[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Greatshields That Are Impenetrable

[Top 5] Dark Souls 3 Best Greatshields That Are Impenetrable

Shields are a fantastic means of defense in Dark Souls, and Greatshields are a step up further. They are excellent for blocking damage and making sure that you are safe, plus some of them double as actual weapons you can kill things with. Imagine… your weapon breaks and you use the gigantic piece of slate in your hand to smash your enemies into pulp until you can get to a bonfire. Awesome!

5. Dragonslayer’s Greatshield

How to get the Dragonslayer’s Greatshield (12:33)

Shield used by the Dragonslayer Armour is a beast of a shield due to its weight, and it proves to be an awesome offensive weapon because of its Weapon Art, which rams enemies with the shield anchored to the ground, knocking them down and opening them for additional attacks. It also has a high Lightning defense, something shields of this calibre lack. Overall it is a great means of defense that you should consider for a playthrough.

What makes the Dragonslayer’s Greatshield great:

  • Good Lightning defense
  • Excellent Weapon Art
  • Decent damage
  • 82.6% block

Dragonslayer’s Greatshield stats:

  • Regular: 134 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 200 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +5: 244 physical attack | Strength scaling: D

4. Havel’s Greatshield

How to get Havel’s Greatshield (19:55)

Havel is one of the most beloved chacraters of the series, and he is easily recognized as the user of some of the heaviest equipment in the game. Havel’s Set is almost the heaviest Armor Set in the game, second only to Smough’s Set, and his Greatshield is the heaviest out of all the Greatshields. For context, we have Shields, Greatshields, and Havel’s Greatshield is so massive and heavy that it has its own player-assigned class of Ultra Greatshield. …Havel was a big boy, now that I think about it.

What makes Havel’s Greatshield great:

  • Very good damage
  • Solid scaling
  • Highest block of 86.2%
  • Highest elemental resistances of all the shields
  • Strong Weapon Art

Havel’s Shield stats:

  • Regular: 143 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 200 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +5: 250 physical attack | Strength scaling: C

3. Yhorm’s Greatshield

How to get Yhorm’s Greatshield (45:43)

In the lore, Yhorm was said to wield a massive machete for offensive purposes, and a Greatshield for defense. It just makes sense that a Greatshield wielded by an actual giant would be good to use for yourself, so that’s why it’s on this list. It has the innate benefit of increasing your Poise, so it’s recommended to wear lower armor while using the shield, due to diminishing returns to Poise. Also, it features great resistances and a solid block, making it a great all-around shield for most purposes.

What makes Yhorm’s Greatshield great:

  • Good block of 77.4%
  • All-around great shield
  • Increases Poise by 15
  • Good Weapon Art

Yhorm’s Greatshield stats:

  • Regular: 132 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 196 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +5: 240 physical attack | Strength scaling: D

2. Dragonhead Greatshield

How to get the Dragonhead Shield

This Greatshield is found on Archdragon Peak, under the bridge after the Ringed City Streets bonfire. After it is acquired, you’ll find that it is an epic shield capable of changing the way you play for the better, because the Weapon Art is, first of all, amazing, and second, it can knock enemies away, leaving you to maneuver as you please. It has great block and fire defense and is excellent in many situations.

What makes the Dragonhead Greatshield great:

  • Great fire defense
  • Weapon Art is good for crowd control
  • Good block of 66%
  • The Weapon Art provides an effect similar to Perseverance

Dragonhead Greatshield stats:

  • Regular: 145 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +3: 216 physical attack | Strength scaling: D
  • Regular +5: 264 physical attack | Strength scaling: D

1. Giant Door Shield

How to get the Giant Door Shield

Now we come to the best Greatshield in the game, the Giant Door Shield. Yes, it’s just a door, so you can’t come in. This item has some of the best elemental defense, except for Fire, unfortunately. It also offers some great damage and stability, as well as an all-in-one Weapon Art that blocks all damage, and the R1 follows up with a devastating shield bash to knock enemies away. 

What makes the Giant Door Shield great:

  • Excellent Weapon Art
  • High damage reduction
  • Very high damage 
  • Added mobility

Giant Door Shield details (stats are unavailable)

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