[Top 10] Sylvanas Windrunner Best Wallpapers That Look Awesome

Who wouldn't die and resurrect to serve the Queen?

Stop looking for Sylvanas’ best wallpaper. We have them here.

Sylvanas is breaking the world, in Azeroth literally and on the internet. Since her powerful role in World of Warcraft took protagonism, different artists shared their incredible talent with jaw-breaking concept art.

If you’re obsessed with Sylvanas Windrunner like we are, then you should check these awesome wallpapers to download in high quality.

01. Sylvanas against Anduin.

The bow is not good close-range weapon to fight Anduin.

A new resource called "Azerite" burst through the wounds of the planet and it was incredibly powerful but with unknown potential. This triggers a conflict between Horde and Alliance, instigated by the Horde's leader, Sylvanas Windrunner. This epic wallpaper reflects the two factions with their leaders in hand-on-hand combat.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here. 


02. Sylvanas’ Disappointment.

I wonder if Sylvanas get cold.

Imagine that your purpose in life is to have revenge on the person that killed you and made you the way you are. Now, imagine arriving at the frozen throne where the killer supposedly is and discovering he was already killed. This piece of art shows the moment where Sylvanas arrives and sees an empty throne.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here. 


03. Teldrassil’s genocide.

She killed more than 20,000 elves that lived in the Mother Tree.

This is a unique and game-changing moment in the history of Warcraft. Sylvanas commits the ultimate genocide by burning Teldrassil, the Night-Elves’ hometown. She almost killed an entire race. This beautiful landscape plays with light to dramatize the massive destruction our Horde leader caused.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


04. For the Horde!

Sylvanas was the leader of the Horde before breaking the sky to the Shadowlands.

Horde is known for its red colors, amazing races, and deadly leaders including Sylvanas Windrunner. This portrays the red, the destruction, and the powerful leader you can follow to remind you what you’re fighting for.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


05. Sylvanas’ armor

The detail of her armor is stunning.

When you go to war, you wear your best armor. In the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion, Sylvanas wears armor that blends with her night cold skin and lets her be the leader she needs to be.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


06. Dark Rangers

She is the Hawkeye of Azeroth. Never misses a shot.

The dark rangers are undead archers and elite agents in service of Sylvanas and they belong to the Horde. This magnificent wallpaper shows Sylvanas’ ability with the bow and her perfect posture.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


07. The Banshee Queen

Her magic is not if this world, or so they say.

It is believed that Sylvanas uses shadow magic with her foes, but the greatest casters of Azeroth are certain that her magic is unknown, something powerful they never sensed before. How awesome is this wallpaper showing how powerful Sylvanas is. You can even know with those red eyes she is there to harm.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


08. Queen of the Forsaken

Lich King never had the chance of winning the battle.

Sylvanas is a leader with a lot of loyal followers. When looking for revenge on Arthas, she had death knights willing to go against his maker to pay for what the Lich King did. 


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


09. High-elf General Ranger of Silvermoon

When she was alive, her skin was a reflection of the sun.

Before she was killed by Arthas, Sylvanas was a high-elf protecting the forest of Quel’thalas. This colorful wallpaper shows how she looked in the past before she became a banshee by the sword Frostmourne.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


10. Real 3D Sylvanas


"Shadowlands" is perfect to see how awesome Sylvanas is.

“Shadowlands” cinematic trailer has been one of the best cinematics Blizzard has ever released. The moment Sylvanas defeats the Lich King, she removes his helmet and changes the world of Azeroth. This wallpaper is special and unique because there is nothing more amazing than seeing one of your favorite characters from videogames rendered with the last detail and incredible textures making it look stunning.


Download the wallpaper in High Quality here.


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