can save to buy really cute cosmetic items like different kinds of wings, horns, horse gear and more for your horse character.

There are also really beautiful skins for the horses which can be bought by robux.  It’s really easy to get in character here, have fun being a wild or a domesticated horse. 


9. Forgotten Worlds (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Forgotten Worlds gameplay by Lyronyx YT

One of the well known games on the platform, you can be a hunter or wolf in Forgotten Worlds. There are no missions, it’s simply a map for roleplaying or just enjoy your time being a great wolf or a pup. Gamespasses are available for cool wolf skins, mythicals and hybrids.

The map here is cute and the weather changes every game day as you play. If at the time you joined, it was snowing, after a day in the game, it will be sunny. That’s pretty cool, right? Also expect a lot of roleplayers in most servers, because it is quite fun to experience being a wolf in this game!


8. Backpacking (PC / Mobile / Tablet)

Backpacking trailer by Simon Space YT

As the name suggests, you go on a backpacking trip to the woodlands. Upon joining, your inventory has the basic camping gears and equipment. You can spawn a free camper van and go to the many camping locations like The Lakes, The Waterfall, and The Peak.

The marshmallows on every bonfire can be cooked/prepared, doing this earns you  marshmallow game currency which can be used to purchase more and advanced camping gears and equipment. With a nice map and location views, backpacking is great for roleplaying too. There also server camping events and competition that are fun to play. Also, beware of bears!


7. Adopt Me! (PC / Mobile / Tablet / Xbox)

Roblox Adopt Me! trailer by Play Adopt Me YT

Adopt Me! is certainly one of the most famous games on Roblox today. In its earlier run, you can only adopt children and role play. Now, there are so many pets and pet wear to buy, build and decorate your house or even start from scratch and completely build anything.

The ride and fly potions which cost robux may be a little heavy on the pocket, but with hard work, you can hatch legendary pets and trade them with other players for potions. The “decorate your home” tools are the ones you use for building, and you absolutely need to check videos on truly amazing Adopt Me! builds.

The game’s city map is a cute world complete with a school, a hospital, a camp, and more. You can raise your pets, do daily tasks, role play, or enjoy riding around Adoption Island.


6. Brookhaven (PC / Mobile / Xbox / Tablet)

Brookhaven roleplay by Sunset Safari YT

If you are a Roblox player, you’ve probably heard of this game, or seen more than one of your friends play it at the same time. Brookhaven is also one of the best games for roleplaying. Boasting a huge map of cities, you can find work, own a home, and live your best city or suburban life.

The game has no main goals other than owning your home and going to work or skipping it, and just enjoy a good walk or drive  around the map. Brookhaven is a Roblox favorite of roleplaying gamers. Aside from roleplaying, the game map is also nice to stay in and hangout with friends or by yourself.


5. Mermaid Life (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Roblox Mermaid Life cinematic trailer by Full Flower Studio YT

Ever wished to be a mermaid? Or wished to have lovely long locks and a tail? In Mermaid Life, you can! Become a mermaid, customize your mermaid look, do daily tasks, and attend classes. Or work at the cafe to earn shopping money for pretty new accessories.

The graphics and the whole map here is pretty and it’s nice to just swim around. There’s a swimming race too to test which mermaid is the fastest. The game’s photo mode is also a great addition to this Roblox game.


4. Welcome to Bloxburg (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

Bloxburg build showcase by cxlixia YT

A favorite among Robloxians, Bloxburg is really an amazing open world game. Very similar to The Sims, where you will need to get a job to earn money, the human feelings and needs depend on your activities and deeds.

This is also the Roblox game that has the best building mode, and many players have built  insane and brilliant houses, shops, even a whole neighborhood. Bloxburg is truly fun to play, especially with friends, if you want to build something big.

The textures of the graphics have great quality, so everything you build looks amazing and realistic. You have to pay R$25 before you can play the game, but trust us, it is truly worth it.


3.  Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 (PC/ Xbox)

Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 cinematic trailer by Orandegello Gaming YT

An open world with a military feel. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 has a really  beautiful and huge map with stunning views of the desert and woodlands. The main goal here is to explore the map and complete missions.

There are also options for PvP, add 4 of your friends, or do the story on your own. With the vast and great graphics, it’s best to enjoy the game on your own first. Driving around the curvy roads with beautiful views is relaxing.


2. Winds of Fortune (PC / Xbox)

Roblox Winds of Fortune trailer by Sonar Studios YT

Ahoy! Probably one of the best games now on Roblox, Winds of Fortune is a one of a kind open world pirate game experience. Sail on your ship and discover around 25 islands and see lovely villages, get loot and defeat mobs, bosses and sea monsters.

The graphics are so beautiful here, it feels like you are on a set of Pirates of the Caribbean, or think you are the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. The details and textures of the ship alone are realistic. You’ll also get used to navigating your ship.

Go on a treasure hunt, fight the undead, and one of the best things to do,  just laze around in your ship, enjoy the sun with a bottle of rum.


1. World Zero (PC / Mobile / Xbox)

World Zero trailer by developer Red Manta games YT

World Zero is an open world fantasy game where you are can be a swordmaster, mage, elementalist and more. You fight mobs to level up and earn gold to get better gear and weapons. Joining server events can earn high XP and you can obtain boss drops. 

Dailies and other quests are a must to earn crystals which are used to purchase cosmetics and the battle pass. Level up and explore the amazing World Zero realm. As you level up, more world maps will be available, and dungeons’ and enemies’ levels will change as you level up. Playing the game will remind you so much of Sword Art Online or Final Fantasy.

And it actually feels like you are there with Kirito and Asuna. It’s a great game to play with friends and family, especially when grinding dungeons. You can also join guilds to get more and exclusive rewards. The guilds here are very competent. Warning though, World Zero is highly addictive!

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