[Top 15] Warframe Best Animation Sets That Look Freakin' Awesome

[Top 15] Warframe Best Animation Sets That Look Freakin' Awesome-01
Fashion is Warframe’s true endgame. - Sun Tzu (Art of War)

One of the things that make Warframe’s customizations feel more detailed and alive is its Animation Sets. Sure, its appearance customizations are pretty in-depth too but it’s one thing to customize how something looks and another thing to customize how something acts and moves.

For those unfamiliar, Animation Sets are an equipable item in the appearance tab of your Warframes that change their idle animations with or without weapons. Different weapon types also have different animations per Animation Set. For example, the idle animation of the Excalibur Noble Animation Set is different for when you’re holding a rifle to when you’re holding a bow, speargun, etc.

Normally only the owners of that Animation Set could use them (only Excalibur can use Excalibur Animation Sets), but by spending platinum, you can permanently unlock them and equip them to any Warframe you want to!

There are TONS of different idle animations in the game and these are the sets that stood out overall for me. This is definitely going to be a little bit more biased than my other lists. Which ones do you think are the best?

Note: This list will only cover Warframe Animation Sets. Operator Animation Sets and Moa emotion modules are not included.

15. Gara Noble Animation Set

This set’s a little more subtle than the others on this list. I love it nonetheless though. Gara’s elegant mannerisms in this set feel surreal. It’s like how someone new to holding a weapon would act. Very show-offy and posh, which, admittedly, doesn’t really make sense for highly-trained killing machines, but it’s still cool to see/

14. Yareli Noble Animation Set

There’s something really unique with Yareli’s Animation Sets. They each have two no-weapon idle animations. As far as I’ve seen and can recall, she’s the only Warframe to have this (I could be wrong though, comment below if you’ve noticed other Animation Sets with dual idles). Despite what you think of the frame’s functionality, there’s no denying her animations are super adorbs uwu. Please don’t revoke my weeb card.

13. Styanax Noble Animation Set

The newest frame to pierce its way through the cosmos, Styanax is a gladiator-inspired Warframe that uses spears, shields, and animations worthy of Leonidas. I absolutely love Animation Sets where it’s not just the Warframes posing, but they have a prop or item that suddenly appears when they do. For his weaponless Noble animation, Styanax calls his mighty Tharros shield and goes full-on Captain America. I eagerly await the captura screenshots.

12. Styanax Agile Animation Set

For his Agile animation, Styanax calls down his Axios Javelin instead when weaponless. Another thing I like about his Animation Sets is the Roman Soldier-ish poses he makes with weapons. Of course, the Romans didn’t have guns though. We’d probably still be living in Roman times if they did.

11. Excalibur Umbra Agile Animation Set

If you’ve reached the point where you get Excalibur Umbra, you’ll know that he’s a wild, almost untamable beast. This Animation Set perfectly captures the semi-sentient Warframe’s savage nature with fast and violent movements.

10. Inaros Agile Animation Set

Gotta love agile Inaros’ style. Very old-timey mummy movements. There must have been a lot of effort to get the details of the mannerisms just right. Besides, aren’t all Warframes technically mummies?

9. Yareli Agile Animation Set

With the power of the Void and anime by your side, who would even dare challenge you? I placed this one higher than the Noble one because it’s more playful and clumsy, which is exactly how I feel Yareli would act.

8. Titania Agile Animation Set

There are only a handful of Animation Sets that make your frame hover (currently only Animation Sets from Caliban, Titania, and Wisp do), so they’re really special. It makes sense to use it on Titania since she’s a fairy Warframe whose skillset is based on her flying and zipping around the room.

7. Nezha Noble Animation Set

The animations in this set are very avant-garde and Shaolin-y. With arms making big swaying motions and with Nezha almost constantly balancing on just one foot, this Animation Set encapsulates Nezha’s playful yet fierce nature.

6. Titania Noble Animation Set

Titania’s Noble Animation Set adds grace and elegance to the fairy queen which I feel really matches her style. The animations on this set have tons of personality, she even interacts with the Razorflies that fly around her in some of the animations here.

5. Nezha Agile Animation Set

I liked this one more than its Noble counterpart because it still embodies the mythology of Nezha while also having more practicality in battle look-wise. Then again, I’m no martial artist so maybe his Noble Animation Set made sense for fighting too  ̄ _(ツ)_/ ̄.

4. Limbo Noble Animation Set

Never thought you’d see Unfortunately, this animation set pretty much only works on Limbo though. When equipping it on other Warframes, they don’t take off a tophat because… well, they don’t have one. Which makes the actions kinda look awkward.

3. Khora Urushu Noble Animation Set

Though I personally think that the Khora Urushu Skin looks messy and confusing, the animations are great. They’re more sensual than other Animation Sets in the game which give them a unique feel.

2. Wisp Agile Animation Set

Another levitating Warframe Animation Set, Wisp’s animations are mesmerizing to look at with her playfully spinning and doing flips in the air like an acrobatic ghost.

1. Wisp Noble Animation Set

Wisp mains knew this was coming. Wisp’s animations are the perfect balance of cute and sensual, and you just never get tired of staring at it. Even though she’s supposed to be a ghost or spirit of some kind, her Noble Animations look just as fairy-like as Titania’s but more alluring.


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