Diablo Immortal vs Diablo 3: Top 10 differences

Diablo Immortal vs Diablo 3

At present, there are two games from the series that stand out, and I am referring to Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. Released in 2012, the third instalment of this series (Diablo 3) broke records as it garnered 4.7 million players on the very first day of its launch! Continuing to break the barriers in this rapidly evolving tech world that we live in, Diablo Immortal has infiltrated the mobile gaming space as well. It has been nominated for the Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2022.

Both games are truly successful, however, you can’t help but wonder what their differences are, which is why you are here. As Diablo 3 was fully a PC game and Diablo Immortal isn’t, it was bound to have some reconstruction, making it even totally distinct if you look into the gameplay of both worlds.

10. Game Progression

Diablo games are known for their punishing campaigns, and this is what Diablo 3 delivered to the fans. It also had dungeons where players could farm items in the quest to obtain legendary pieces. The newer Diablo Immortal still has the same two concepts, however, they have added Elder Rifts which drops legendary gems, Challenge Rifts that enable increased drop rate/rewards according to character level, and also the Helliquary wherein players are to team up to beat the weekly bosses in hopes of obtaining rare armour and weaponry, and to build their combat rating as well.


9. Seasons Galore

Diablo 3 is still an active game to date as it caters a system which pushes players to try out various classes, as the heroes reset on each season. On the other hand, Diablo Immortal does not have any resets as it just gives out frequent patches and adds up content along the process.


8. Genre Distinction

RPGs and MMOs do have their similarities and differences as well. Diablo 3 tends to be a more casual game, compared to Diablo Immortal which functions more as an MMO that requires players to grind on a daily basis if you don't want to get left behind.



7. Formidable Content

As it focuses more on the campaign side, Diablo 3 is invested on the PvE (Player-versus-Enemy) aspect, making the quest runs sometimes nearly impossible to conquer. Whereas Diablo Immortal does not feel to have the same level of difficulty as that of Diablo 3.



6. Hero Customisation

It is quite handy to be able to customise your character the way you want them as it makes you stand out even more. Not just on the visual aspects of customisation but rather on the paragon builds of the game. Diablo 3 offers more versatility with this compared to Diablo Immortal wherein there still is some room for customisation but it is just minimal.


5. Money Matters

In Diablo 3, everything that the players would achieve is obtained from their struggles in the game. If you have been playing Diablo 3 prior to Diablo Immortal, this might be one of the issues that could discourage you from playing any further, as sadly, Diablo Immortal has a Pay-to-win structure and the game is dominated by the big whales in each server.


4. Assault the Arena! 

Don’t let your guard down just yet, because Diablo Immortal has something to offer that the previous series didn’t have, and this is Player-versus-Player battles! This is indeed one of the best highlights in Diablo Immortal as players team up and just assault other characters in a brawl where a team guards the ancient heart of the base and the opposition pushes to infiltrate them.


3. Experience express

Some players would love to just grind all day in order to gain the upper hand. With Diablo 3, grinding throughout the game is typically slower than the newer series. Diablo Immortal gives experience boosts to those who have not logged in for some time, or are below the server paragon level (which increases by 2 on a daily basis).


2. The Social Aspect

A game is classified as an MMORPG when masses of players interact with one another. This is encouraged in Diablo Immortal as players are unable to start dungeons or clear the Helliquary unless they meet a specific number of party members in order to challenge the quest.


1. The Immortal Reign

The key protectors in the world of Sanctuary are the renowned Immortals. They are feared and notorious fighters who have won rounds of clan wars and ruled their empire for a specific time period. This has first been introduced in Diablo Immortal, which means that there is nothing similar to this in Diablo 3.

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