What Is WoW Dragonflight About? (WoW Dragonflight Story Explained)

Is there anything cooler than dragons?

What is the story of WoW Dragonflight?

After many years of convoluted plot developments that divided the player base of World of Warcraft, we finally arrive at a refreshing adventure that feels like everything a medieval fantasy RPG should be.

Dragonflight takes the brave adventurers of Azeroth to a new land called the Dragon Isles, a place which laid dormant under the protection of Titan and now has woken up, threatening the balance of the world as we know it.


The Five Dragon Aspects

The story of Dragonflight begins long before the present times of Azeroth, back when the Titan and the Old Gods fought directly for the control of the planet. It was during these ancient times that the keepers and the Dragon Aspects were created, to serve as the watchful eye and the weapon of the Pantheon against the forces of the Old Gods in Azeroth.

After Galakrond, the largest and most powerful proto-dragon, went mad and began to devour his own kin, Tyr, one of the titan-forged keepers, reached out to five of the strongest and most resourceful proto-dragons who were able to survive the attacks of Galakrond, in order to form an opposing force that might be able to defeat the mighty predator.

These five dragons were Malygos, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera and Neltharion, which later became Deathwing the Destroyer. They were imbued with the powers of the Titan and became the Dragon Aspects, leaders of the Dragonflights and sworn protectors of Azeroth against all evil.


Dracthyr Warriors

Dracthyr are the new playable race in World of Warcraft, with their exclusive class the Evoker, and a whole lot of importance to the plot of Dragonflight.

This ancient warrior race was created by Neltharion, back when he was the Earth-Warder, combining the powerful draconic abilities of the dragons with the adaptability of mortals such as humans, giving birth to these mighty shapeshifting creatures.

The Dracthyr army have been abandoned at the Forbidden Reach island for too long, and now they have come back in order to aid the Dragon Aspects in their war against the ancient enemies that once again pose a threat to Azeroth.


Conflict In The Dragon Isles

Abandoned since the war of the ancients, the Dragon Isles are a point of interest for the Dragon Aspects, who have lost their powers and now have found a way to restore them using the power of the Oathstones.

Each Dragonflight has their own Oathstone, and the adventurers must aid each of the Aspects in restoring their respective Oathstones, travelling through many different parts of the Dragon Isles, exploring the unique biomes and fighting fierce enemies in the meantime.

However, dragons are not the only figures of interest in these mysterious lands, as the player will encounter many other races such as the centaurs, the djaradin, and even gnolls.


Traveling Through Time

Nozdormu and the Bronze Dragonflight are the dragons responsible for protecting the timelines and the flow of time itself, and they will need your help in order to defeat many time anomalies and stabilize the timeline.

In order to do that, you and the Bronze Dragonflight will team up with a familiar face: Chromie, the chronomancer. Together, you will travel through different timelines and various points of the history of WoW, encountering all kinds of weird alternate versions of important events from the past.


Raszageth And The Incarnates

While the Dragon Aspects are trying to reclaim their powers, Raszageth the Storm-Eater, one of the leaders of the Primal Incarnates who originally rebelled against the Dragon Aspects themselves, has other plans for the Dragon Isles.

It was the immense power of Raszageth that first led Neltharion to corrupt himself and become Deathwing, and now the proto-dragon of storms is on a quest to release the other Incarnates from the vault in which they have been imprisoned.

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