Top 10 Must Have WoW Addons For Legion

best wow addons for legion

The 10 Best WoW Legion Addons That You Should Be Using Today

Addons are modifications that change or add to parts of game programming from the action bars to helpful alert tools. The most reliable addon host website is Curse, who teamed up with Twitch this year.

10. World Quest Group Finder

Best WoW Legion Addon to Complete World Quests FAST!!!

World quests can be completed quicker with aid. World Quest Group Finder helps players find and create groups in one click. The addon only finds groups listed through the addon.

It has roughly 3.7 million total downloads and is Twitch’s 10th most popular addon.

9. Bartender 4

Highlighted in green, bartender gives you the freedom to configure all action bars.

Bartender allows players to customize 10 action bars each with 1-12 buttons. You can be as creative as you like, bars are easily keybound. Having 33 million downloads, bartender gives you a flexible, clean interface.

Customizing bartender for the first time might seem confusing, this guide can get you started:


With GTFO, you would be alerted to this fire totem’s AOE.

No hate here, GTFO audibly alerts players when they’re standing in something they shouldn’t be. GTFO is great for those who play with minimal graphics, allowing them to avoid damage without having to distinct different layers of AOE.

GTFO can be combined with Weak Auras to alert players visually. So far, it has 20 million downloads.

7. WeakAuras 2

Beginner's Guide to WeakAuras 2

WoW's framework displays many types ofmessage alerts such as buff and debuff applications and fades. WeakAuras 2 lets you decide how you receive them and other alerts like cooldowns. It is highly customizable and easy to use.

This will improve all aspects of your gameplay, especially increasing your group efficiency. So far it has 22 million downloads.

6. AtlasLoot Enhanced

World of Warcraft Atlasloot Enhanced How To Addon Guide

Having 61 million downloads, AtlasLoot is a database of boss loot accessible at any time. It allows you to seek out and obtain the best gear or transmog sets for your character without having to put a whole lot of time and research behind it. AtlasLoot also provides a price preview for items bought with tokens.

5. NPCScan

Never have a hard time finding an NPC again.

Everything about targeting is enhanced by NPCScan. Seek out specific NPCs or just get updates about nearby ones, either way you will have access to a smoother, more dynamic targeting system.

This addon is great for finding the needle in the haystack when it comes to questing, it has 45,000,000 downloads.

4. World Quest Tracker

WoW Legion: The Best New Addon - "World Quest Tracker"

If you ever ran 10 minutes the wrong way chasing a world quest you didn’t mean to, you weren’t the only one. World Quest Tracker allows you to customize which quests you want to track and only displays those on flight points.

Ranking in Twitch’s 5th most popular addon, it has 11,000,000 downloads.

3. Recount

Some stats recount can display for your benefit, damage per npc, damage by attack, and overall raid damage done.

Recount is a classic tried and true addon that everyone should have. It tracks all damage and heals, gives you customizable stats, and displays data. It has 93,000,000 downloads and is Twitch’s 3rd most popular addon.

2. Bagnon

WoW Addon: Bagnon review

The bag clean up function has its flaws, that’s where Bagnon comes in. Easily sort your bag or bank items into more specific categories, even color codes. Having a fast bag management system helps you waste less time in the game.

Bagnon is Twitch’s 2nd post popular addon and has 38,000,000 downloads.

1. Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) is hands down the number one addon every player should have. It has 176,000,000 downloads and is Twitch’s 1st most popular addon.

DBM is an alert system that accounts for every boss move in game. It tells you when important spells are incoming and how to counter boss mechanics. This is essential for completing any group content.

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