[Top 5] WoW BFA Best Professions

[Top 5 ] WoW BFA Best Professions
You don't need to be a Gnomish genius to make some quick gold!

What Are The Best Professions in WoW BfA?

Because Blizzard’s formerly cash-only World of Warcraft services can now be purchased with in-game currency, many players are scrambling for the easiest ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth. While you’ve missed out on the initial wave of new herbs and ore flooding into the market, and while prices continue to plummet from over-saturation, there are still many other professions flying under the radar, and they can make you some serious gold.

Mining and Herbalism are perfectly valid choices for any player, and they make natural companions to the Blacksmithing and Alchemy professions respectively, but for the purposes of this guide, we will be focusing on five different professions that don’t fit the definition of Gathering profession.

5. Inscription

World of Warcraft Inscription

  • Able to craft raid-wide 30 minute buffs like the War-Scroll of Battle Shout, War-Scroll of Intellect, or War-Scroll of Fortitude.
  • Reputation contracts of the new reputations grant an extra 10 reputation when completing world quests. 7th Legion and The Honorbound are not included.
  • Vantus Rune: Uldir grants its user 277 versatility while in Uldir. More will come as new raids open.
  • Tome of the Quiet Mind gives its user an opportunity to switch around class talents if not in a city.
  • Darkmoon Card of War, a bind-on-equip level 355 epic trinket, has a different kind for healers, tanks, casters and melee.
  • Level 120 rare quality caster off-hands that have a chance to become epic.
  • Scribes can create or sell Crimson Ink Well, a follower item that gives a chance to receive ink from successful missions.
  • Appearance-altering Glyphs, like changing druid’s aquatic form into a dolphin.

How much gold will this make?

We must make some assumptions:

  • The average World of Warcraft player plays around 3 hours per day.
  • Around a third of that time (1 hour) is spent on crafting and gathering.
  • On average, a player finds one Kul Tiran/Zandalar herb per 2.9 minutes.
  • The average yield of an herb node is 2.3.
  • It takes 12 Ultramarine Ink and 5 Crimson Ink to create a Contract: Order of Embers.
  • On average, it takes about 12 nodes to mill enough ink one for Contract: Order of Embers
  • Each Contract: Order of Embers sells for a mean of 212.97 gold on Tichondrius-US (November 2018)
  • 60/34.8 = 1.72 * 212.97 gold = 366.30 gold/hour

The key to making a lot of money with inscription comes from combining the sale of Contracts with the sale of Glyphs. It’s not uncommon to see some Glyphs swell to 4000% of their normal value during times of increased scarcity. This means less stable income but much more lucrative prospects. Even though this guide assumes you are pairing Herbalism with Inscription to farm your own mats, under certain conditions it may be a better idea to purchase the materials from the auction house.

Inscription Job Guide: https://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow-inscription-guide.html

4. Alchemy

World of Warcraft Alchemy

  • They can craft a Potion of Herb Tracking to use or sell; follower gear that has a chance to reward herbs after successful missions.
  • Flasks that buff one of the four main buffs of its user.
  • Potions that grant a variety of buffs, as well as health and mana replenishment.
  • They can craft four new trinkets: two Alchemist Stones and two Tinctures. The Alchemist Stones are limited to the alchemist, while the Tinctures can be equipped by anyone.
  • Alchemists can use an ability Transmute that can use other raw materials to make others.
    • Transmute: Meat to Pet
    • Transmute: Ore to Herbs
    • Transmute: Ore to Gems
    • Transmute: Ore to Cloth
    • Transmute: Herbs to Ore
    • Transmute: Herbs to Cloth
    • Transmute: Fish to Gems
    • Transmute: Cloth to Skins
    • Transmute: Expulsom

How much gold can this make?

As with Jewelcrafting, Alchemy is a bit more nuanced than looking at hourly rates. Flasks will provide you with a good baseline, but if you carefully watch the market and plan your transmutes with market trends, you could see huge gains like JC. Assuming you are focusing only on selling Flasks, you will make around 2138 gold/hour if you are also an Herbalist.

Alchemy Job Guide: https://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow_alchemy_leveling_guide.html

3. Blacksmithing

World of Warcraft Blacksmithing

  • Able to craft uncommon quality armor, including weapons and shields, that have a chance at upgrading to rare quality.
  • Able to craft item level 355 epic armor that binds on pickup, which can later be upgraded to 370 and eventually 385.
  • Ability to craft rare quality level 120 gear that has a chance to upgrade to epic quality.
  • Monelite Skeleton Key, giving the blacksmith the opportunity to open locks. Requires a 600 lock picking skill.
  • Monel-Hardened Hoofplates increases land mount speed in the new zones (Kul Tiras and Zandalar) by 20%. This can be used by anyone, but Blacksmiths receive an extended buff duration.
  • Monel-Hardened Stirrups makes it possible to interact with objects, like mining nodes, while mounted in the new zones. Usable by anyone, but Blacksmiths receive an extended buff duration.
  • Can make mission follower equipment that includes:
  • Platinum Whetstone that increases mission success chance by 5%.
  • Storm Silver Spurs decreases mission duration by 20%.
  • Magnetic Mining Pick gives your champions a chance to bring back ore from successful missions.

How much gold will this make?

We must make some assumptions: The average World of Warcraft player plays around 3 hours per day. Around a third of that time (1 hour) is spent on crafting and gathering.

On average, a player finds one Storm Silver mining node per 4.1 minutes. The average yield of a Storm Silver node is 2.

It takes 30 Storm Silver Ore to create a pair of Honorable Combatant’s Plate Boots. 2447.93 gold is the mean price on Tichondrius-US for Honorable Combatant’s Plate Boots (Fetched from databases in November 2018).

60/4.1 = 14.63 nodes/hour = 29.26 ores/hour = 0.976 boots/hour * 2447.93 mean price = 2389.18 gold/hour

The above assumes you pair Blacksmithing with Mining rather than sell the ore or purchase the ore off the auction house. Your mileage may vary without Mining, depending on how cheaply you are able to acquire the materials from the auction house to convert them into boots.

Blacksmithing Job Guide: https://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow-blacksmithing-guide.html

2. Enchanting

World of Warcraft Enchanting

  • It gives the ability to enhance gear, or apply the enhancement to enchanting vellums that can be bought over the auction house.
  • They’re able to craft an item level 225 uncommon quality wand, and an item level 300 rare quality. Both have the ability to upgrade on chance.
  • Weapon enchants that either momentarily buff a stat or add on a beneficial spell.
  • Enchanter-only wrist buff that decreases the cast time of their hearthstone, applies a shield while hearthing, or reduces the cool down of it.
  • Ring enchants that buff a stat.
  • Glove enchants that speed up the process of crafting or gathering.
  • Able to craft or sell a Disenchanting Rod, which gives a chance to receive enchanting dust from successful missions.

How much gold can this make?

The average World of Warcraft player plays around 3 hours per day. Around a third of that time (1 hour) is spent on crafting and gathering. Assuming you spend 3 hours of the day doing quests in 120 zones, you will on average receive 2 epics and 5 rares. These can be disenchanted into Veiled Crystal and Umbra Shard respectively.

The amount of gold you make from enchanting largely depends on how much endgame content you are doing.

Enchant Ring: Pact of Haste sells well on all servers. On Tichondrius-US (As of November 2018) it sells for a mean of 2560.1 gold. They required 4 Veiled Crystals and 3 Umbra Shards.

2457.696 gold/hour expected income.

Enchanting Job Guide: https://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow-enchanting-guide.html

1. Jewelcrafting

World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting

  • Jewelcrafters can make or sell a Kaleidoscopic Lens, follower gear that gives a chance to reward gems from successful mission quests.
  • They have the ability to craft multiple types of staves. Item level 225 uncommon staff initially, and an item level 300 rare later. Both have the ability to upgrade on chance.
  • Eight different types of rings. They have a single secondary stat and one socket. Four rings are at item level 225, and the remaining are item level 300. Both have the ability to upgrade on chance.
  • Crafted gems ranging from uncommon to rare used for socketed gear that comes in a primary stat, as well as secondary stat. Increased experience and run speed are also available.

How much gold can this make?

We’ll give different advice here, because the gems market is highly volatile. It can make more money than almost any other profession if you watch the market carefully and look for huge spikes in cost. Gems tend to flood the market during beginning to middle of a patch cycle, and spike in value around the end-middle when the content drought makes the market more scarce. It is advised in particular to watch the Tidal Amethyst gemstone, which is very economical to craft and has been known to spike at upwards of 8000%. With gems, it is less about rate per hour and more about how long you can hold before selling. Good luck!

Jewelcrafting Job Guide: https://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow_jewelcrafting_leveling_guide.html

The market may be volatile, but you can use that to your advantage! With the advice given, you can put yourself in the green.

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