Top 5 Free Mech Games for PC

Free Mech Games PC
Mech's are on the rise in gaming, bringing fast paced action unlike any other genre on the market.

The Mech genre has seen a large boost in popularity recently. With anime becoming incredibly more mainstream, it doesn't come as a surprise that the more niche genres of anime would too. Whether it’s the art style, or the fast paced combat, if mech games are your style then you’ll love the list we have today. 


MechWarrior Online™ Legends

In this video, ZoniMochi breaks down the 3 best Mechs for new players to use when they jump into MechWarrior Online.

MechWarrior Online is a PvP mech combat game developed as part of the BattleTech universe. It takes place in the Inner Sphere of the BattleMech Universe in the year 3049. Players will fight in bipedal mechs on various maps in different game modes, including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Conquest.

Players will jump into matches and fight over control of the battlefield either by eliminating the enemy mechs or controlling objective points. Fight with up to 11 allies in 12v12 matches and conquer your enemies. MechWarrior Online hosts a faction system where players can group up and fight for control of individual planets to earn rewards for their faction.

Customize your mech with individual modules and weapons before jumping into battle and fighting with other players. 



Check out this breakdown of the different units and basic strategy to help you succeed in AirMech!

Airmech is a top down RTS game where players control a mech that has the freedom to either be on the ground or in the air. There's multiple game modes to play, but the objective will boil down to eliminating the enemy headquarters, or keeping yours running. With various troops and towers available for the player to utilize, managing your credits will be crucial.

Players are awarded kudos for finishing a match, which they can use to unlock mechs, customizations, and upgrades for their current mechs. All items that can advance your gameplay can be bought with kudos, but there is a premium currency called diamonds which players can use for additional cosmetics. Jump into the arena and build your army as you defeat your enemies in Airmech.

Deploy tanks, infantry, and defensive towers as you accrue credits and defend your headquarters from the enemies onslaught.


War Robots

Check out this comprehensive look at how to start off strong in War Robots!

War Robots is a top down mech battler where players will design and customize their own mech before jumping into battle. Fight 6v6 against other players for control of a beacon, or to destroy the enemy's forces within the match time limit of 10 minutes.The robots are set into a Tier system, with Tier IV being the highest. 

There are hundreds of variations for players to explore and unlock for their mechs. Customize your base mech, weapons, and modules as you unlock them by playing matches. Whether you compete in team battles or duke it out in 6 player free for alls, the possibilities are endless in War Robots.

Your mech is yours to build as you master your mech and fine tune it to fit your playstyle to strike down the enemy and control the battlefield.


Super Mecha Champions 

Here we have a beginner's tutorial on how to start your adventure in Super Mecha Champions!

Super Mecha Champions may be the most unique entry on the list, featuring a variety of game modes with an emphasis on Battle Royales. Players will control a pilot as they follow the usual battle royale loop of gameplay. Where this game shines is the mechs that players can earn and fight over.

As the match goes on your mech will become available after roughly 6 minutes. At this point you’ll fight other mechs and pilots to be the last man standing. When your mech is destroyed your pilot will be ejected, and you’ll have to fight other players for control of another mech. There are 14 mechs and 10 pilots to choose from as you jump into the battlefield and fight for survival. 

Fight other pilots and other mechs as you look for loot and race against the zone in this unique, anime-styled mech battle royale.



Check out this beginner's guide to Warframe in 2024!

Warframe is a third person shooter MMO that has players play as a Tenno, a race of ancient beings who have awoken on an Earth far into the future. The Tenno find themselves at war with various factions of the Origin System, and use their powered mech suits, or Warframes, to combat their enemies. Players will explore procedurally generated levels and grind for better equipment to make their Warframe stronger.

Aside from the procedurally generated levels, there are a host of campaign missions available for players to dive into and uncover the lore of the war. Warframe is unique in the way players traverse the levels, having really slick movement that feels like parkour almost, keeps the gameplay fast paced and ever evolving. With an in depth clan system allowing players to team up in large-scale, you can group up with other players and destroy the forces that oppose the Tenno in Warframe.

Help the Tennos defeat the threats to the Origin System or take on other Tenno in PvP matches and get the next upgrade for your Warframe.


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