10 Demon Games on PC

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Face Your Demons—and Those of Hell—in These Terrifying Demonic Games

Fiery Forces of Evil Make Demon Games the Hottest

Enemies come and go, but some are timeless.  Demons stand at the top of the list when it comes to bad guys, and rightfully so.  These creatures exist in constant pain and damnation and want to share it.  Their every moment is spent contemplating your destruction.  They have no preference regarding the manner of pain, desiring only that you be tortured and ultimately brought to a bloody end.  There is no room for diplomacy with demons, no negotiations or deals—although they might agree to discuss a deal so they can get close enough to kill you.  It’s time to gather your courage, gather your strength, and gather all the demon-slaying weapons you can find.



DOOM Campaign Trailer

The teleportation technology research intended to not only advance military capabilities but also various commercial and industrial endeavors turned out to be a big, big mistake: tampering with sciences never intended for humanity opened a portal between our dimension and the blasted plains of Hell itself.  A multitude of demons are pouring forth into our world, intent on the destruction of our kind.  In DOOM (2016 release), you play as a space marine who must grab every weapon available and blast your way through the evil creatures to find a way to close the portal and save the world.

Cacodemons Spit Balls of Hell-Powered Lightning

Just like the previous releases of DOOM games, the demons are the primary enemy and really the whole focus of DOOM (2016).  The possessed humans, the lowliest of the demonic hordes, pale in comparison to the lowliest of proper demons, the ferocious and merciless Imps.

Imps Will Gleefully Rip Your Still-Beating Heart from Your Chest

All DOOM demons fight ferociously, but higher-ranking demons also have powers such as summoning other demons or even resurrecting previously-slain demons to help kill you.  This is a first-person shooter that features a variety of powerful sci-fi weapons, creepy settings, and hard-core action.


2) Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic Trailer

Tristram Cathedral is struck by a falling star, and prophecy researcher Deckard Cain disappears down a deep crater.  Soon after, undead creatures begin rising from the chasm and flooding the countryside.  In Diablo 3, players accompany Cain’s assistant, Leah, on a mission to save Deckard Cain and solve the mystery of the falling star and the undead plague it caused.  Choose from 6 character classes: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Monk, or Witch Doctor. 

Each Character Class Offers Strengths and Abilities

Unlike the previous Diablo games, Diablo 3 allows players to choose the gender of their character regardless of their character class.  This top-down action shooter is dark and gritty; action flows fast and keeps gameplay tense.  Characters can find a huge variety of items and resources and special artisans can create powerful magic-charged items to wield in battle.  Follow the adventurous storyline and face the ultimate evil enemy, Diablo, the Lord of Terror.


3) Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls III - Ashes of Ariandel DLC Announcement Trailer

In the mythical kingdom of Lothric, undead creatures and demonic forces are rising as the Age of Dark threatens to engulf the world, and the only hope is to prolong the Age of Flame to keep the darkness at bay.  In Dark Souls 3, the choices players make lead them through a complex storyline towards one of four possible endings. 

Ghostly Demons and Undead Creatures Thrive in Dark Places

Dark Souls 3 provides a host of evil human enemies, but the more fearsome and dangerous opponents are the demons and undead brought forth by the rising darkness.  Skeleton warriors attack with speed and ferocity, wielding weapons taken from the dead.  Hate-powered demons appear from nowhere and strike using half-spirit/half-material swords and staves.  Magical attacks from the hordes of Hell inflict terrible damage and even curses.  Dark Souls 3 is a third-person game that leans heavily on role-playing and character development; who you are and what you do guides everyone’s destiny in the end.


4) Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2—Who Want Some Wang Trailer

Shadow Warrior 2 takes place 30 years after itself predecessor, in which main character Lo Wang works as an assassin for the industry magnate, Orochi Zilla.  After failing to procure an ancient katana, Wang is captured by Mizayaki, who is in league with demons.  Freed when demons attack Mizayaki’s compound, Wang joins forces with the demon, Hoji, in an attempt to acquire the lost sword, named Nobitsura Kage, which is infused with the power to slay even immortal beings.

Team with Friends to Destroy Terrifying Demons

The game’s backstory is revealed to players gradually as they find and destroy Golems that do not have hearts but instead are powered by ancient memories; the more Golems you kill, the more of the game’s backstory is revealed.  The demonic aspects of this game are rampant, and players will be fighting lesser demons from the beginning.  Soon enough, the demons get bigger and tougher.  Some are 10-feet-tall, flaming beasts that take immense damage to destroy.  The forces of evil even have metal demons that wreak havoc in combat. 

Demons Attack Ferociously

This first-person shooter is also a hack-and-slash action game; weaponry includes the katana (of course) and other melee weapons, powered weapons like the demon-guts-ripping chainsaw, magical attacks in the form of spells cast by hand, shotguns and machinegun pistols, and many more.  Shadow Warrior 2 is setup for 4-player co-op, but does not support any player-versus-player mode.  


5) Darksiders

Darksiders Trailer

The End is here.  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride forth to destroy the Earth and all life upon it.  In Darksiders, players control one of the most frightening characters ever: War.  The game opens with War only able to use his great sword, Chaoseater, but new weapons and attack abilities unlock as the player progresses deeper into the game.

Demons Are Only Half the Battle: Defeat Heavenly Warrior Angels in Darksiders

The first demons you fight in Darksiders are pups.  Very quickly, you will face off against minions of evil that get bigger, stronger and tougher, not to mention uglier and more frightening.  As an Enforcer with the Council—just as the other three Horsemen of the Apocalypse—you must not only fight demons in the service of evil but also hosts of mighty angelic warriors descended from Heaven.   The game also involves lots of puzzles and aspects of exploration within the crumbling world of humanity.   The third-person action/adventure/exploration involves climbing, swimming, and solving environment-based puzzles as well.


6) DmC: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 4 Official Trailer

In an alternate reality, modern-day Limbo City is secretly under the control of powerful demons that control all aspects of human government from the safety of their own dimension, Limbo.  Amid the brainwashed society of humans lulled by creature comforts and rampant vices, Dante struggles to defeat the demons.  Born of the union of an angel and a human, Dante possesses powerful abilities, his sword, Rebellion, a pair of handguns, Ebony and Ivory, as well as a variety of other weapons.

Vulcan Wields His Sword—Rebellion—with Great Skill

The demons of DMC are at first just cannon fodder for Vulcan’s blade.  The demonic creatures quickly become bigger, uglier, and creepier; some of these things may cause nightmares.  Their attacks also become stronger as they begin to use higher-tech weapons to stop Vulcan from progressing in his quest.  Control Vulcan and fight through each wave of demons and traps to ultimately find and kill the Demon King Mundus, the beast responsible for murdering Vulcan’s mother and condemning his father to banishment.  DmC: Devil May Cry, the successor in the Devil May Cry series, is a third-person shooter, action, horror, and RPG all in one that boasts some incredible combat sequences and stunning visuals.


7) Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame Launch Trailer

In the mystical land of Vertiel, the evil necromancer group the Ice Lords have amassed an undead army called the Frozen Shadows; only the human Red Scribes and the race of Elves stand against them.  In an attempt to gain knowledge and power to fight the Ice Lords, the Red Scribes recruit Vulcan, a demolitions expert from the mercenary group, the Freeborn Blades, and perform a mysterious ritual on him.  When the ritual goes wrong, Vulcan is possessed by a fire-wielding demon.  Players control Vulcan in his adventures to fight not only the Frozen Shadows undead army but also the war waging within his very soul: the more Vulcan gives in to the demon, the more power he gains, but he also loses more and more of his soul with each concession to the demon.

Surrendering Your Soul in Pieces Brings Power and Changing Appearance

Demons are prevalent in Bound by Flame are all strong, even the lowliest Hobbler, which attacks with its only remaining arm and resists destruction for a dozen hits or more.  Before long, the demons get bigger and stronger, and you’ll have to know when retreat is the wisest option.

Giant Demons Challenge Your Skill Perseverance in Epic Combat

Bound by Flame features convincingly demonic enemies with all the fiery hatred you would expect.  Nearly all the demons possess some unusual combat ability like teleportation or causing paralysis, making the combat unpredictable.  The greatest and most intriguing aspect of this game’s demonic content is by far the possession of the main character and how much players will be willing to sacrifice of their soul in order to gain increased combat powers.  Your adventures will bring you into contact with many characters, some of which will be willing to join your quest and fight by your side, but how your treat them—and how you change—might drive them away from you.  Your decisions also affect the storyline and the ways in which your story might end, so choose your actions wisely.  This game does not have a multiplayer format, so you are truly on your own against forces of evil.


8) Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age Announce Trailer

Set in the late 19th century, Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age occurs in a period in history when great things are just around the corner for humanity, the problem being that evil wants to withhold those great things from us and sends creatures both natural and fantastic to destroy us once and for all.  Only the brave Hunters know this plot is underway and have the skills to stop the evil hordes from overwhelming us. 

Fight Evil in Every Form to Protect Humanity’s Future

Demons in this game are rare, and you’ll be glad.  First, you will have to face the humans who have allied themselves with demonic forces to become something other than human.  Possessed humans pose real threats, and the bigger ones wield huge weapons and take a lot of damage before they even slow down.  Villains like witches and sorcerers are demonically powered terrors that are both fearsome to behold and daunting to fight.  Hunt focuses on 4-player co-op teams.  Unlike most games that only allow a character to be one of a set of available classes, this game is skill-based, letting players form their character’s abilities according to their personality.  Weapon choices are also open, so items no seemingly fit for a character can still be acquired and used according to the character’s skill set.


9) Painkiller Hell & Damnation

Painkiller Hell & Damnation Exclusive Launch Trailer

Daniel Garner, the hero from previous Painkiller titles, has tried in vain to contact his dead wife, Catherine, and in the process had conquered both Hell and Purgatory.  In despair, he accepts a deal from Death itself: Daniel will be allowed to see Catherine once he brings Death 7000 souls. 

Death Itself Demands You Bring It Souls Like the One in This Giant Skeleton Warrior

Handed the powerful Soulcatcher weapon by Death Incarnate, Daniel sets out to reap the souls he needs to be reunited with his wife.  The demons in this game range from skeletons and zombie knights to terrifying, winged creatures with all the claws and fangs you could want.  The good news is once you destroy them, they stay down.  The bad news is even the weakest of them takes several hits to drop, and harder enemies can take quite a while to defeat.  Demons in this game are sufficiently horrific and aggressive to satisfy all expectations.  Painkiller Hell & Damnation is a breath-taking first-person shooter with imaginative weapons and an extensive range of enemies and environments.  Multiplayer options include co-op and deathmatch-style modes.


10) Toukiden: The Age of Demons

Toukiden: The Age of Demons Opening Trailer

For 1000 years, a select group of warriors called Slayers have fought to hold at bay supernatural beings called the Oni, battles fought in shadows and secret places where the Oni tried to infiltrate our world.  But a mysterious catastrophe broke the boundary separating our world from theirs, and the Oni flooded into humanity’s universe.  Slayers stepped out of the shadows, fighting desperately to maintain our possession of this world.

A Brave Slayer Faces a Giant Oni Demon Alone

In Toukiden: The Age of Demons, players control a young Slayer assigned to protect Utakata village.  You can team up with other players to fight co-op style. The demons in Toukiden are multi-layered powers of evil.  There physical body can regenerate damage and even lost limbs as long as the Oni demon has life-force.  You must destroy their physical form to expose their spirit and finish them with the Ritual of Purification.  If the Ritual is not finished in time, the demon will completely regenerate its body and attack with renewed strength.  Even if the Ritual is working and the end is near for the demon, its violent spirit will enter a Rampage phase where it attacks quickly, powerfully, and without pattern.


The Last Word

Demons are ferocious, terrifying, dangerous and tough—what better enemy to fight, right?  That may be, but don’t underestimate the power of creatures risen from Hell.  These are monsters, pure evil and treacherous to a fault.  These demonic games will offer any player a taste of Hell come to call, and only the brave and hearty will prevail against them.  For more on games filled with creatures of evil, have a look at these fantastic articles…

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Whatever you do, do not miss out on these demon-packed games.  The claws, the fangs, the scaly hides… these demons have everything you expect and a whole lot more.

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