Warframe Best Elements Revealed

Best Elements in Warframe
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Warframe Best Elements Revealed

Although Warframe may seem simple due to its core gameplay of horde shooter, it has its mechanics of being complicated. One of these is the different types of health classes and their respective weaknesses. 

Best elements for kuva and tenet weapons

One is a cyborg and the other is part of a harem; both, however, are out for your blood.

Ideally, toxin is better picked as the initial elemental damage type for kuva or tenet weapons since it is flexible in modding it according to the faction to be encountered. You can mod it to corrosive or viral for Grineer, toxin or viral for Corpus, and gas or corrosive for infested.

That said, viral damage is arguably the best way to go for elemental damage type as it deals bonus damage to most units in multiple factions and, additionally, acts as a pseudo critical multiplier by increasing the damage taken by enemies by up to 325%.


Best element against Grineer

Apes together strong.

Most of these guys have a few things in common: ugly, deformed, violent, and braindead.

The Grineer has 4 types of health classes namely: cloned flesh, ferrite armor, alloy armor, and machinery. 

Almost all Grineer mobs have cloned flesh with the addition of armor to boost their health. Low-mid tier enemies have cloned flesh with ferrite armor as their health class; thus using viral (for cloned flesh) with corrosive and heat (one or both for ferrite armor) good types against them, respectively. 

High tier enemies, including almost all bosses and most executioners at Rathuum, have cloned flesh with alloy armor as their health class; again making viral (for cloned flesh) with radiation and cold (one or both for alloy armor), effective against them. 

Finally, machinery health class represents all Grineer units that are AI. They are spawned less frequently but have resistance to crowd control abilities. As machines, they are vulnerable to blast and electricity types of damage.

Overall, viral is the best type of elemental damage to be used against Grineer as they all have cloned flesh as a health type.


Best elements against Corpus

Me and the boys when someone mentions profit.

Tennos be laughing at how funny these boxheads look until a Corpus Tech whirrs his Supra. Seriously, Techs make your armor look like wet tissue paper.

The Corpus has 4 types of health classes namely: shield, proto shield, flesh, and robotic. 

Their forces are all equipped with shields and are comprised of two types, mechanical units, which represent ospreys and moas, and humanoid, which represents all types of crewmen. 

Standard humanoid units have flesh with shield as their health class, while some of its elite units have flesh with proto shield instead. Mechanical units have robotics with shield, while a very select few have shield, robotic, and alloy armor as their health class. 

Magnetic damage is effective against both shields and photo shields, while toxin and viral are effective against flesh. When it comes to robotic enemies, radiation and electricity are effective against them. 

Enemies at the Index are a mix of shielded robotic and fleshed enemies; however, almost all of them are alloy armored, thus, making radiation very effective against them. 

Viral is also the best type to be used, even though robotic types receive normal damage from it since all Corpus humanoids receive bonus damage from it. 


Best elements against Infested

They assimilate with you, similar to The Thing minus the impersonation.

Ugly, disgusting, stinky, and avoided by everyone; these are the words to describe the Infested or you. 

The infested have 4 types of health classes namely: infested, infested flesh, fossilized, and infested sinew. 

Most of the infested forces have infested as their only health type while a lesser portion of them have infested flesh. Both health types, however, are vulnerable to gas and heat elemental damage which makes it easier to deal with light infested units. 

Fossilized flesh is the main health type of most bosses, infested heavy units, and some Deimos exclusive mobs. They are vulnerable to corrosive and blast damage.

Infested sinew is the health type of the Hemocyte and the remaining Deimos exclusive mobs; cold and blast elemental damage are effective against it.

Overall, heat elemental damage is the best type to be used in fighting this faction, since most of the enemies that you will encounter will have infested and infested flesh as their main health type.


Best element against Corrupted

Guard duty is boring, but hey, you get to wear a shiny new set of armor. 

What if we get units from different factions that the players hate, put them together, and then present them as a new faction.     -DE(probably)

The corrupted are mind controlled units that are comprised of ones that are from other factions, thus making them more difficult to deal with as they have nearly all types of health classes. 

However, generally speaking, most of its units are composed of cloned flesh and flesh, thus, still making viral the best type of elemental damage to be used. 


Best element against Sentients

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

Improvise, adapt, overcome. Words that came from a human but were accomplished by floating skeletal alien enemies. These masochists will take on nearly any kind of damage, just to show you how pathetic your high-tech weapons are.

Sentients have multiple health classes with the addition of its capability in adapting to different damages, which makes them more difficult in engaging. Almost all of them are robotic with some having shields, ferrite and/or alloy armor to boost their health. The best way in fighting sentients is to deal massive burst damage before they can adapt to it, requiring you to use void damage to remove their adaptation.

Normal mobs are robotic and usually have ferrite armor. 

Boss type enemies that are found in the plains of Eidolon have shield, robotic, and alloy armor as their health class, thus making 


Best element against Necramech

Mechas are cool unless they are trying to kill you.

Think of Hulkbuster armor without much flying and punching but with heavy weapons, shield, sword, and ninja moves. 

The necramech has proto shield, machinery, and alloy armor as its health class, however, they are completely invulnerable except for their shoulders and blue spot on the back. 

With its machinery and alloy armor as its main health type, both blast and radiation can be used against it; although radiation is arguably better due to its ignore armor mechanic. 


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