Warframe Raises Over $75k In Its Quest to Conquer Cancer

Warframe Raises Over $75k In Its Quest to Conquer Cancer
Quest to Conquer Cancer

Starting 1 October 2021, Warframe partnered with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to launch its Quest to Conquer Cancer, running till 29 October 2021. Their goal is to raise $100k to donate to the fight against cancer.

Quest to Conquer Cancer merch. Image by Warframe.

Cancer has been a bane on human civilization for centuries, with the oldest documented case of cancer being 8 cases of breast tumors recorded on papyrus in Egypt around 1500 BC. 

According to cancer.org, an estimated total of 1.9 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the US alone this year. Furthermore, there will be an estimated total of 608,520 cancer-related deaths in the United States this year.

Donations to the Quest to Conquer Cancer go towards cancer research and treatment in the neverending fight to bring the number of cancer cases and cancer-related deaths down. 

Supporters can donate by watching participating Warframe streams and donating directly via the donation page. They can also contribute by purchasing exclusive charity merch. The net proceeds of the merch sales will be donated once the campaign ends.

The total donation goal is $100k. There are 11 donation thresholds starting at $5k, going up to $10k, and then climbing to $100k in increments of $10k. For each threshold reached (sum total of donations), new in-game rewards are unlocked on all platforms.

The campaign will run until 29 October 2021, leaving Warframe with 9 days to raise a total of $25k to reach its campaign goal of $100,000.

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